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Welcome to my humble corner of the internet included:~ attack on titan Kakeguri bnha 7 deadly sins hunter x hunter fire force demon slayer ( kimetsu no yaiba ) haikyuu and more *:路.馃寠.路:*:路. 馃寠: .路:*篓 篓*:路. 鉂勶笍.路:*篓 鈽冿笍篓*:路. .路馃寣 I will write angst fluff smut lime lemon I won't write non-con somnophilia

Erotica / Other
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鉂 饾挀饾拞饾拻饾挅饾拞饾挃饾挄饾挃 鉂



here is where you request for this book

i will write for


7 deadly sins



hunter x hunter

fire force

demon slayer ( kimetsu no yaiba )


attack on titan

and more in the future~!!

i am currently caught up on the aot manga so request ANY character from snk

i will write:

smut 馃拫



fluff 馃挄( includes x familial reader but it wont get romantic )


i wont write


any blood kinks ( it just makes me uncomfy )


incest ( ex. sanemi鈥檚 sister x sanemi ( smut ) )


character x character

request form


character x ( male! fem! nonbinary! gender neutral! )reader

plot: reader get sick and character takes care of them

minimum words ( optional )

( genre:

angst,fluff etc. )

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