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Imperfectly perfect/Tamaki x reader

Chapter 2

🎵I’m just your problem-Adventure Time soundtrack
🎵Body-Mother Mother
“I was thinking maybe we could prank call one of the boys,“Momo said with a sly grin on her face.Uraraka was invested in her plan, listening, and memorizing it. Y/N was in the bathroom with her phone in her hand, she had to take a phone call and she existed to the nearest place, the bathroom ofc. Ochaco dialed a number. Y/N’s number.

“Hello~,” Ochaco said in a polite yet uwuish voice.

“No, why?” Y/N replied with concern and was careful not to slip up

“Oh well, that slut better not be listening right now,” she heard a rabbity voice say. Asui

“Why would she be a slut?” Y/N said shocked but angry at the same time.

“Well, first of all, she is stealing Bakugo and Midoriya from Uraraka, Denki from Jirou, and Todo from moi,” Momo said in a vanish voice, was she joking or serious

“She was such a hoe, sleeping around with the teachers to get good grades, and with the way she gets around men she got from her slutish mother,” Ochaco said before hanging up the phone laughing. Y/N ft a little piece of her heartbreak. Do they really think of me that way, and if so why? She slipped on the bathroom floor and curled up in a ball on the floor

She’s just confused. She cried until her eyes were red, this has been going on for years. Started when she was a child by Bakugos mother calling here a slut or “she is asking for it”. She was seven or eight. One time she came home and asked her mom what is a slut, she learned that in school as girls called her that as she was wearing a low cut skirt she thought was pretty. Why do they all hate her. High school was supposed to be different and special. Why were they all attacking her for the way she wanted to be.
“Y/N?” She heard another girl say, Nejire. Her friend since well, forever. They stuck to each other like gum to a table. Nejire was older then her. But they were like sisters. Both pretty and intelligent. Looking out for each other was their priority of all things aside being heroes. Nejire was the only one who knew that Tamaki likes Y/N, she would try to set them up but never could. Y/N was too oblivious and always found a way to escape talking to Tamaki.
“Yes Nejire” Y/N muffled threw the crying
“Why are you not with the girls, heard threw Miro and Midoriya you had a sleepover at Momo dorm” Nejire questioned
“Long story Nejire-chan” She said. She only calls her Nejire-chan when she is in need of comfort and saving.
“Do you want to get a midnight snack”Nejire asked, cheery as she always is
“Mhm” Y/N answered, a little better now

As she eat the takeout cake she saw them. The girls rushed over to her. Tears Rowling down each of their puffy and ugly eyes they are ran to her and hugged her, all still in their pyjamas looking for Y/N.
“We were worried sick, were have you been” Ochaco ran to her first. Y/N pushed her off
“Yes, looking for a girl you called a slut and a whore, nice try Uraraka, nice try” Y/N said, cold and emotionless in a monotone voice that sensed a shiver down Urarakas spine.
“What are you talking about....!?” Uraraka asked, backed in a corner, now more concerned about herself then about Y/N’s safety.
“Come on!, answer me, uwu!” Y/N mocked her, her voice over her phone
“Who is the whore now, bringing big and stwong Kaccan and Zuzu to pwotwck her fwom big bad Y/N, uwu” Y/N mocked her even more.
“I was trying to protect you idiot” Ochaco said, now crying
“Prove it and we’re even, ok” Y/N tried to not laugh at her bullshit, as Uraraka seamed eager to prove to Y/N that she will be her best bud.
“Right Tsu?” Ochaco said smiling at her friend
“Ribbit Ribbit” Tsu replied as they gave Y/N gave her aqurd high fives.

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