Camboy [Hyunchan]


Hyunjin is a top tier camboy Chan is a famous rapper and a fan of jinniebaby101 All Hyunjin wants is love All Chan wants is something else Will Hyunchan get together in the end?

Erotica / Other
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Character Description

Hwang Hyunjin
Age: 18
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Camboy and a 1st year college student
Hobbies: Eating food, shopping, being a brat, staying at home, watching k dramas and working
Kinks: Being choked, spanked, gagged, bondage play, and erotic humiliation.
Friend group: Jisung, Felix and Jeongin
Crush: Christopher Bang
Ex lover: Kim Seungmin
Current lover: Im JaeBum
Camboy name:Jinniebaby101
Instagram: Jinnieforya11

Lee Felix
Age: 18
Sexual orientation: Pansexual
Status: A 1st year college student
Hobbies: Does everything Hyunjin does except for the camboy thang
Kinks: Age play, rough sex, public and belly button play
Crush: Seo Changbin
Ex lover: McDonald's fries
Instagram: Leetothefelix

Han Jisung
Age: 18
Status: Inspiring Rapper and a 1st year college student
Sexual orientation: Gay
Hobbies: Eating sweets, stalking people instagrams, and more eating
Kinks: Food play, bdsm and submissive.
Crush: Lee Minho
Ex lover: Kim Mingyu
Instagram: HanJisung_yayaya

Yang Jeongin
Age: 17
Status: 1st year college student
Sexual orientation: Straight
Hobbies: Reading, watching his friends suffer, being evil, hosting sleepovers and eating a lot of food
Crush: No one
Instagram: YangJeongin_ha

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