Sweet or Sour


They are twin sisters. One is sweet and the other is a bit sour. However, they have one thing in common. They both ended up falling for the captain of the volleyball team. One mistake led to all this. Who will he choose? (Y/N) the girl who chooses to be alone and distances herself from others. Or the happy bubble sister that's in his class? I update this on Monday and Saturday :) I do not own Haikyuu or any of the characters only the ones I have added!

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Chapter 1

It was a new day, the sun was awake shining a new light onto the world. Through the closed curtains, the sunlight found its way, sneaking in and alighting the darkened room. It looked as if the light was showing a path through the darkest. The bedroom was a mess. Books were gathered in a circle, a pile of dirty clothes sat by the bed with no means of getting cleaned. However, on the desk, sat an open book with a sketch of a black cat with hazel eyes. Some say they bring bad luck.

A loud buzzing sound echoed through the room, which was followed by a groan. Slamming my face into my pillows hoping to teleport back to my dreamland but that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. Suddenly a powerful bang caused me to jump out of bed and onto the cold floor, I let out yet another groan at the pain. Glancing at my now open door to see an annoyed (h/c) haired women standing there, “morning, mum.” She narrowed her eyes at me before letting out a roar of complaints, “your alarm has been going off for the last twenty minutes, if you don’t get ready you will be late!” With that, she shut the door with much force to create a loud band, whining at the sound before getting up from the floor.

I began getting ready for school by first putting on my uniform consisting of a white shirt with a red bow tied at the neck and a grey skirt. This was the Nekoma’s uniform. Today was the first day of my third year at the school, the last year of high school. This year was where everyone would be making the most memories before leaving. Once I was finished changing, I opened the curtain to see Tokyo’s spring morning. “(Y/N)!” mum shouted for me from downstairs, rolling my eyes as I grabbed my school bag before leaving my room.

I was getting the feeling like I was being watched, glancing to the left to see a girl about the same age as me. She had similar features as me, but she was pretty than me. This girl was my twin sister, Hina. She was the better version of me in so many ways. Giving her a small wave, but she just ignored me as she walked down the stairs. A sigh escapes me, this was the regular interaction between us.

We both sat down in silence eating our breakfast before it was time to go, mum smiled at us giving us both forehead kisses before waving goodbye to us, “make sure to look out for each other! Be safe!” She shouted from the doorway as we walked off. Our parents made us walk to school and back together as a way to make sure nothing happened to us.

Our journey was quiet, Hina was on her phone, texting away with that stupid smile while I had my earphones in drowning to the beat. “(L/N)” we both reacted to our last name by looking up to see Hina’s friend smiling, “how many times do I have to tell you? Call me Hina” Hina joked around with her friend as she walked quickly to met with her friend leaving me behind without looking back.

The music played softly into my ears as I watch Hina get further and further away from. I felt like I was just floating. I don’t know if it was because of the lack of sleep or something else. I had arrived at school just on time. Entering the school gates to see the enormous school building, there was nothing special about this school. It was just like any other school, but I heard that some sports team were well-known, for example, the volleyball team. The only reason I knew that was because of my sister. Glancing to the side to see her speaking to none other than the Nekoma volleyball team captain, rolling my eyes the two as I walked passed them and into the building.

Once my outdoor shoes were off, and the new ones were on, I made my way up the stairs to the third year floor. It felt strange going all the way up. However, instead of getting their quicker than I would have liked these tall guys were blocking my way. Keeping my mouth shut as I slowed down my pace, waiting for one of them to move a bit so I could squeeze passed, “Yamamoto” a sudden loud voice came from behind me. The two boys and I turned around to see the captain. He was like the other boys tall, but with broad shoulder, he was tall, those narrow hazel eyes that make him seem intimidating and that mess on his head made him look like a rooster. “I didn’t know you would be so rude to a girl” he smirked at the boy with a mohawk who looked at me with shock. “Same to you, Fukunaga” the captain looked to the other guy who began to blush. They immediately made room for me to get passed and without a word from me, I walked up the steps hearing shouts of apologies.

Spotting the classroom that I will be spending my time for next year, sliding the door open to see everyone already in their groups. Looking at the seating chart before making my way over, placing my stuff down and getting comfortable as I patiently wait for the teacher to arrive. Eventually, he comes and begins the first lesson of the day.

After a couple of lessons, it is my favourite time of the day, lunchtime. No one made any movements to come near me, I was the classes loner, and I was okay with that. Ever since I joined this school, I never made any friends. Music was my only friend that kept me company, popping in my earphones as I quietly munch on my packed lunch that mum made for me. The music was loud against my ears that so I couldn’t hear any of the other student’s pointless chatter. The classroom door opened that I didn’t notice until one of my earphones were gone. Looking up to see my sister with it in her hand before placing it in her ear, “I can’t believe you like this, it’s so horrible” glaring at her as I snatch back my earphone.

“What do you want, Hina?” I question as I turn my music off as I take a bite from my sandwich as she made herself comfortable by sitting in front of me. It was quiet for a moment before she opened her mouth, shocking me, “do you know how to play volleyball?” I didn’t know what to say, I was just speechless that the girl who is less athlete in the family even asked me that, “why? You hate sports” narrowing my eyes at her as she looks away from me. “Ugh, just answer the question” she rolled her eyes, I could tell she didn’t want to be around me any more than she had to, “no.” She stood up with no even a goodbye and left the room but not before stealing a grape from my lunch.

It was now the second day of school, and I still didn’t know why Hina asked me about volleyball. It could be because of the captain, but I knew nothing of the type of relationship they had. It was lunchtime yet again, and there was hardly anyone in the room due to it being pizza day in the cafeteria. Music whispered melodies into my ears, but I choose to listen to the slowed version instead of the original. The volume was on low today as there wasn’t a need to have it too high, so I could hear the door open.

To my surprise, it was that boy again. The captain. I still didn’t know his name, but I didn’t need to. His cat-like eyes scanned the room before landing on me, he walked over before smiling down at me. “Are you (Y/N) (L/N)?” I nodded my head slowly as the music carried on playing.

“Congrats, you are the new volleyball team manager.”

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