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I love you.. dumbass | K.Bakugou x Reader


In a world where the 80% of the population has a kind of superpowers known as quirks, (y/n) will prove to everyone that you don't need to have a flashy or unique one to become a hero.. What will happen when she will meet a hot headed boy with anger issues? Will they be enemies or something else?.. ⚠️WARNING⚠️ this book will contain angst scenes, swearing, and generally adult content, so I'll put warnings in the chapters which will have them, if you're too sensitive to read. ALSO I do NOT own Boku no Hero academia, the characters, nor the pictures. CRINGE WARNING I hope you like my story :)

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(y/n): your name
(l/n): last name
(e/c): eye color
(h/c): hair color
(s/t): skin tone
(f/f): favourite food
(f/c): favourite color
(f/d): favourite drink
-💥-: time skip

Quirk: Voice Outburst
Quirk Information:
The user can create powerful and high pitched sound waves from their mouth. This quirk is pretty similar to Present Mic’s, but the user can’t talk during the use of their quirk (like Present Mic), but only create sound waves. The user can also control the volume each sound will have.

If the user overuse their quirk, they will get a burning feeling on their throat, and their ears will start ringing, which causes them to bleed, and the user will eventually lose consiousness.

Character’s Backstory:
Everyone thought that (y/n) had no qurik, since she was diagnosed as quirkless at the age of 5. But when she turned 8, she manifested a quirk, which left everyone shocked. But even though she got her grandma’s quirk, which was passed through generations, she felt like having it would only cause trouble. And she was right. Even though the drawbacks from it were pretty harsh and difficult to handle, she never complained. She had two lovely parents, and a perfect relationship with her friends. Though, that didn’t stop some people from telling her that she would never become a hero. ‘Your quirk isn’t strong enough’ they said. ‘You wouldn’t handle the pressure of being a hero anyways’ they said.

Since then, (y/n) primary aspiration was to prove them all wrong...

A/N: Hey guys! This is my 2nd fanfic, so if you are interested in reading my first one, feel free to check it out! It’s called My Life Savior and it’s a Todoroki x reader fanfic. Anyways, back to this one. Sorry if you find any grammatical or vocabulary mistakes, English isn’t my mother tongue. I hope you like my story from now on. Have a nice day and Plus Ultra!❤️💥


Cover Story’s by k1tti3-l0lz <33

(341 words)

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