he's the son of a wealthy business man. i'm the daughter of a maid; of one of his maids. i grew up with rintarou, played with him, kept him entertained, worked for him on the occasion. now that we're older, we attend public high school together, and he looks out for me. thoughts of him crash against my better nature every day, all the time. i just never thought it was the same for him too. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Haikyuu!! or any of its characters. All credit respectfully goes to Haruichi Furudate. A/N: This story is completely original. I have not copied or taken any ideas, characters or thoughts from somebody else. My work is not to be copied in any way, shape or form. Thank you.

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(1) child

a/n: i hope ya'll enjoy (‒̀ᴗ‒́)و

"runa!" i call into the courtyard. we decided to play hide and seek and it was my turn to find him. "runa! come out, come out wherever you are!" i giggle. there's a rustling of bushes to my left and i follow the noise as it decides to travel. "i'm gonna catch you!" i yell, spotting his black locks disappear behind the large cherry tree in the center of the courtyard.

i stop running, slowly creeping towards the cherry tree. my hand rests against the trunk as i jump and shout "boo!" but runa isn't standing there like i thought he would be. "looking for me?" runa calls from up in the tree. "runa! how did you get all the way up there?" i pout.

"use the branches and knots," he advises. i eye each branch and the various knots along the trunk. my hands grasp the second lowest branches as i hoist myself up. runa's hand is stretched out to me and i grab it, allowing him to help pull me up. his arms wrap around my torso, holding me against his chest.

i blink, gathering a blush on my plump cheeks. "r-runa, what are you doing?" i ask shyly. "just be quiet," he hushes me, patting my head with affection. i stay flush against runa as we sit in the cherry tree. runa and i have been friends for as long as i can remember. he was always there for me as i was for him. and now that runa had just turned five this past january, he was getting ready to attend school. "runa, what am i going to do while you're gone at school?" i suddenly ask him.

i can feel him heave a sigh, moving his hand to rub my back. "you can help your mom more," he suggests. "okay, but i don't want to do that all day," i whine. he thinks for a moment before speaking. "you can clean my room, and play with my toys. you can wait for me too," he says further. i smile to myself, happy that he's allowing me to stay in his room. but then i think about his dad, and the other workers in his house.

"what about the adults? they might not let me," i sigh, feeling sad. "i'll tell my dad, and if anybody gives you trouble about it let me know," he tells me. i lift my head, looking into runa's gray-green eyes. "thanks runa!" i beam happily. i observe the blush that blazes on his cheeks, and i'm happy to see him feel like this.

"y/n! suna-kun! where are you!?" i hear my mother's voice call from the courtyard below us. "we should go before your mom scolds us," runa says as he sits up. i nod, sad that we have to separate. "we're coming mama!" i call down to her from our spot in the tree. her shocked face makes me giggle as she starts getting hysterical.

"come down from there! you might get hurt!" she stresses, slapping her hands against her cheeks. "okay mama, we're fine," i call down. i carefully move out of runa's lap and onto a branch, descending the tree. i land on the ground safely, looking up to see runa also descending. "please don't climb up there without supervision," mama stresses as she checks us for injuries.

"i said we're fine mama!" i push her hand away. she sighs, glad that she knows for sure that i'm alright. "suna-kun, let me walk you back to your room," my mother offers my best friend. he nods and we follow quietly behind her. we enter the large mansion, passing doors, walking down hallways, and up many stairs. "hey, y/n," runa grabs my wrist and holds me back.

i pause, looking back at runa as he moves his face towards mine, kissing my cheek. i can only blush furiously as he skips ahead of me. i stand in shocked confusion as he walks ahead of me, smirking back at my dumbfounded expression. i jog to catch up to them, feeling giddiness surround my heart. i ought to get runa back for that sometime.

a/n: i'm already in love with this lmao. this book was inspired by a one shot i requested >w<. and just to let ya'll know that i'll update this when i can and have free time. luv ya ❣︎!
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