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when bakugou katsuki faces the trouble of parenthood. (cover art not mine)

Romance / Humor
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—— interview ——

according to rumours the Pro-hero Dynamight and the Reaper are rumoured to be in a ‘fling’ or even maybe dating when spotted out in public together. although they have denied being in a relationship, close sources to the Pro-Heroes have confirmed that they are ‘incredibly touchy’ and ‘very comfortable with each other’. some even have claimed that the (hair colour) is Dynamight’s ‘chill pill’.

“Fuck off. It’s none of your fucking business.”

our sources have also discovered their marriage certificate, it has been confirmed to a close person to both pro-heroes.

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happily married since 2020

爆豪勝己 and (名前)

till death do them part.

“tch, are you trying to tell me how to fucking parent, when you don’t even have a fucking child?”

You and Bakugou’s relationship were never out there in the public, your husband was the most private person on planet Earth, it was only known between family and friends. Till, paparazzi decided to follow you two on your honeymoon and photograph the two of you in a sweet moment, with you cuddling his side on a chair and sharing a peck, for clicks on their shitty article thus, revealing you secret marriage ceremony that happened not too long ago.

Other than that; you and your husband, Bakugou Katsuki, had an incredibly small wedding ceremony somewhere up North of Japan with only your closest friends, family and your closest teachers from UA. It was incredible, beautiful and moving. It shed a lot of tears mainly from Kirishima, who was Bakugou’s best man, Midoriya, who cried for his childhood friend who was emotional the fact that he found someone who could put up with the ticking time-bomb and Mitsuki, who thought that she wouldn’t be blessed with grandchildren.

You have to thank your husband for the amazing wedding though. Katsuki is a perfectionist when it came to anything, that included the wedding planning, you have heard of the bridezilla. Your husband fit exactly that. The food had to pass his taste test and there should at least be one spicy food, invitations must be ‘aesthetically pleasing’, flowers must be arranged the way he liked it and the wrapping paper should be the combination of the colours of your hero costume’s colour incorporated, cake, live band etc.

Hell, he even got into binging wedding tv shows like say yes to the dress and would switch to a different channel whenever you walk into the room. Deny whenever you asked if he was watching such TV show.

”I swear to God, babe. If you get cold feet and fucking run away. I will kill you. This wedding is fucking expensive.” The Bakugou Katsuki says as he scrolls through his iPad on his saved Pinterest boards with your tiny pink slippers that barely fit his feet.

You wouldn’t do that. You love the man. And he knew that too.

But, since everyone who was particularly fond of Pro-heroes was picking this up and media outlets were slurping this up, a lot of them have been pestering the two of you for a ‘newlywed interview’. Your husband managed to agree to it telling you that this is the only for them to finally ‘shut their fucking mouth’ and ‘for them to fucking stop spamming and flooding his goddamn email.’

Hence why, you and your husband are sat side by side on a large black expensive sofa, surrounded by cameras and bright lighting that lit up the studio, there was also a large crowd of an audience who most likely are all your fans. Your husband wasn’t too pleased though as usual, that host is a well-known to be a huge bitch within the industry.

The woman always tries to dig some sort of gossip that was floating around and would somehow try to force anyone to confess something that was private.

“You did agree to it.”

“Shut it.”

“So,” The ash-haired woman brushing her hair back behind her shoulders leaning towards you with a suspicious grin replacing her lips, her tail happily swooshing behind her, “You recently got married. Since, when were you two in a relationship?”

“We’ve been in a-” She interrupts you,

“I thought we were friends, (Last name)-san, I meant, Bakugou-san,” She says lightly huffing, you’ve been invited twice to the show and after filming she didn’t even try to chat with you nor did she even greet you when first got set. You bit your lower lip.

“You gonna let us fucking talk or are you gonna ramble on by yourself? I thought you were a fucking host.” Your husband scoffs placing your arm behind you. This caught the host off-guard leaving her dumbfounded before clearing her throat.

“Anyways, since the two of you are married, is there any plan of expanding the family? I mean, the missus has gained a little bit of wei-”

“HUH?! YOU COMMENTING ON MY WOMAN AND CALLING HER FAT, YOU FUCKING BITCH?! MY WIFE IS JUST HEALTHY, WELL-TAKEN CARE OF BY ME AND THICK IN THE RIGHT PLACES! WHY THE FUCK WOULD ANYONE CARE IF SHE JUST A LITTLE BIT OF POOCH?! HUH?!” Your husband defended you attempting to lunge on the woman as you tried to hold back your very much feral and aggressive husband,

“I-I’m no shaming h-her or anything! I’m j-just curious! Just like everyone is! Everyone wants to know if their favourite Pro-Heroes are going to h-have kids!” The host backtracking on her words raising her hands in surrender,

“W-Well-” You start before getting cut off once again but, this time it was your husband.

“We’re not fucking having brats. End of discussion.”

You felt your heart dropped to your stomach upon hearing his claim. It felt like your heart shattered into millions of pieces.ere…

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