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Nightmares To Daydreams


After being kidnapped and tortured you suffer from extreme nightmares. To which the only cure is Dr. Spencer Reid.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter One

You were covered in sweat and someone else's blood. Looking around you realized you were in an old, abandoned warehouse. You heard whimpering to your left and your head whipped to the sound, finding a girl crumpled on the floor next to you, bleeding from her side.

Rushing to her you tried to find a way to help "hold on help is coming, can you tell me your name?" You asked her. "Alexis," she muttered weakly as you heard the sound of boots stomping towards you on the concrete floor.

You screamed as the man ripped you by your hair off of the floor, dragging you away from the girl as you thrashed under arms that held you captive.

"Y/n" "y/n wake up!" You heard the familiar voice of your colleague Spencer Reid shaking you awake.

You awoke to find the whole team staring at you from various seats on the jet. "Uhm sorry" you said clearing your throat. "You were having a nightmare," Reid noted before delving into statistics about nightmares speaking for your subconscious. "Yeah they happen from time to time" you said, trying to shake off the team's concerned and probing glances.

After reviewing the case file (four black men in their early twenties being abducted from gyms and later murdered) you sat across from Reid, head bent in the file trying to ignore his eyes studying your face.

"You know I had nightmares for a while after my abduction, it's completely normal," you knew he was trying to be helpful, but in all honesty it just pissed you off. "Don't." Upon his look of confusion you continued, "Reid please don't talk to me like I'm some sort of a victim," you pinched the bridge of your nose in frustration. You hated thinking of yourself like a victim, it took away from your strength.

"Technically speaking you were a victim, the definition of victim is someone hurt, killed, or injured as result of a crime, accident, or other event, Y/n like it or not that applies to you." Reid argued, still trying to console you. "You know I love that brain of yours," you said, forcing what you hoped was a believable smile, "but please, don't use it for this," you finished simply to which he only nodded.

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