Lyla Higgins has never fit in, she was always the odd one out. Things happened when she became overwhelmed with emotions and after an incident which leaves her in a group home for foster kids, she's visited by a kind old man with half-moon glasses. The man gives Lyla hope that someday soon she might find her place, she might find her Home.

Fantasy / Romance
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Lyla Jane Higgins crouched in her closet, her hands over her ears, the noise downstairs was too loud. Her mother and her step father were in the middle of a fight to end all fights and it was over her no less.

Jim Foster didn't care for Lyla at all. He thought she was unnatural. You see, whenever Lyla was overwhelmed with emotion, strange things happen, things that were subtle like lights flickering, or blatantly obvious things like glass breaking or objects randomly exploding.

The yelling downstairs made its way up, Lyla could hear Jim's shoes clicking on the hardwood floor, her heart felt like it was in her throat. Jim was right outside her closet door.

"I'll show you, your daughter is a freak Julie, she shouldn't exist! And if I have my way, she won't much longer!" Jim said jiggling the locked door handle. Lyla's breath caught in her throat, her hands began to sweat and shake as Jim's heavy hands pound on the thin piece of wood separating hervfrom him.

"Open this door you abomination!" Jim screamed. Lyla covered her ears and began rocking back and forth, tears streaming down her face.

What happened next was a blur, Jim's screams turned into ones of agony, Lyla could smell his pants burning, and could feel the flames, Julie began to scream in terror, Lyla began to feel light headed and collapsed onto the floor. The authorities arrived and carted Lyla off to the hospital. Once there she was transfered to the psychiatric ward and kept there for two years until a very strange man came to visit her on her eleventh birthday.

The man wore strange sapphire colored robes that just barely grazed the floor. His hair was long and white with a beard to match. He stared down at Lyla with wiise blue eyes from behind half-moon glasses perched on a long crooked nose. Despite his unorthodox appearance Lyla felt comfortable in his presence, she could tell this man knew things about her from the way he held his hand out to her to the way he greater her like a friend.

"Good after Miss Higgins, my name is Professor Albus Wulfric Percival, Brian Dumbledore. Mighy I come in?" Dumbledore asked Lyla. Lyla nodded pulling out her desk chair for him to sit on.

"Thank you most kindly. I wish to ask you a few questions if that's alright?" He asked carefully.

Lyla nodded.drawing her knees to her chest.

"I understand that you are here because you set your adoptive mother's husband on fire, is this true?" Dumbledore asked in a gentle voice. Lyla's eyes narrowed.

"I didn't. He just sort of, started burning." Lyla said quietly. Turning her face away from Dumbledore so that her cheek was resting on her knees.

"I see. Do things like this happen often? What were you feeling when it happened?" Dumbledore inquired.

"Yes. I was scared, Jim was trying to hurt me. I wanted him to go away." Lyla said hugging her knees.

Dumbledore sat back in the chair and sighed.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of miss Higgins, what happened is perfectly explainable. You see you're perfectly normal. You aren't alone, as it happens I too can make things happen." Dumbledore said pulling a thin knotted stick from his robes and a light began sparkling on the pointed tip. Lyla's eyes widened and she stared at Dumbledore in awe.

"I can do that?" Lyla asked as she reached out to touch the stick.

"With proper training I'm sure it is possible Miss Higgins." Dumbledore said smiling as the light died out on the tip.

"What am I? What are we?" Lyla asked confused.

"Your a Witch, your biological father was part of one of the most influential Wizarding families." Dumbledore said smiling.

"And my mum?" Lyla asked now sitting on the edge of her bed.

"She was the most gifted duelist Hogwarts has ever had the pleasure of educating. She was an auror a year prior to her death." Dumbledore said proudly.

"You mentioned a place called Hogwarts, what is it?" Lyla asked curiously.

"Ah, Hogwarts is where you'll go to learn how to control your abilities, its quite the sight really, its a castle that sits beside a giant lake in the highlands." Dumbledore said fondly.

"A castle?" Lyla asked to which Dumbledore nodded.

"When do I get to go Professor?" Lyla asked excitedly.

"Soon Miss Higgins. Now, if you'll please join me, we've got places to be." Dumbledore said holding a hand out to Lyla who took it gently.

"Hold on tight Miss Higgins, sidelong apparition is mildly uncomfortable." Dumbledore said as Lyla nodded. She felt a pulling sensation as if she were in a lift, and when she blinked her surroundings changed to show a small cottage in the midst of the woods. Lyla's head spun and her ears popped, her ankles and knees shook as she felt the ground under her once more.

"You weren't joking about that." Lyla groaned as she leaned on a tree for support.

"Where are we Professor?" Lyla belched as she tried to keep her pitiful hospital lunch down.

"Come with me." Was all Dumbledore uttered. Lyla nodded as she followed silently behind the tall old man.

As they approached the cottage, a thin stern looking witch walked out. Her hair was black and was pulled into a tight neat bun, she wore emerald green robes and had a cat like appearance. She stared back at Lyla behind square framed glasses.

"Good evening Albus. I assume you have the girl?"

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