AOT Oneshots

#1 Eren x Reader

Type: Fluff with a little angst but not really

Reader: Fem

Title: Sword Fighting


Y/n's POV

Me and Mikasa were sword fighting for training(I don't think they actually use swords to train like that but just pretend okay) when I lost balance and fell forward. She accidentally stabbed me. Normally if she would've hit me with the sword I would've been fine because she never strikes with the tip of the sword while we're training but due to me losing balance and falling forward. I was stabbed in the stomach. I fall to the ground in pain.

"GAHH!" I yell. Mikasa immediately runs to me and kneels right next to me.

"I-I I'm so sorry Y/n. I didn't mean to" She says worriedly

"I k-know GAH!" I began to say but a wave of pain hit me. It seems that that yell alerted everyone and soon everyone was crowding me.

"What happened?!" Jean yelled

"Mikasa totally stabbed her" Reiner responded to Jean

"You think she did it on purpose?" Connie asked

"Of course not" Armin said responding to Connie

"DOES ANYONE HAVE FOOD?!" Sasha yelled

"No" Historia responded to Sasha.

"What the hell are you brats doing?" Levi asked somewhat pissed.

"It seems Mikasa stabbed Y/n" Marco said

Eren's POV

I followed Levi as he went to lecture everyone.

"What the hell are you brats doing?" He asked pissed

"It seems Mikasa stabbed Y/n" Marco said. My heart dropped and I quickly pushed through the crowd to get to Y/n. I finally get to the middle and I see Mikasa crying saying sorry over and over again. I then look to Y/n who's groaning in pain from the wound on her stomach. I also notice Y/n has her hand on Mikasa's face as if to comfort her.

"What the hell happened Mikasa?!" I asked angrily. She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"Well we were training when s-she suddenly fell forward... I-I wasn't quick enough to move the sword o-out of the way and I-I accidentally stabbed h-her" She said as she continued to cry.

Levi's POV

I looked around and noticed Eren disappeared.

That brat probably went to Y/n


"Hey brats! Get out of my way!" I say sternly and they all move. I then see Y/n on the ground bleeding with a sword in her stomach. Mikasa next to her crying and Eren standing there angrily. I walk towards Y/n and then turn around to look at the cadets.

"Cadets Kirstein and Braun go get Captain Erwin now!" I say.

"Yes sir!" They both say simultaneously and go to look for Erwin.

"Cadets Springer and Arlert, go get me Captain Hange!" I say

"Yes sir!" They both say and rush to find Hange. I walk closer to Y/n to asses the wound to see if I can do anything

"Cadet Blouse go get me a medical kit!" I say

"Yes sir!" She says and rushes to go get one. Shortly after I see Erwin with Kirstein and Braun. Erwin walks up next to me and looks at her wound.

"It's pretty deep. We should wait for Hange. He'll know what's best to do" Erwin says. I then hear Hange yelling and sprinting towards us.

Eren's POV

I turn around to see Hange right behind me.

"Move my little titan" He says smiling at me. I move to the side and watch as he looks at Y/n.

"She's lost a lot of blood and she's about to lose consciousness. We should take her to my lab but without moving the sword. If we move it she'll probably die. Good thing I brought a stretcher." He says smiling as he lays out the stretcher.

"Short-stack and Eyebrows can you guys put Y/n on the stretcher for me" He says. Levi and Erwin pick up Y/n and place her on the stretcher carefully.

Y/n's POV

I'm being moved. I can't really hear or see. Guess I lost too much blood. Am I going to die?

I then passed out.

Hange's POV

"Oh she's passed out. We better hurry" I say as Short-stack and Eyebrows pick up the stretcher.

~Time Skip to the lab~

Eren's POV

I'm sitting outside the lab. They wouldn't let me in.

I'm her boyfriend for Christ's sake. I need to make sure she's okay

The door opened and I saw Hange walk out.

"She uh..." Hange starts

"Nonononono" I say as I begin to tear up.

"If you wanna see her.." Hange says as he motions to the door. I rush in to see Y/n on a bed not moving. I run to her and grab her hand.

"You can't be dead come on" I say as I begin to cry. Hange starts to laugh. I turn around with wide eyes as I look at Hange.

"Why are you laughing?!" I ask

"B-Because she's not dead AHAHAHAHA" Hange says

"She's not?"

"No, I can't believe you fell for it HAHA. She's just unconscious" Hange says

"I could kill you right now Hange" I say angrily

Y/n's POV

I 'wake up' and hear Eren speaking to Hange.

"Kill who?" I ask. Eren turns around and hugs me very tightly. I wince in pain. He notices and lets go.

"S-sorry" He says to me. I just smile.

"Wait so who were you gonna kill?" I ask

"Hange told me you were dead!" He says

"I never said Y/n was dead you just assumed" Hange responded

"You made it sound like Y/n was dead" He says and I try not to laugh but I failed. He turns amd looks at me confused. Me and Hange were both laughing at this point. I thought I was gonna cry I was laughing so hard.

"What's so funny?!" Eren yells

"Me and Hange came up with the plan together" I said laughing. He looks at me shocked as he begins to cry again.

"Aww don't cry Eren" I say as I put my hand on the side of his face.

"I thought you were dead" He said as he continued to cry. I felt bad

"I'm sorry, I thought it would be funny. Come here" I said. He leans in closer to me and I kiss him on the lips.

"I love you Eren" I say as our foreheads touch

"I love you too Y/n"

(979 Words)
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