AOT Oneshots

#2 Eren x Reader

A/n: another talk show host type oneshot. This one includes Eren, Connie, Jean, Mikasa and Armin

Type: fun

Reader: Fem! Talk show host

Title: Kings Game


Y/n's POV

We're live

"Hello everyone! I'm Connie Springer and I'm joined by my co hosts Eren Jaeger"

"Hello!" Eren says

"Y/n L/n" Connie continues

"Hi!" I say

"Jean Kirsten"

"That would be me" Jean says

"Mikasa Ackerman"

"Hey!" She says

"And Armin Arlet" Connie finishes

"Hello everyone!" Armin says

"Ok! Let's say 'who's the king'" Eren says.

"Who's the king" We all say

"Who's the king!!" Armin says

"Here!" Mikasa says

"Oh!" The rest of us say

"The Queen!!" Armin says

"WOOOOO" Connie yells

"Right?" Eren asks

"Yeah" I say

"Yeah!Yeah!" Mikasa says

"Mikasa loves the Kings game" Eren says

"Yeah" Mikasa says. Eren laughs

"Oooooh" Armin says

"SHE DID PLAY THE GAME?!" Connie yells.

"She loves this game" I say laughing.

"It is said that she plays it like 2 times a week" Jean says

"TWO TIMES?!?" Eren asks

"No. It isn't... it's actually 3 times a week" Mikasa says

"3?!" I ask. Connie, Jean and Armin laugh.

"Then I guess she plays it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday" Eren says

"She really does play it" Jean says

"So you are the queen Mikasa" Eren says

"Yes" Mikasa says

"But you are not going to call our name." Eren says

"You have to pick numbers" Armin says

"Just pick numbers" Connie says

"And tell the person to do whatever you want" Eren says

"Cause you are now the king" I say

"Ok" Mikasa says

"Moreover, from numbers 1-5" Jean says

"Ok. the... playing house. Titan version" Mikasa says. We all laugh.

"The mother and the song" Mikasa says

"OH..." Eren says
"MOTHER?!?" Connie yells

"Who?" Armin asks

"I didn't expect we were about to have a Titan theater today" I say. Mikasa laughs.

"YEA!!" Armin yells

"This is terrible. Then..." Eren says

"Number 2 and number 3" Mikasa says

"Number 2 is mother?" Armin asks

"Yes. Number 2 is the mother and number 3 is the son" Mikasa says

"Whos number 2?" Eren asks.

"Here..." Connie says. Me, Eren, Mikasa and Armin laugh.

"Connie is the mother" Armin says

"Who's number 3?" Eren asks. Jean laughs quietly. Then Me, Connie, Mikasa and Armin all laugh out loud.

"Here" Jean says

"This is not a normal kings game" I say

"It's titans and the king" Mikasa says

"Yeah. Titans and the king" Eren says as Connie laughs.

"Titan?" Armin asks. Connie laughs again.

"Yes. The roles are the Titan mother and the titan baby" Eren says. Armin laughs.

"This is bad..." Connie says

"Jean. Please say something..." I say. Mikasa and Armin laugh.

"He is still thinking" Armin says

"Then... Mikasa. Please give the order" Eren says

"Then...let's do it..." Mikasa says. Me, Eren, Mikasa and Armin laugh

"You see? Jean is ready" Armin says

"Yeah he is" I say
"Ok" Mikasa says

"Attack on Titan: Titan Theater. ACTION!" Mikasa yells. Jean and Connie begin making Titan noises. Mikasa and Armin laugh. Me and Eren join in on the laughing.

"TITAN!!!" Eren yells

"Jaeger..." I say

"This scene is gonna be historical" Eren says. Mikasa and Armin gasp. Armin then begins laughing.

"Connie...he....has a dynamite body" Jean says

"That was great" I say

"Without me, this theater would be nothing" Jean says

"Shut it horse-face." I say. Mikasa and Connie laugh.

"But it was great though" Mikasa says

"If it wasn't for Armin, I wouldn't stop you guys" Eren says

"Ready..." Jean says

"Who's the king?" We all say.

"Then... please reveal yourself... Who's the king!" Eren says

"ME!" Jean yells.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" We all yell.

"The king!" Armin says

"I want him the least" I say

"This is bad..." Armin says

"I brought pocky with me" Jean says

"An autocracy is here!" Eren yells

"NOOO!" Me, Connie, Mikasa and Armin yell

"So... Eren and Y/n... play the pocky game" Jean says

Dumbass doesn't know we're dating.. well none of them do

Eren laughs.

"Wha?! Wait!!" Mikasa says

"Wha?! Wai..wai..wait!!" Armin says

"This is not how you do it?!" Connie asks

"This is how the rule runs, isn't it?" Jean asks

"You have to pick a number first" Connie says. Mikasa laughs.

"Pick a number" Armin says

"But I really wanted to see though" Connie says

"I know right" Jean says

"Then I have no rejection" Connie says

"This is not how you do it?!" Eren says

"This is how it works" Jean says

"You dare me?" I ask. Mikasa laughs

"WOAH" Eren says

"When the king commands you!! When the king commands you!! You have to what?!" Jean asks

"DO IT!!" Connie, Mikasa and Jean yell. Armin and Connie laugh.

"Then Y/n and Eren, please" Jean says.

"Yeah!!" Armin says laughing
"Yeah!!" Connie says
"Yeah!!!YEAH!!!" Jean says
"Eh?!" I say
"Are you guys serious?" Eren asks

"WOOO" Armin yells
"YEAHHHH" Connie yells
"All the boys are so hyped right now. ALL THE BOYS! Sit tight and watch!" Jean says

"YEAHH!!!" Connie and Armin say

"You two are female titans" Mikasa says. Mikasa laughs

"They're serious" I say

"You two are female titans" Mikasa says

"You two share one pocky" Connie says

"What?! Titan?!" I say

"Sexy female Titan" Mikasa says

"Two titans share one pocky" Jean says

"EHHH?!?!?!" I yell

"Two titans share one pocky" Jean and Armin say

"Just imagine the pocky is human" Jean says

"Yeah. Just like two are grabbing" Armin begins

"WOAH..." Eren says as he laughs. Connie laughs.

"Armin. Are you always this hype when you see two people about to play pocky?" Eren asks

"Yeah I think so. This guy is so hyped now" Connie says and Mikasa and Jean laugh.

"CAUSE I WANT TO SEE IT!!" Armin yells. We all laugh

"We want to see this scene at the beginning of the year" Jean says

"Yeah! Maybe we could put it on the official website" Armin says

"THIS IS A GOOD IDEA!" Connie says

"I know right" Armin says. Me and Eren are just silent

"Then....please get ready and hold the pocky. It's just pocky right?" Jean asks. Me and Eren are now holding the pocky. Connie and Armin laugh.

"See? OMG! This is making me so hyped right now" Jean says

"This scene is just way higher than my expectations" Mikasa says

"Sorry for all the audiences... we are too hyped right now" Jean says

"COME ON!" Jean yells. Me and Eren laugh

"Then Y/n and Eren. Play the pocky game" Jean says

"3, 2 ,1" Connie, Armin and Jean say

"Don't look" Eren says. We both then start to eat the pocky. Eren starts laughing as we get closer. We both are laughing now as we kiss.

"WOW" Armin, Connie, Jean say

"I'm hot.... uh" Mikasa says as she turns red

"That was great" Connie says

"Audiences can only hear the audio but no visual" Jean says

"Yeah a lot to Imagine" Armin says

"That was powerful" Connie says

"Um" me and Eren both say as we laugh

"SEE?!" Connie yells

"Oi oi oi" Jean says

"Hey guys" Eren says

"What?" Connie asks

"Next round we will definitely get you" I say. Eren laughs.

"The show us running out of time! Running out of time!" Jean says

"THE GAME IS OVER?!" Eren yells

"WAIT! STOP!" I yell

"As long as they don’t pick the king next round we are okay" Armin says

"You are right" Connie and Jean say

"Well we are actually running out of time so we're gonna wrap this up. I'm Y/n L/n and we'll see you next week" I say

"Bye" we all say. The show stops and we all sigh

"That's finally over" I say. Eren gets up and kisses my cheek. Everyone stops and looks at us.

"What? I'm not allowed to kiss my girlfriend?" Eren asks

"WHAAA?! YOU'RE DATING?!?" they all yell
(1349 Words)
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