AOT Oneshots

#3 Eren x Reader

Type: Fluff and Angst

Reader: Pregnant

Title: I'll Spend The Rest Of My Life Making It Up To You



Y/n's POV

Eren has changed. He doesn't smile anymore. Its like his emotions have left. On rare occasions I would see him softly smile. Then he left. Went to Marley. I found out I was pregnant a month later. Due to me being pregnant I decided to leave the Survey Corps, well I was still a member but I wasn't out on the field. Hange did check ups on the baby. Then Hange said he had to leave and that he would be back with Eren. I was by myself. Everyone was gone. I don't remember when Hange and everyone else left but it had been 3 months since Eren left. I was worried he wasn't going to come back but then I heard the doors open. I looked over to see everyone... everyone except Eren. I was 5 months pregnant at this point in time.(the reader found out she was pregnant at 3 months). I was showing now. I greet them all.(we're all going to say they were gone for a month)

"Wow Y/n you certainly have gotten...bigger" Jean says. I punch his arm.

"Are you calling me fat?" I ask.

"No-" Jean says but Connie cuts him off.

"Yes he is" I glare at Jean.

"Wow how much meat did you eat?" Sasha asks(Sasha is gonna live in this oneshot)

"You're not fat... you've just become more round" Armin says.

"No You're definitely fat" Mikasa says.

"Oi brats shut the hell up" Levi says pissed.

"Ah Y/n how are the Eren babies?" He asks. Everyone looks at me with wide eyes.

"Did I hear that right? Did you say Eren babies?" Jean asks cleaning his ears.

"I did! Y/n is having 2!" Hange says.

"You are all idiots" I say shaking my head.

"Hey!" Connie yells.

"So where is Eren?" I ask.

"He's in a cell" Sasha says.

"Wha- Why?!" I ask concerned.

"We are not sure of Eren's motives. We don't know if he's still on our side" Hange says.

"Let me see him!" I say. Levi tched.

"Follow me brat" Levi says. I follow Levi and he led me to where they were holding Eren.

"Eren!" I say relieved to see him. He looks away from me.

"Go away. I know you're hear to interrogate me so just leave" Eren says. My smile immediately disappears.

"What are you talking about?" I ask.

"Don't bother." He says.

"Well there's something I wanna tell y-" He cuts me off.

"Y/n I don't care. Now leave. I don't ever want to see you again" Eren says. My eyes tear up and I walk out.

Levi's POV

"Oi brat" I say to Eren. He looks at me.

"What?" He asks.

"You're gonna regret that" I say as I walk out.

Eren's POV

Fuck off Ackerman

~A couple months later~

Y/n's POV

I haven't talked to Eren since that day. Im due to give birth any day now. Somebody is always by my side to make sure I don't go into labor alone. Today it was Sasha. She would always talk about food and I enjoyed it. It was a distraction from Eren.

Mikasa's POV

Me and Armin are sitting at a table with Eren. I go to lift my hands up but Eren yells at me.

"I said hands on the table!"

"Eren. Why are you doing this?" Armin asks

"You're being controlled" I say.

"I'm being controlled? Armin I know you still visit Annie. Are you sure its not because of Bertholdt? And you Mikasa.. the only reason you stick by me is because of your Ackerman blood. You've mistaken me as a host" Eren says

"Eren..." I say.

"Mikasa... I hate you" Eren says. My eyes widen and I begin to tear up. Armin goes to punch Eren but I slam him on the table.

"Do you know why we've never fought?" Eren asks Armin.

"It's because it wouldn't be a fair fight" Eren continues. I bite my lip trying to suppress my tears.

"How can Y/n still love you?" Armin asks.

"What does Y/n have to d-" Eren starts but Armin cuts him off.

"You're a bastard. You got Y/n pregnant then told her you never wanted to see her again and now she's due any day with your fucking twins!" Armin yells pissed off.

Eren's POV

Y/n's pregnant?

"Cut the bullshit" I say.

"It's not bullshit Eren" Mikasa says.

Y/n's POV

I felt something wet run down my legs.

"Uh Sasha?" I ask. Sasha turns to me.

"I think the babies are coming" I say as I feel a contraction. I yell in pain. Sasha panics but leads me downstairs to where Connie is

"Where is Hange?" Sasha asks.

"At Niccolo's restaurant" Connie says. I feel another contraction.

"FUCK! GET ME HANGE NOW BEFORE I STAB OUT YOUR FUCKING EYES!" I yell in pain. Connie's eyes widen as he sprints out to get Hange. Sasha lays me on the ground and tries to keep me calm

Eren's POV

"This meeting is over" I say as I begin to walk out.

Y/n's pregnant? Bullshit. They had to resort to such lies.

I see Hange bust the doors open.

"Eren who have you been meeting up with?" Hange asks.

"Why do y-" I begin but I'm cut off.


"Is it time?" He asks Connie.

"Yeah you better hurry or else Y/n might kill Sasha" Connie says. Before Hange can leave I grab his hand.

"What's going on?" I ask. He immediately gets out of my grip.

"I don't have time to answer your questions. Mikasa, Armin. Let's go." Hange says as he runs out.

I'm confused

Before Mikasa can run out I grab her arm.

"What's go-" I begin

"We already told you" She says as she slaps my hand and runs out.

Already told me? She said Y/n was... They were serious? Then that means that what Y/n wanted to tell me was that she was pregnant. God dammit.

I rush out to follow but Floch stops me.

"Get your hands off me" I say.

"Why are you following them?" He asks.

"Because my girl- my wife is giving birth! Now get the hell out of my way!" I yell. They all move and I rush out.

Y/n's POV


"I'm here! I'm here!" Hange says as he rushes over. I grab his shirt.


"You seem a little moody" Hange says.

"I WILL NOT ASK AGAIN! GET THESE KIDS OUT OF ME NOW! I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL MURDER YOU ALL!" I scream in pain. Hange then gets me ready for labor.

Eren's POV

Im running to where Hange went when I hear

"I WILL NOT ASK AGAIN! GET THESE KIDS OUT OF ME NOW! I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL MURDER YOU ALL!" I hear Y/n yell. I rush over but stay behind the door.

"Breathe Y/n. Relax" Hange says.


"Okay push" Hange says.

"DAMN YOU JAEGER!" She screams. I feel guilty.

"Thats it. Keep pushing" Hange says. I then hear babies crying.

"A boy and a girl!" Hange says.

"What are you going to name them?" Sasha asks.

"Jonathan and Erina" Y/n says. I then hear her begin to cry.

"Why do they have to look so much like Eren? Did I do something wrong? Am I being punished? Its like a constant reminder that he never cared" She says as she breaks down. After about 2 minutes I hear her calm down. Armin and Mikasa walk out and stare at me surprised.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Armin asks. I ignore him. Armin grabs my shirt. Mikasa pulls him back.

"Armin let's go" she says as she pulls Armin away. Armin flips me off before he gets smacked in the head by Mikasa for doing so.

"Well whoever you are. Come on in" I hear Hange say. I slowly walk in and I see Y/n on the couch sleeping while Hange is carrying two babies.

"They were serious" I mumble.

"Oh look it's actually Eren" Hange says. I don't respond and just stand there.

"Well don't you wanna see what they look like?" He asks. I nod my head and he walks over.

"This one is Jonathan and this one is Erina" He says. I take a closer look and Y/n was right. They do look like me. I softly smile.

"You know you can take her upstairs. I stitched her up so there should be any more blood" Hange says. I nod and walk over to Y/n. I look at her sleeping face.

"Eren..." She mumbles. I smile softly yet again and gently pick her up to make sure she doesn't wake up. I take her upstairs and softly lay her on the bed. I lay down next to her and kiss her forehead.

"Sorry" I whisper. I then hold her hand as I fall asleep.

Y/n's POV

I wake up and notice I'm laying on someone's chest.

Who the fuck?

I get up but then realize I'm in immense amounts of pain and fall back down. The person gets up and looks at me.

"Y/n.. Are you okay?" They ask. Wait that sounds like Eren.

"I'm fine" I say as I try to stand up but once again fall back down in pain. This time the person catches me and picks me up.

"I'll get Hange" he says. I look over and see Eren.

"Why the hell are you here?" I ask as I tear up.

"I uh- can we talk about that later? You're in pain so let's get that settled first"

~Time Skip to after Hange gives you the okay~

I am now holding Jonathan and Erina in each of my arms as I sit on the couch.

"Now why are you here?" I ask. He looks at me and then looks away ashamed.

"After I got back from Marley I learned alot of stuff and decided I would fix the world. At the time I was unaware that you were pregnant. When you went to tell me... I thought Hange had sent you to interrogate and lecture me.. So I shut you out.. Then yesterday I found out you were pregnant with my kids and I- I don't know... Something changed.. It was like nothing else mattered except for you" He says as he looks down.

"That's sweet and all but that doesn't make up for what you put me through" I say.

"Thats why I'm gonna spend the rest of my life making it up to you."
(1870 Words)
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