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Perfect Liar - Loki Laufeyson

3 - Kneel

After catching a glimpse of his eyes, Amira's instincts encouraged her run, catching up with the fleeing crowd.

Once darting past the doors, she found herself looking back whilst in motion. She saw him walking with the upmost pride through the door, and it became more strange when she watched his entire clothing change before her eyes.

Before turning her head back to run, all she had witnessed was a gold helmet that framed all angles of his face with a structured horns that stood high above him. An emerald cape-like piece trailed from his broad, now-armoured shoulders.

Meeting her fellow attendees in the dark streets, the most of the crowd that did not fully flee, came to a halt when they reached a fair distance, to look back in morbid curiosity at the threat behind them. Perhaps, that entire group were science academics of some form with a need to understand, or perhaps their fear simply couldn't allow themselves to run. Amira didn't know which she was.

She watched the man- who did not even seem human anymore, cross the street with no care that two police cars with blaring sirens were driving in his direction. That was, until he turned and faced his weapon towards them and urged it forward, bringing out a blue strike of what seemed like energy. Whatever it was, it hit the first car with immense force, turning it over.

This was when the newly formed stationary group began to panic, yet again. Although, on their attempt to disperse, all corners of them were faced with the same man, appearing one corner at a time.

Upon his appearence, he spoke with a force, and instructed, "kneel before me."

The crowd became herded like animals, as he surrounded them on all ends.

Who she assumed to be the real version of him- or whatever he was, stayed stood at the front of them, and he grew frustrated.

"I said..." he paused, hitting his weapon to the floor, and exclaimed at an excruciating volume, "KNEEL!"

The crowd did exactly as he instructed, including Amira, finding herself nearing the centre of the cluster. His expression was electrified with accomplishment, as he slowly stepped into the crowd.

"Is not this, simpler? Is this not your natural state?" His weapon of sorts bowed forwards with his hand movements as he addressed those before him. "It's the unspoken truth of humanity, that you crave subjugation."

He made his way forward as he continued his speech, as he stopped at an intense proximity to Amira's left shoulder as she kneeled reluctantly.

"The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for power... for identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel."

There was an impulse in her, that had no thought, it were as if she was not in control of her own body, but she entirely was. Amira rose to her feet, not anticipating how she were now but a few inches from him. A peculiar fire rose in her as words left her mouth, almost involuntarily.

"Not to men like you."

His head turned to finally face her, as he stood tall above her. His self-assured smirk was unchanged. Her breath altered slightly amidst his eye contact, his eyes were a piercing ice blue, but somehow maintained a hint of green that was almost hypnotic.

His wide grin expanded as he tilted his head forward ever so slightly.

"There are no men like me."

She surprised herself at how bold she remained, forcing herself to maintain eye contact- and she could've sworn that the corners of her mouth lifted for a millisecond. He looked ready for murder, and she was most certainly not taking the smart route.

His eyes narrowed slightly, yet he maintained the sinister smirk plastered upon his face, intrigued by the woman before him. He took a breath, prepared to speak, before he was interrupted by another man standing further away from them, who spoke first, "there will always be men like you."

Both Amira and her opponent turned their heads go the older man. For a second, the man she had challenged turned his head back to her before returning his gaze to the other man now testing him, before he addressed the crowd another time.

"Look to your elder people." He pointed his weapon forward, as the blue glow yet again began to grow, "let him be an example."

A large shot of the energy was fired, heading straight for the man, as it was soon deflected by a red, blue and white shield. The owner of the shield raised himself, as the deflected energy hit who it originated from straight to the ground, causing Amira to step back from being taken down with him.

The sudden thought crossed her mind: he didn't try to kill her, when she was the one who opposed him first, why was she not the example?

The owner of the shield began to walk forward, whose uniform she had recognised very vaguely from media coverage as 'Captain America,' or Steve Rogers, who, admittedly, she did not care for all that much. He began to speak, "you know, the last time I was in Germany, and saw a man standing above everybody else, we ended up disagreeing."

However, the armoured one patronisingly addressed Rogers, "the soldier." He used his tall weapon to bring himself to his feet as he let out a low laugh, "a man out of time."

Rogers hit back immediately, "I'm not the one who's out of time," as Amira noticed a large, unusually-shaped jet began to lower and just above him. Amira soon widened her eyes as she noticed a gun-like piece of machinery open at the bottom of it, it pointed at him, thus indirectly at her.

A female voice emitted loudly from the jet, "Loki, drop the weapon and stand down."

Loki. It suddenly dawned upon her exactly who she was dealing with- or what she was dealing with. he was Thor's brother, a God.

Who she now knew as Loki, without hesitation, thought it be wise to fire at the jet, that avoided the blast of energy with ease. His actions earned him Rogers' shield striking him directly into his chest, which was fortunately for him, coated in armour.

The crowd entirely dispersed, almost all running from the scene eagerly now that they were free, as their captor was otherwise engaged in combat with Rogers.

Yet, Amira stood still.

She observed the back and forth battle between the two, both gaining an even amount of strikes at one another. Loki managed to bat Rogers' shield away from him, leaving him somewhat defenseless besides his physical attributes.

It wasn't long before Loki had him on the floor, weapon pressed against the back of his head, "kneel." Steve momentarily looked at Amira, noticing her simply observing so close in a somewhat empty street. He looked at her as if to question her stance; she remained in harm's way, not one citizen stood near her. She could've ran, or she could've at least displayed morality if she weren't to be if any assistance. She wasn't frozen in fear, her expression was blank in observation as if she were watching the fight from a screen.

Realising he was on his own, Rogers murdered, "not today," and proceeded to leap up and kick Loki across the face. To which Loki promptly threw Rogers across the cold pavement.

However, a few silent moments were broken by the speakers of the jet blaring what she recognised as Shoot to Thrill by AC/DC. She knew very little of these people, but she definitely recognised the man in the metal, high-tech, suit before them that landed, 'Iron Man'- the infamous, and dare she say, narccisitic, Tony Stark.

She watched as he held his palm out to a sitting Loki, "make your move Reindeer Games." Who surprisingly, raised his hands in defeat, as the armour shimmered away to a less-extreme edition of it in a combination of black and deep green.

Suddenly, Amira felt a grasp of both of her wrists from behind. She promptly struck her head around, hitting Rogers in the face with fiery hair. Rogers took her wrists into cold, metal cuffs, "precaution."

"Excuse me?"

"Again: precaution."

"Again, excuse me?"

He began walking with her towards where Stark and Loki were. "Listen, you aren't making a good case for yourself just standing there beside him, whilst he attempted to kill another citizen."

She scoffed argumentatively, "I was going against him-"

"It certainly did not look like it when we turned up, sorry." smiled and raised his eyebrows- perhaps an attempt of satire with his insincere apology. His face gave off a gentle type of feel, which entirely contrasted what was currently taking place, but something told her he genuinely believed she was a threat alongside him, and that he had spoken nothing but truth in belief he was doing the right thing. He would've never caught a citizen if he wasn't at least 90% they were a danger to the city, as a 'precaution.'

She tried the thrash her limbs, fully aware it would not break her free- but at least she could make it difficult for him, for his idiocity. She continued the struggle across the pavement, until he promptly pushed her down the to pavement, seated next to Loki as Rogers greeted Stark at his side.

Amira shot a glare at Loki, who's expression remained blank, but it was somewhat clear that he was most definitely confused by her presence.

The next thing the pair knew, they were being seated in the jet next to one another, and locked in place.
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