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We all believed it was a game. We all had fun; until it wasn't just a game. It was now the game of life, where every volleyball club in Japan actually took part in this hunt for thrill. Where we all met, discussed, and acted on our three choices. I was just happy to be a part of the most notorious, strong, and daring school in the country. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Haikyuu!! or any of its characters. All credit respectfully goes to Haruichi Furudate. A/N: This story is completely original. I have not copied or taken any ideas, characters or thoughts from somebody else. My work is not to be copied in any way, shape or form. Thank you.

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I brought it up at a college house party, thinking nothing of what it could become. I had given honest, brutal answers in which I would recieve moans, groans, and cheers. One thing I found though was that almost every guy in the circle-all from my school-would pick me to bang.

Nobody chose to kill me, and a few admitted that they'd rather kiss me and bang some other girl simply because they knew them better. It was only after the petty little game was over that I noticed this though.

"Hey Bunny, do you wanna come over?" Satori uses my nickname as we walk with our volleyball team. "Yeah sure," I focus on my phone, looking at the latest Capturegram posts. "You guys sure do hang out a lot," Eita points out. Satori looks at me briefly before turning back to Eita to respond to his notion.

"Yeah, is there anything wrong with that?" Satori questions Eita. "No, just making an interesting observation," he shrugs his shoulders trying to avoid an argument. Satori suddenly grasps me in his hold, keeping my torso flush against his. "Satori, what are you doing?" I whisper as everybody keeps walking.

"Everybody is getting jealous. Can I carry you?" he asks me. Normally I'd be the one whining for him to carry me. "You'll just get tired. You had an intense volleyball practice today anyway," I say hoping to get him off board of this idea. He looks at me with his eyes squinted and his lips in a firm line. He swiftly grabs my face in his hand and presses his lips against mine.

I make a noise in surprise which causes the rest of the team to look back at us. Satori glances at them from the corner of his eye, knowing that he has their attention now. He slithers an arm around my lower back pulling me impossibly closer against him. He uses his left hand to tilt my head to deepen the kiss. Surprising everyone further, he moves his hand down to squeeze my ass and I gasp against his mouth.

Satori pushes his tongue into my mouth, pulling out my own before sucking on it. "Hey, Tendou-" Reon starts but stops when Satori gives him a deadly glare. Satori refocuses his attention on me, now swirling his tongue around mine in our open-mouthed kiss. He pulls away leaving a strand of glistening saliva to connect our mouths. "What was that for?" I ask him lowly with a blazing blush across my cheeks.

"Just giving our teammates a sample of what we do when you hang out with me," he grins devilishly. "Are you two dating?" Kenjiro questions us with a slight blush adorning his cheeks. "No, we're not," I sigh, walking away from the horny teenage redhead. "Y/N-chan doesn't like relationships~" Satori coos.

"Th-then why did you two kiss?" Tsutomu stutters with the worst blush out of all of us. It's adorable how the first year is so innocent. "Because it's fun," I throw over my shoulder as I strut past him. "I guess you discover new things every day," Taichi mutters just loud enough for the rest of us to hear. "If ya'll want a taste don't hesitate to call or text me," I shout as I walk ahead of them.

We all split our separate, needed ways to get home. Except for Satori, Wakatoshi, and me who all live within a few blocks of each other. "Wanna join us Wakatoshi-kun?" Satori queries the strong, left-handed ace. "I have more important things to do," he says monotonously. "Come on! It'll be a blast, I'm sure of it," Satori continues to push the idea onto his teammate.

"I don't mind Kato," I say to him, using his nickname in hopes of getting leverage on him. He looks at me stoicly for a moment. "Fine," he complies. Satori and I share a glance and smirk in victory. "We're gonna have so much fun," Satori sings and starts swaying his body back and forth.
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