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¤ two ¤


"Hey, Kato- mmff!" I get cut off by the ace of Shiratorizawa. He glances suggestively into my eyes and I don't bother to protest any further. Satori went to use the bathroom and without warning Kato decided to pounce on me. There's a lot of unexpected things that I thought Wakatoshi was never capable of and this one certainly crossed my mind in those terms. It's almost refreshing to see this side of him.

"Did you guys miss- Oh," Satori bursts through the door to see Kato pinning my hands and body to the floor with his own as his tongue swirls with mine. Satori slowly and seemingly unwillingly gathers a blush on his face while his jaw does nothing but hang limply. Kato suddenly grinds his lower half into me and I moan into our kiss.

"Lemme get some of that," Satori suddenly changes his demeanor and walks closer to us. My eyes widen in surprise. Kato removes his lips from my own and focuses on marking my neck. I moan as he sucks on my collar bone. "Wakatoshi-kun can you pick Y/N up? I want her ass," Satori asks. Without even a glance at Satori Kato picks my body up so that both men are sandwiching me.

I can only accept the pleasure as they give it to me; not mustering up the strength to make them think about what they're going to do to me. Satori starts to take off my shirt, dragging his fingers against my burning skin as he does so. "You're body is so adorable Y/N-chan. But it makes me sad that I can't call it just mine any more," he compliments but also whines. "Y-you're the one who invited Kato- Ahh!" I shout as Wakatoshi unclips my bra in one swift movement, pulling a nipple into his mouth.

Satori takes note of my sensitivity and moves his hand to play with my briefly neglected breast. "Does this feel good?" Satori whispers into my ear as he rolls the bud between his thumb and forefinger. "Yesss," I sigh. Satori takes his turn at nibbling on my neck. Kato leaves my breast-which Satori immediately grasps hold of-and moves to my practice shorts.

Dipping his fingers in between my skin and the stretchy material, he yanks them off, putting my flexibility to the test as he folds me in half on his lap. Discarding my shorts, he eyes my splotched panties, seemingly mesmerized. "You're so wet already," he mutters. "Don't just st-stare," I flush redder. "I can take them off then?" he asks. As much as I'd like to think Kato is experienced, in some aspects he's totally clueless.

"Yes, please," I ask kindly. He also yanks my underwear off, completely exposing my form. Without warning he shoves his middle and ring finger in my drenched womanhood. There's a shiver-racking squelch as he pushes in and out of me swiftly. "Hahhhh, faster," I whine desperately. His thick eyebrows raise as he observes my reactions to different angles and motions.

Satori steps away for a bit, rummaging around in his bag until he lets out an, "Ah ha!" He trots back over to Kato roughly pleasuring my greedy pussy. "Ahh, Kato I'm cumminggg," I breathe out rigidly. "Are you ready Y/N-chan?" Satori asks me. My eyebrows furrow, trying to focus on him as Kato's fingers thrust into me harder. "I brought lube," he grins wickedly.

I can feel myself cum on Wakatoshi fingers. A delightful sigh escapes my mouth as Satori gets back behind me. I can feel what I assume is the lube being applied to my asshole and Satori's chest against my back. "You sure you can take it Y/N-chan?" he whispers into my ear. I nod weakly, looking back to Wakatoshi. He's already pulled his erection out of his shorts, pumping it a few times. "You sure you can take both of us?" he questions this time.

The next morning~

I shift in my bed, feeling somewhat confined. My eyes flutter open to see Kato's sleeping face. Suddenly Satori snuggles into my back, groaning slightly. I smile happily, knowing that they hadn't just came to have sex and then ditch as soon as they could. I check my clock to see that it's just after noon. Thank goodness it was the weekend, because after last night I'm as sore as an individual with arthritis.

My phone buzzes softly on my bedside table and I reach over Kato to grab it. I open the bright screen to see a text from Taichi.

Fluffy Bunny
Hey, I got invited to a party
by a college friend tonight. He told
me to bring whoever I
wanted. Wanna come?

Sexy Fantasy
Sure, I'll ask Satori and Kato

Fluffy Bunny

"Do you guys wanna go to a party tonight?" I ask the now half-alseep third years. "A party sounds fun," Satori grins. "Who invited you?" Kato asks. "Taichi did. He said it's a college friend's party," I yawn. "Sure," Kato replies while also snuggling up closer to me.

Sexy Fantasy
We'll be there. What time?

Fluffy Bunny
Alright, it starts at eight. Most of the team
will be there too

Sexy Fantasy
Looking forward to it :D

A/N: Hehe, I'm lovin it. I hope y'all are enjoying this story as much as I am XD. I'm sorry for all ya horny biscuits who wanted a full on lemon, ya get a lime instead. Please follow me if you don't already 🥺.
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