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¤ three ¤



¤ three ¤


"Kato, I hate to break it to you, but just because we had sex doesn't mean you need to cling to me," I whisper to him as he hugs me from behind. He stays quiet but doesn't loosen his grip at all. I sigh, continuing to stir the scrambled eggs I'm making for the three of us.

"You're so possessive Wakatoshi-kun," Satori points out the obvious. He just got out of the shower and is grabbing the orange juice from the fridge. I notice that he's only wearing his boxers and it makes my eyes linger on his form just a little longer than necessary.

"Like what ya see Y/N-chan~" Satori coos. I blush, averting my gaze. Wakatoshi's grip tightens on me a bit, holding my sides more firmly. "Stop staring at him," Kato growls into my ear. I yelp when he grinds against my back side firmly. "Wakatoshi-kun, stop teasing Y/N-chan. You're making me jealous," Satori has a dangerous glint in his eye as he glares at Kato.

"Boys, not right now, I'm too tired," I complain. After their challenging gazes towards each other I could tell what the events following that would be. Another round or three and I was already sore enough from last night. "You're so mean Y/N-chan," Satori says as he rests against the counter beside Kato and me.

"Not mean, just sore. You guys are fudging beasts. Low key scary," I shake my head. "Not beasts, just horny," Satori retorts while wagging his finger back and forth. "Maybe we're both," Kato mutters. "There, the perfect solution. A combination," I say sarcastically. "Are you being serious?" Kato genuinely asks me. I give him a questioning look and then he understands.

I scrape the eggs into mixed proportions on each of our plates, giving them more while I want less. "Thank you for the food!" Satori cheers, heading to the couch with his meal. "Thank you," Kato also says but way less enthusiastic as per usual. We all enjoy the rest of our afternoon before they leave to get ready for the party. I close the door behind them, sliding down and against it. A heavy sigh is all that leaves my mouth.

Later that evening~

"Where are you Y/N-chan?" Satori whines through the phone. "On the bus. The house is farther from mine than any of y'all's," I reply. "How much longer?" he whines again. "Ten minutes I think. Don't worry I'm on my way," I shake my head while smiling. His needy personality has grown on me. It's also something I've found endearing, but at the same time it can get annoying.

"I always worry," Satori sighs. "I'll be there in the bit. You can let the rest of the team know if ya want," I shrug even though he can't see me. "Nobody else has asked yet. I don't think they care," I can hear his pout through the phone. "Or they're too anxious to actually call me and ask," I reason. "Whatever. They're all a bunch of stone-cold-hearted meat heads," Satori insults them.

"What did you just call us!?" I hear Eita's voice over the line. "Oh it's my stop I'll see ya in a bit Satori!" I rush my words. "Y/N! Don't leave me-" his voice is cut off as I press the end call button. The bus halts to a stop and I stand, quickly walking down the steps and beyond the folding door. "Have a good evening," the bus driver calls out and I wave with a smile in response.

I walk down the sidewalk, constantly checking my phone to follow the directions to the house. And before I see it, I can hear it. Or more specifically the loud music it's blasting. The house is nothing overly excessive and has at least a couple acres on it. I bet that's why people haven't complained about the noise yet. I put my phone away, walking up to the door.

There's a few people lingering by the entrance who nod at me as I walk in. As soon as I pass the threshold, the smell of weed and hard alcohol burn my nose. It's not an unpleasant burn, more familiar than anything. "Y/N-chan! Save meeee," Satori runs towards me, hiding behind me as he grips me closely. "Satori, you ass hat! Where are you!?" I can just barely hear Eita's voice over the music thrumming.

"Satori, you're high," I point out, noticing the stench of weed reeking off of him. "I just wanted to let loose," he says slowly. "Mhm, and what if the po-po show up?" I ask him. "I'll run faster than all of them!" he giggles stupidly. "That's very bad Tori, you'll get time for that," I scold him. "Not if you're there with me~" he sings out. "I won't even come to visit you," I tease with a smirk.

"What!? You wouldn't dare!" he seethes, flipping my body around to face him. "I would," I shrug my shoulders. I challenge his glare with a playful aura, knowing I'm pinching a soft spot. "Maybe I ought to teach you a lesson later," he growls, wrapping his slender fingers around my throat, and lightly squeezing. "Satori there you are you- Oh, hi Y/N," Eita pauses his sentence for Satori to greet me.

"Hello Eita," I spin around and give him a large grin. "Do you mind if I borrow Tendou?" he grins but there's a thick amount of venom laticed into his voice. "Go ahead, the party's just gotten started," I move out of the way so Eita can grab Satori. Satori bolts without another word and Eita just stomps after him. This party is already going splendid.
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