'Five, promise me something...' I would say quietly and Five would look at me. 'promise me you won't leave...' 'I never will..' Five would say and smile, taking my hand in his.

Action / Adventure
Katara Angelsin
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1 Sarcasm

You are getting ready to go to the Commission when you hear a voice coming from outside. you open your window to see Klaus standing their yelling at whoever he is talking to, you think to yourself that its probably Ben and get back to packing your things. you hear your parental unit calling “Y/N are you ready to go?!” “Yes ma’am I’m ready!” you say zipping your bag up, then head down the stairs out the door and to the car. “Parental unit, will I see you again?” you say without emotion. “No Y/N, you will not sorry hun..” The academy you went to for self defense broke you, you don’t have emotion anymore. “were getting close! Are you excited?” The parental unit asks happily. “yea I’m trembling with excitement.” When you get there you quickly head inside to avoid embarrassment, then you head to the Handler’s office. She opens the door before you can knock, she’s holding her cigarette piece in her mouth. The Handler greets you “welcome Y/N, to the commission!” The Handler says with excitement then pushes you in, locking the door. “Now Y/N. You work for me now so I consider you my child. Now get to work and maybe you might get to go on a mission..” You nod your head and start to get to work.




Y/N POV: The Handler is mean but I don’t mind it, I’ve dealt with worse. I’d take the folder’s and start looking through them, putting them into the right file cases. one catches my eye and I open it.. It is Five Hargreeves’s folder. The Handler comes in and see’s me with the folder open, I try to close it but she snatches it from my hands. “so I see we have an interest in five?” She asks. I’d blush “No ma’am...” She would give me a doubtful look. “who has an interest in me?” I jump up to see the legendary Five standing at the door. The Handler smiles and says “Oh nobody..” then Five steps closer to The Handlers desk then asks with a tone only a asshole could recognize. “who’s the newbie?” I attempt to make a snarky remark but The Handler cuts me off. “Oh this is Y/N, she’s one of the retired commissar’s child!” Five would look me up and down, then turns back to The Handler. “so what did you need me for?” “Ah, I remember now! Five you and Y/N will go on a mission.” She would say and look at me with a smirk. I’d nod my head, five would as well. “come on newbie... lets get going.” Five would say walking out the door ahead of me. I muster a ‘thank you’ and head out the door to catch up with five.




You finally catch up to five and say “where are we going?” Five answers with a playful smirk, “we are going on a mission. Duh” You are dumbfounded when you see the smirk and you think ‘cute’, you quickly wave away that thought when Five grabs the case. you and Five walk outside then he asks, “Are you ready?” you reply with a strait face then he grabs your hand and you teleport to a new location. As you are finally done teleporting, five see’s that your dizzy and he quickly picks you up bridal style and carry’s you too the hotel as you feel going in and out of consciousness then you pass out.





ello hoomans! this is the first chapter! I’ve ever wrote! so welcome! I know its a short chapter but I hope to make a longer chapter 2! Anyhoot bai!

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