Kambe Daisuke has always been stoic and calm. On a whim to find something new and different, he hires a butlerette to help with things around the house. She's proven to be more than a handful despite Daisuke's bribing. When things take a turn and she has the upper hand, she does something that Daisuke would never have thought of. And his desire overrules all his other intents. DISCLAIMER: I do not own The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited or any of its characters. All credit respectfully goes to Yasutaka Tsutsui. A/N: This story is completely original. I have not copied or taken any ideas, characters or thoughts from somebody else. My work is not to be copied in any way, shape or form. Thank you.

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1 $ Special Request

A/N: e/r stands for ethnicity/race. Please enjoy

3rd person's POV

"Kato-san, we should hire somebody to take care of the mansion," Kambe suggests to his colleague. "And where are we gonna find somebody like that?" the older man queries. "HUESC, find the nearest hiring business to us," Kambe requests from his A.I. earring. "Right away sir," the automated voice responds.

"Sir, would you like a list of butlers?" HUESC asks, having listened to the men's previous conversation. "Get me a list of butlerettes," Kambe responds to the device. Kato takes a moment to look at his coworker out of the corner of his eye.

"What's a butlerette exactly?" Kato asks unknowingly. "A female butler. They tend to be more efficient than actual butlers," Kambe says, frowning upon the thought of a lazy butler. "Okay, have it your way," Kato sighs and continues to drive.

"There are four butlerettes for hire sir. Would you like to have a look at their profiles?" HUESC speaks again. "Yes," Kambe simply responds, picking up his advanced tablet. "To start we have Tanaka Aoi, she's rated a 3.5 out of 5 stars," HUESC starts to read the information from the website aloud.

"And fourthly we have L/N Y/N, she's rated a 4.9 out of 5. Has a e/r heritage, is 26 years old, and has a bachelor's degree from the University of Washington in the U.S. She's the top favorite at her agency," HUESC finishes with his normal monotone. "Contact her agency right away," Kambe demands. Kato takes another side glance at Kambe, smirking at the look on his face.

"Is she that pretty?" Kato teases. "I only care about her ratings," Kambe tries to brush off Kato's comment. "Lemme see," Kato nods towards the device and Kanbe brings her image into his view. Kato's eyes widen, and having stared at her a little too long he swerves back onto the road gently. "She sure is a sight. You sure you didn't pick her because of her looks?" Kato asks genuinely.

"I'm sure. Please focus on your driving," Kambe scolds lightly. Kato scoffs in response, not saying a word. It's pretty obvious Kambe has some sort of interest in her. But it's not like all women fall at Kambe's feet either.

Y/N's POV~

"Hey, Y/N," one of my coworkers pipes up. "Yes Seisa?" I respond, looking up to see her. "Boss says you have another at-home request; wants to see ya," Seisa juts her thumb over her shoulder. I groan, pushing myself up and out of my seat surrounded by half-drunk men. "Sorry boys, I've got another job," I playfully pout. They all put up protests, but I hush them as I lean over, leaning my arms against my breasts to push them together.

"Be good while I'm gone, no misbehaving or I'll have to punish you," I finish with a lick of my lips and a wink. They all swoon in their tipsy states, nodding like dogs at my ready. I wiggle my fingers and head to the back to talk to the boss.

Knock knock. "Come in," the voice of my boss sounds muffled through the door. I walk into a room full of smoke, marijuana smoke to be precise. "You wanted to see me boss?" I querie, closing the door on the sounds of the strip club behind me. "Yes, we have a very special request for you," my boss starts with a smile.

"What do you mean?" I ask her, wondering what she means exactly. "This is an at-home job, pre-paid for six months," she says, sounding smug. My eyes practically pop out of my skull as my jaw drops to the ground. "S-six months?" I stutter, trying to do the math in my head. "It's a pretty big gig, think you're up for it?" her voice comes out as testing. I take a moment to think about the time, the pay, and who the person might be.

"I want to meet this person first. A reverse interview if that's what we can call it," I say, crossing my arms, and raising my eyebrows. "Sure thing, I'll contact him right away," she says. I catch part of her words, thinking barely before speaking. "So it's a him? Can I at least know his name?" I ask with a sigh.

"His name is Daisuke Kambe. He has a very interesting accent, and he also works as a detective for the police," my boss briefly informs me. "Sounds East-Asian," I ponder over the information she's given me. "He says he can meet up in ten minutes. He'll come here," she says, surprising me.

"Somebody sure is desperate," I pass off how quick he'll be here. "He must have looked on your online profile. Otherwise he'd call in and ask for stats on our employees," the boss says, putting her head in her hand. "I told ya guys to take my profile off," I sweat, frowning in the process. "You rack in the most money, I've gotta have you posted everywhere I can," she just grins her cheshire smile.
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