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2 $ Employer

"Right this way sir," Seisa directs the two men in uniform. I watch them as they go by, assuming that one of them is my requester. One of the men looks slightly older, his features are soft and I can tell he's a slight pushover. The other man, who appears to be younger than his buddy has sleek, bold facial features. He carries himself as if he's worth the world and I catch his gaze for all but two seconds before I turn my attention back to my company.

"Sorry boys, I've gotta go again," I drag my index and middle finger along the man to my left's jaw, giving a slight purr as I stand up, displaying my ass for them to ogle. "Hey baby, can't you stay a little longer?" the man who went to the bathroom asks upon his return. "I've got a new, very important job I have to attend to," I try to excuse myself.

As I try to go around him, he grips my wrist, pulling me down onto his lap as he sits on the plush material of the bench. "How about you give me a lap dance before you go, I'll pay you extra," he whispers. He pulls out a wad of cash that looks to be at least three hundred dollars. I can't help but pluck the money from his hand, carefully placing it in my lace-covered bra.

"Alright, darling," I smirk. I raise my hips, lowering them slowly as I grind against the guy. I eye his hands as he grips the back of the bench tightly. I move my hands up and down his chest, pressing the pads of my fingers into his nipples each time I pass them. I continue grinding, swaying and rotating my hips. His groans are enticing, and I can feel the rest of the men in the group watch my performance.

"Yeah, just like that," he groans, throwing his head back. I can feel his boner as I continue to grind against him, edging him on. I lean in close to his ear, licking the shell before biting his lobe. "So hard already darling?" my voice whispers, grinding especially slow and hard against his erection. "Just for you," he groans, moving a hand to my hip to keep me against his hard on.

"I'm gonna cum soon, keep going," he growls. I take note of the whiskey on his breath as it tingles my nose. Whiskey sounds so good right now. As I think about alcohol, I hump faster until his body shivers and there's a noticeable wet patch on the crotch of his jeans. "Shit that felt good," he sighs shakily. "I'm glad you think so," I purr, sliding off of his lap.

"I've gotta go now boys," I say, moving to leave. Another man grabs my wrist, pulling me back. "What about me, pretty girl," the guy pouts. "I seriously need to go, please," I ask politely. "I'm sure the other guy can wait, just one more lap dance," he whispers against my ear. The smell of whiskey once again tingles my nose. "No, I really have to go," I try pushing off of him but he doesn't budge.

He starts kissing my neck, grasping my hip as I sit on his lap sideways. "Please! Stop-" I stop speaking when another hand grips my wrist, pulling me off of the guy. I look at his face and immediately recognize him as the shnazzy guy who walked in earlier. "Who the hell are-" the guy starts but Mr. Shnazzy is quicker. "I'm with the police," he pauses to display his badge. "I believe this woman asked you to stop," his thick accent sounds sexy.

"S-sorry," the guy holds his hands up, moving away from us. The policeman lets go of my wrist and escorts me away from the horny-ass men. "Thank you . . ." I trail off not knowing his name. "Daisuke Kambe. It's nice to meet you Y/N L/N," he surprises me with the knowledge of my name. My brows raise in interest. "Did you request me for six months then?" I querie.

"Yes, and I'm hoping you will accept," he says flatly. We walk to the back where the boss's room is. Her eyes sparkle when we enter together. "Wonderful! You two have already met," she smiles giddily. I offer a questioning look for her. "Y/N, this is Haru Kato. Daisuke's coworker," boss introduces. "Nice to meet ya," I greet with a wiggle of my fingers.

He averts his eyes from my body, mumbling a hello. I'd be nervous too if I saw somebody I wanted to hire in a bunny costume too. "Well let's discuss the terms of this arrangment," boss moves on and begins talking about the terms, conditions, legalities, and other important stuff that I didn't particularly pay attention to.

"Alright Y/N, so do you want this job?" boss finally asks. I weigh all the pros and cons. I'll be working for sexy men with high pay. "Yeah, I'll do it," I blurt with a shrug of my shoulders. "Spectacular! And Daisuke, do treat her well. We'll miss you darling," she pouts as we walk out. I roll my eyes at her dramatic performance. I feel all the men's eyes on me as we walk to the front entrance.

I exit with a fleeting wave to Seisa as she entertains a group of younger men. A thought comes to mind as we cross the street and I can't seem to hold my tongue. "Do you guys live together?" I ask. "No, we don't. And I'll be heading back to Japan soon," Haru answers me. I nod in understanding, slipping into the back seat as Haru holds the door for me.

"Am I the only one working for you then, Daisuke?" I ask another question. He buckles his seat belt, staring straight ahead. "As of right now, yes," he replies curtly. It seems that these guys aren't very talkative, or expressive. I guess I'll just have to put up with it. At least I can admire them.
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