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The Wesley Twins| Smut Imagines


Different stories Same three people

Erotica / Romance
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Happy Birthday| Weasley Twins

I was sitting in the common room when the clock hits twelve it's my birthday
I shrug it off and get back to my book
I hear two sets of footsteps walking in unison
I could already tell it was my two best friends Fred and George Weasly
They come on each side of me
I smile to myself " happy birthday"
They said I'm unison Fred brought a cupcake with a candle lit in-front of my face
" make a wish" they say
I made a wish and blown out to the candle " what did you wish for" George says " wouldn't you like to know" I say he smirks at me " we got you a present" Fred says " oh yea?" I raise an eyebrow
George hold out his hand as they both stand in front of me " we have to go show you" Fred Says I grab his hand and stand up
They walk in-front of me as I follow " Exactly where is this gift you guys" I ask " just this way" they look at each other and smirk
I get suspicious of this " gift"
Next thing I know where at entrance for the room of requirement " what are we doing here?" they open a space between them so I can walk in " there's no gift in here guys what is this-"
I turn back around and Fred is grabbing my face kissing me without hesitation I kiss back
Fred pulls back
" w- what's going on" I say
" I've been wanting to do that since 3rd year "
Fred says
George smirks "you both? Want to? Me?" I say they both nod
" only if you want to" George says
" how would I choose" I say " you don't have to" Fred says " like both of you would-" Fred interrupts " yes" George says a smirk grew on my face " that's a yes?" Fred says " yes"
George pulls out his wand and makes a table appear " why a table" i ask " it's more fun that way" they say together I sit down in the chair while both of them start taking there clothes off " don't be shy" Fred smirks
I started taking sliding down my skirt and Fred picks me his sit me on the table " you are so hot" he smashes his lips on mine
He feels lifts up my shirt and throws it across the room Fred moves his hand down my back to my bra and he takes it off
He throws it across room " move Fred" George says
I chuckle at them fighting over me " your beautiful" they both say
" they both start leaving kisses and hickeys around my neck and chest
George slides down my under wear
I can't believe I was about to lose my virginity to my best friends
He drops his boxers revealing his bulge
It's was bigger than I thought but also the perfect size he thrusts in inside me quickly causes me to scream loudly
He smirks. He picks up pace and the pain Turns into pleasure
And I begin moaning loudly
George bites his lips as he moans
He look back at Fred
I grab his hand
He leans down and kisses me
As I try not to moan in his mouth " bloody hell you hot" Fred says George speeds up the pace as I get louder and louder " fuck!" I yell out
He pushes his full length in me
" bloody hell" I yell out as I cum
I squeezed on to Fred's hand harder as I cum
I let go of Fred and George pulled out and came in my stomach
I sigh it drained me Fred takes his turn
He pushed his cock into me my body still wasn't over the first Orgasm " bloody hell" Fred says as he thrusts inside me
My nails were deep inside his back , he speeds up making me roll my eye to back of my head " you like that huh?" He asks I nod while moaning " omg fuck me" I moan
He turns Me over bends me over the table and inserts his cock inside me " omg!" I yell out
Fred pulls my hair back for grip
He pushes me further and further on to his length " faster" I say " no problem" he says
I slam my hands on the table " oh my fucking gosh" I yell as I cum he turns me over And shoves his cock in my mouth and cums inside my mouth
I swallow as he watches
I sit back down as I catch my breath
" happy birthday!" They say In unison
I smile
" best fucking gift ever"
They look at each other and smirk back at me

Happy birthday

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