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Hiraeth: (noun) A homesickness for a home you can't return to, or that never was. Bakugou is a pro hero now. Graduated from high school, working for a good agency, and serving justice where it's needed. He comes across a mysterious girl though, and he feels like he's seen her before. Bakugou tries his best to keep up with her, letting her string him along. Then he discovers her true identity. He's caught up between love and doing the right thing. Will his heart continue to fall for this girl, or will his head spin 360 and hurt her? DISCLAIMER: I do not own My Hero Academia or any of its characters. All credit respectfully goes to Kohei Horikoshi. A/N: This story is completely original. I have not copied or taken any ideas, characters or thoughts from somebody else. My work is not to be copied in any way, shape or form. Thank you.

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A/N: I already have set ages for this book, so I'm sorry if you're older or younger.

Bakugou's POV

"If you think that I would ever join your stupid villain league then you picked the wrong person," I spit at them. They looked at me dissaprovingly. "What about Y/N?" the blond girl I'm assuming is Toga asks the rest of them. "Perfect idea," Shigaraki responds with a snap of his fingers. The scaly lizard guy-Spinner I think-leaves for a bit.

He comes back with a bundle of fire-proof blankets. "She was asleep," Spinner says to the rest of them. I stay silent watching the League's actions, hoping to find an opportunity to escape. "Hand her here," the guy with patchwork says. "Awww, come on Dabi I wanna hold her," Toga complains. So patchwork is Dabi.

"You don't have the right quirk, bratt," he snarls at her. She pouts and Dabi uses his fire quirk on something in the bundle of blankets. It shoots up to the roof and stays there. The smoke in the room makes it impossible for me to see what 'she' is right away.

I look up at the ceiling once the smoke has cleared and spot a dragon-like creature. It slowly grows in size. "Y/N, don't grow too much," Kurogiri warns the creature. My eyes widen when she drops to the floor, shaking the room for a bit. The creature looks around the room and then stares me in the eyes. "So what do you think Y/N?" Shigaraki asks her. Her creature form starts to fade away as she reverts to her human form. She still has horns, fangs, and what looks to be a tail; like Ojiro.

This girl also looks to be around my age, and somewhat attractive at that. Shit, she's part of the villain league. I'm such an idiot, I shouldn't be falling for villains. "I think he looks a little restrained," she responds huskily. Mr. Compress snorts in the corner as does Spinner. "We already tried releasing him Y/N. It didn't turn out so well," Kurogiri warns the girl. She nods with a wave of her hand.

"What's your name, kid?" she queries. I scowl at her, she kinda seems like an airhead. "None of your business," I snark. She frowns at me. "Dude's gonna regret that," Dabi snickers. I'm confused for only a second before Y/N knees me in the stomach. I slump over as much as I can but she grabs my hair and gets close to my face with her's.

"When I ask questions, you give me the answer I want," she demands. "Or Iwill hurt you worse, in worse places," she suggests. Now that her face is closer, I see that she has the most unique e/c eyes I've ever seen. She also has some faded red scales on the sides of her face. "So unless you want to get kneed in those precious balls of your's, answer me. What is your name?" she demands slowly and I snap back to reality. I scowl at her again but that shit hurt like hell.

"Katsuki Bakugou," I groan at the lingering pain. "How old are you?" she asks. "Sixteen," I answer. "You're a year younger than me," she states and I look at her dumbfoundedly. It's only now that I realize she has an uncomfortable-looking collar on. Like a dangerous pet. Maybe she's forced to do all of this. "What's your quirk, and describe it," she demands again. "Explosion, I create a nitroglycerin-like sweat on my palms and I can explode stuff," I inform her. She nods only in the slightest way.

"I'm going back to my nap," she states with the wave of her hand. Nobody goes to stop her or say anything to prevent her from leaving. It's almost like she's the boss around here, but not exactly. Not with that collar. Maybe there's somebody else bigger, more important controlling her, just maybe. But that doesn't change the fact that she kneed me in the stomach.

I didn't realize that I had tensed up so I relax a bit knowing I'm not as threatened for now. "Let's leave him. We're done for today," Shigaraki says to the group and everybody gets up to leave. "What about-" Kurogiri tries asking Shigaraki. "I'm sure Y/N will be all over him tonight," he answers while giving me one last glance.

"If you hurt my pet, I won't hesitate to kill you," Shigaraki warns me. "Sure," I say with a scowl. They finally leave and I can try to figure out another escape plan. But maybe I could rest for a bit. I doze off in the unsafe place I'm being held.

Some time later~

I felt warmth against my skin. I wake up with a jolt at the realization that it's another person. I look down to see the so-called pet holding my shirt above the area she kneed. "Damn it, I knew I did it too hard," she curses to herself. "Hey! Hands off!" I shout at her now fully awake. She looks up at me innocently. She backs away holding her hands up. "Sorry," she apologizes.

I scoff at the audacity of this girl. "Bull shit. You fooking beat the crap out of my stomach earlier," I complain. The look she gives me is one full of sorrow, remorse, and sadness. "But, I really am sorry Bakugou," she tries again. Maybe my collar theory was right earlier. "Is it cuz of that thing around your neck?" I ask. She nods, "I can't talk about it or I'll get shocked, or worse," she tells me looking at the floor.

Now I know that I can finally sympathize for this girl. "Would you get out of here if you could?" I riskily ask her. She simply nods her head again. "Then let's-" she rushes to cover my mouth with her hands. She shakes her head vigorisly. "Don't, there's always somebody listening. The last person I planned to escape with was killed when I went to sleep. I also got severely punished. So please, don't," she whispers and pulls her hands away.

I frown at our situation. She slumps down in front of me and rests her hand against my torso. "Hey! What are ya-" she interrupts me, "Shhh, just for a little bit," she commands. I sigh angrily but don't seem to mind the contact. Maybe it's because she's a girl, maybe because she's currently trapped here like me, or because I'm just insane. Maybe it's all three.

"How long have ya been in the league?" I try asking a safer question. She pulls her head away, sitting back on her haunches. "As long as I can remember," she sighs. I try thinking of another question to keep her talking. "What's your quirk exactly?" I ask slightly confused. I don't know the full extent of her power, but maybe if I find some use for her in my escape we can get out of here together.

"Dragon, I can change into any dragon form I am knowledgeable about," she states. So different kinds of dragons, I don't know what that means entirely but it sounds pretty kick-ass. "Sounds like a pretty awesome quirk," I try to compliment her but it comes out more as an bland statement. She chuckles lightly at my failed attempt.

"Sounds like you suck at being compassionate," she suggests. I huff at her bullseye. "I'm sorry for waking you earlier, I just wanted to help the bruise I gave you," she shyly admits. I blush at her sudden kindness. "Wh-whatever, hurry up," I command like I'm in charge here. She smiles and returns to the first aid kit she brought with her. Just as she's about to lift my shirt Dabi walks in.

He looks at Y/N and where her hand is placed at the hem of my shirt. She whips her head back to the sound of the door slamming against the wall. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he asks sounding pissed off. I can't see the expression on her face but her body didn't tense up when he came in. "I'm taking care of my mess. We can't have a battered new edition now, can we?" she rhetorically asks.

"You could have asked me to help," he states, slowly walking closer towards us. "I can take of it on my own Dabi," she says now looking up at him hovering over her. "I know you can, but he's still a man," Dabi spits out. Does that mean they have a thing? Y/N and patchwork? The thought never crossed my mind. "And he's chained up. I'm strong too Dabi, I'm not a flower you can keep locked up in a case to last perfectly for all eternity," she growls.

She stands up in front of him, slowly towering over him. "If you're gonna start a fight, I'll end it real quick," he growls back while tapping the side of his neck. She looks a little stunned by his threat and shrinks back to a normal size; she still has at least a couple inches on Dabi. "Fine, take care of him. I'll stand right here and then we can go," she orders. It seems like Dabi's the one in control of Y/N's collar.

"Okay miss," he complies and proceeds to put a soothing lotion over my bruise. He's surprisingly gentle, nothing I expected. He puts a few bandages over the affected area and stands tall again. "There, I was even gentle with the thing," he chides to Y/N for her approval. She nods, continuing to revert to her normal height. "Fine, let's go then," she says while grabbing the first aid kit and putting it in a cupboard not too far away.

She returns to Dabi's side and he hooks his hand around her waist and kisses the skin on her neck above the collar. She jokingly pushes him away, completely ignoring me now. And I thought I ever had a chance with her. What the hell was I thinking?

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