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⚠️MATURE AND SEXUAL CONTENT, USE OF PROFANITY ASWELL 17+ ONLY⚠️ The guy who's known for shattering hearts, peaked an interest in you. Sooner or later his reputation for being a player will shift into being your loyal boyfriend!! The story is completed but I'm adding extra chapters😏 THE ART WORK IS NOT MINE, CREDIT TO THE AMAZING ARTISTS!

Romance / Humor
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This fanfic was originally written on what pad so I had added pictures so I wouldn’t have to describe things however since I can’t add pictures on this app I will do some explaining right now.

Your car is a black Dodge Charger.

Kuroo lives in a modern Japanese house

You Live in a traditional Japanese house

That’s it for now cause I don’t wanna spoil the rest of the fanfic.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the story.

If you want to read the fanfic with the pictures in it my Wattpad is VoidRai.

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