The Sharpshooter


"I refuse to apologize for being a bitch because no one has ever apologized to me for treating me like shit and bringing out the bitch in me ! So stop throwing my past in my face, I know what I did " In this story you're not the little friendly hero of America more of mean markswoman that don't really care about saving people. Recruited by the avengers, you were one of the best sharpshooters in the world and you were hired because of that. It was that or continue living as a hit woman with the risk of getting caught

Action / Adventure
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Hello everyone, This is a marvel fan fiction which means that all the characters already exist in the comics and movies however the personality is sometimes different and your character is my creation. I’m writing this story with a friend so thanks to her for helping me. Also sorry because I’m not an english native speaker so if there’s mistake I’m sorry. You should also know that this story has a few different love interest.

And now let’s get on with the story.

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