Game Night | G. Weasley


two years after the war, a fun tradition amongst the weasley children turns into something more for some when ronald brings a friend from work to their game night.

Erotica / Romance
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"Why does it have to be at our place?" Fred Weasley groaned, flopping down onto his couch with a sandwich in his hand.

"Your place is the biggest," Ginny informed in a bored tone.

"Yeah, and we always come here," Hermione added on from the kitchen table.

"But— but then we have to clean," Fred groaned, taking a bite into his sandwich.

"We always help," Ginny glared at him, standing up from her seat besides Harry at the kitchen table.

George continued to eat his sandwich in silence from his recliner, Ron was already making another one for himself, and Harry was peacefully eating across from Hermione at the table.

"You and Harry just got your own place, though," Fred explained, "Why don't we go there?"

"We've had game night at your flat every month! What's so different about this time?" Ginny raised her voice, slumping into the second recliner in the sitting room.

"Because Angelina is coming over on Sunday," George smirked, winking at Fred who was glaring at him from the couch.

"Johnson?" Ron piped up from the table as he took his seat back at the table, his new sandwich on his plate.

"You used to date her, right?" Harry asked, "Brought her to the Yule Ball, too?"

"That's the one," George snickered.

"I— we haven't seen her since school. She went into hiding when the war started up, and she's back in town, wanted to meet up with us." Fred explained, biting back his smile.

"So, Freddie invited her for brunch," George chuckled at his brothers blushing cheeks.

"Brunch?" Ron sniggered, "You?"

"I was nervous, okay?! It sort of just came out!" Fred huffed, rubbing his face exhaustedly. "The point is, I don't want the place a mess when she comes over."

"Why don't you invite her to game night?" Hermione suggested, "She can be your partner—"

"Woah!" George dropped his sandwich, "Then who would be my partner? We'd have odd numbers."

Ron raised an eyebrow at Harry, seemingly thinking the same thing. He swallowed before placing down half his sandwich, slapping his hands together to brush off the crumbs.

"I know someone," Ron muttered, clearing his throat so he sounded a bit more confident than he felt. Everyone turned to him, and he tried to suppress his blush. "Someone from work, she— they would probably love to come."

He looked at Hermione, hoping she didn't hear his slip up. Hermione and Ron weren't dating, but they knew they liked each other. Of course, they'd kissed, and maybe done a few other things. . . But neither had really declared their relationship official.

"Perfect! Bring him," George announced, waving it off to go into another conversation with Ginny.

"Actually—" Ron tried to explain how he was actually a she, but it seemed the topic was over.

He bit his lip nervously, looking at Harry who was thinking the same thing.
Tomorrow night should be fun.


Friday morning, Ron and Harry both met up at the Leaky Cauldron for their usual cup of tea before work, and from there they would walk to the Ministry.

After the war, both Ron and Harry had taken interest in Auror training, and from there they became amazing Aurors. Of course, Harry succeeded much easier than Ron, being the man who killed the Dark Lord, but Ron decided he couldn't live in Harrys shadow anymore.

He trained hard, and became a better Auror than Harry, the chosen one admitting it himself.

When they first joined the program one and half years back, a women was their instructor. She had been an Auror right out of school, and was four years on the job. She was assigned to train the newbies as her last bit of Auror initiation, seeing as she couldn't do it when she first started because of the war, and she met Harry and Ron.

They had become friends quickly, talking about their experiences at Hogwarts, and their shared love of the job.

"Why didn't you correct them that he was actually a woman yesterday?" Harry asked as they made their way to the Ministry worker entrance.

Ron sighed shamefully, "I don't know. . . They sort of just moved to another topic, and I didn't want Hermione to get mad."

Harry nodded, "Mm, I think she'll be more mad when you show up to the twins' flat with Del by your side instead of a guy."

Ron pressed his lips together, he hated when Harry was right.

After entering through the toilets, the boys made their way to the Auror Department, smiling kindly to the passing Ministry workers as they went.

Once they got to the wing, they entered the office room, pulling open the two large steel doors. Many desks lined the room, a wider gap in the center so you could walk down to the main offices without problems.

Once they got to the wall with the main offices, they went three doors to their left and knocked on their supervisors door. See, in the Auror department there were five supervisors, all in charge of a certain amount of Aurors— keeping their paper work in line, their spells in check, and even making sure they hadn't gone crazy, like some had before. . .

"Come in," a soft voice sounded through, and the boys gently opened the door. "Ah, Ron— Harry, here to check in for the day?"

Inside the room was a large desk in the center, four filing cabinets on each side, and many papers scattered everywhere along with a few boxes.

The women that sat behind the desk smiled warmly, her white teeth barely showing past her small pink lips. Her hair was a golden brown, lighter in the light, and it cascaded down her shoulders in loose waves. Her blue eyes were bright, and her beige skin glowed a light golden, making her freckles pop.

Delilah Onasis.

"Yes, Delilah," Harry smiled, taking his wand from his pocket and pressing it against the scanner on the wall. "Good morning, by the way."

Each Auror had to sign in and out when they arrive and when they leave, just to keep a log of when they came to work and when they didn't.

"Good morning to you, too," she smiled, standing up as Ron scanned his own wand.

"We also wanted to ask you a question, non work related," Ron added quickly, stuttering on his words around the women.

She nodded, coming to the front of her desk where she leaned against it, crossing her arms over her usual Ministry uniform. A sophisticated blazer, knee high skirt, and heels— all matching in color.

"It's a bit short notice," Ron fiddled with his wand as he talked, "But our friends have this game night every few weeks, and my brother doesn't have a partner this week. . . So I was hoping you could come by and sub in?" He met her blue eyes as she watched him with a blank face, "You can say no, of course!"

She broke out into a smile, "I'd love to go!" She exclaimed, pushing herself off of the desk to stand up straighter. "Seeing as our Auror group has weekends off. . . Why not take a break?"

She nodded her head approvingly to her own answer as she went back to her desk chair. "Perfect, thanks Del, seriously it means a lot." Harry nodded in agreement to Ron's statement.

"Yeah of course, it should be fun," she sat down and began shuffling through her papers. "Now get to work before I have to make you." She glared playfully, but the boys nodded immediately, scared of their supervisor.

Now, they had to just hope the group wouldn't be angry when they realize Del is a girl.

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