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Hexed || URBAN (CB)


"Wishin' that I was yo nigga." 🔮🖤 Imagine getting everything you wanted with the snap of your fingers. Even the girl of your dreams. 3 POV's Milo Luca Anais ~Entanglements~ DISCLAIMER~ do not not get thrown off by that first chapter!!! (the whole book takes place in 2020) *** COVER BY ME BTW Read to find out cause like I said...I ain't good at descriptions💀

Drama / Romance
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Salem, Massachusetts 1692

The rain came crashing down. The thunder roared throughout the entire village and the lightning seemed to crack every now and then. It was a quiet night in the Delavan home and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Milo Delavan sat by his fire place, reading a novel by his favorite author until it occurred to him, he had not heard a peep from his younger sister Madeline.

“Luca...have you seen our reckless excuse for a sister?” He chuckled, picking his nose up out of his book.

Luca looked up at his twin brother with an irked look on his face. “Why would I know where she is?” He spat, cracking his knuckles.

“Well than!” He exclaimed, hopping up from his chair. He ran up the stairs of their two story home.

“Madeline?” He called out. There was no answer. He slowly crept into her room. “Madeline?” He called again.

Once her door was open, he searched the room, scanning it with his eyes. To his surprise, no one was in the room. He had not seen her come down stairs either. He took one step into the room, only to find her bay window was cracked open. There were sheets tied together hanging out of her window. Milo realized she’d snuck out.

“Luca! Luca!” Milo cried, running down the stairs.

“What you imbecile?!” He huffed, meeting Milo at the end of the stairs.

“Madeline.” He panted. “She snuck out.”

“What?! She knows the family rule!” Luca exclaimed.

The family rules in the Delavan home were simple. You were not allowed to stay out past sun down. Witch trials were being taken place almost every day. The last thing the Delavan brothers needed was their sister being accused of witchcraft. If it weren’t for that wretched girl Abigail Williams, nobody would have to fear for their lives every waking moment of the day.

“Where are we going to look?” Luca asked, grabbing his coat.

“I- I don’t know, but we MUST stick together.” Milo emphasized, putting on his leather boots. “Let’s look near the forest first.”

Luca nodded his head.

Just as Milo opened the door, Madeline came bursting through it. She fell to the ground, getting up, trying to catch her breath.

“You impulsive ignoramus!” Luca bellowed. “Where were you?!”

“I could explain Luca!” Madeline pleaded.

“There is no explanation for your actions Madeline.” Milo sighed, taking off his coat. “You know the rules.”

“But I was out for a reason! I was working on something. Something important!” She cried.

“You put all of our lives in danger!” Luca yelled.

“Luca calm down, she’s home now.” Milo sighed, closing the door behind his careless sister.

“No! What could you have possibly been doing out there after dark?” Luca huffed.

“Well...I was in the forest.” Madeline admitted, uncovering her white bonnet and pushing her wet dirty blonde locks of hair out of her face.

“Doing what?!” Luca exclaimed.

“Trying to bring our parents back.” She cried.

“But your not strong enough!” Luca yelled, aggressively charging towards his sister.

“Luca stop!” Milo yelled. “She was just trying to-”

“Go to your room Madeline.” He huffed. Madeline walked upstairs to her room, holding her head down.

“What if someone saw her?” Luca asked.

“Let’s pray to God someone didn’t.” Milo replied.

“That’s not enough.” He sighed.

Not even 30 seconds went by before someone bursted through the door. Luca and Milo’s head turned immediately towards the front door of their house.

A tall white man stood in their doorway.

“There they are!” He yelled.

Several other men came into the house.

“Search them!” He exclaimed.

“Do you have the right my good sir?” Milo asked.

“I’ll have you know I am the town magistrate!” He bellowed.

The man pushed past both Milo and Luca scanning the area. The Delavan brothers were afraid of what would happen next.

“Where’s the girl?!” The magistrate exclaimed. His eyes were full of rage and sounded as if he were thirsty for the taste of blood.

“My sister has nothing your looking for!” Luca argued.

“Your sister was accused of being a witch! We have every right to search for her.” He gritted.

“She’s up here sir!” One of the men from downstairs called out. Soon after, he came down with Madeline in his hands, trying to break free.

“Let me go!” She cried. “Luca! Milo!”

“Let her go!” Luca growled.

“Listen you-” One of the men scowled at Luca before the magistrate cut him off.

“What is your name young child?” He asked. The room went silent. All you could hear were the crackles and pops of the fire being burned in the fireplace.

Madeline did not speak. Instead she hung her head low.

“Speak child!” He cried, shaking her up.

“I WILL NOT!” She screamed. Tears emerged from her eyes. You could see a true pain in her heart. She was only trying to do good but ended up getting penalized for it.

“MADELINE! HER NAME IS MADELINE!” Milo blurted out of fear.

“MILO!” she cried.

“Madeline sight the Ten Commandments.” The magistrate ordered.

There was a dead silence.

Madeline looked at her brothers for reassurance. Milo nodded his head while Luca gave her a threatening look.

She hung her head low then spoke very quietly.

“Thou shall not kill, Remember the sabbath day, thou shall not commit adultery, HONOR your father and mother...” She sniffled.

Luca scoffed, sucking his teeth.

“...Thou shall not steal, you shall not covet...” She spoke. Then there was some hesitation.

“Come on child, that is 6.” The magistrate huffed.

“I- I’m sorry I do not know the rest.” She admitted.

Everyone in the room gasped.

“You do not know the rest?!” The magistrate exclaimed.

“This proves she is a witch!” One of the town officials declared.

“She will be hung tomorrow evening!” The magistrate decided.

“What? No! You cannot!” Milo argued. “Accused by who?”

“Goody Putnam! And I can do whatever I please young man. You have no right to tell me what I can and cannot do. Especially being that you are a mixed breed mutt! Father a negro, Mother of European decent! It’s barbaric!” He raged, pushing Milo back.

As he was about to retaliate, Luca held his brother back.

“MILO! LUCA!” Madeline cried as she was being carried out of the house. The magistrate followed behind the village people, taking big important steps.

“Madeline!” Milo cried.

The two brothers ran outside watching their sister be loaded on to the copper. Two black horses were attached to it. There was also a seat where the magistrate would sit in to take Madeline to the prison. Thats where all of the accused girls were being held.

“I blame Abigail.” Luca muttered as he watched sister get taken away.

“I blame us. We should’ve told her she wasn’t strong enough.” Milo sighed, closing the door to their home. “First our parents and now our beloved sister...what has this God forsaken world come to?”

“I’m going to bed.” Luca mumbled, heading upstairs.

“Going to bed? We’re about to lose our dearest sister to execution. How could we go to bed?” Milo asked.

“Easy.” He shrugged, creeping up the wooden steps of their house.

Then Milo heard the door shut from upstairs. The house was now quiet and free of noise.

He couldn’t help but think to himself. His entire world as he knew it was crashing down on him. For so long he hoped this would not happen to the Delavan family. Not his family. But it did. The devil removed his parents from the world and tomorrow his little sister was next. She had not deserved it. She wasn’t even the slightest bit evil. A child of God. Or at least Milo considered her to be. She was always only trying to do what was right. This time it was costing her, her entire life.

the next night...
There had been a large crowd gathered at the prison for the executions. They were excited and eager to watch the accused necks break. They were ready to condemn them to hell. Especially the accusers.

The sky was clear and the stars were out, including a full moon. It was rare to find all of that in one night but for some reason tonight was the night.

Milo and Luca stood in the back of the crowd. They didn’t want to be seen. They were all black hooded, clothing so they couldn’t be found easily.

“I cannot watch this...” Milo gagged looking over at Luca.

“Be a man. It’s only a lynching. We’ve seen it before.” He yawned, waving him off.

“Only a- only a lynching?!” Milo exclaimed. “That is our sister up there! Have you no heart?”

Luca ignored Milo’s question turning back towards the platform.

One girl, Sarah Goode was up first. She begged and pleaded for her life as they tied the rope around her neck. Her loud cries echoed through the night and the woods. The trees ruffled through the wind and the crowd chanted with evil in their hearts, “Hang the girl, Make her dead, Kill that witch!” over and over again and again.

“I have known her.” Admitted Luca slyly.

“Meaning you have turned her into a whore?!” Exclaimed Milo.

Luca nodded his head with a smile.

“You are a sinner!” Hissed Milo.

“Aren’t we all?” Luca questioned, shrugging his shoulders.

All of a sudden, the crowd roared with excitement. When the brothers looked up, Sarah Goode had been struggling to breathe while hanging. Milo couldn’t watch although Luca had no problem watching. Death didn’t scare him. It fascinated him. He wasn’t afraid. He wasn’t afraid of anything.

“NEXT UP, MADELINE DELAVAN!” announced the magistrate.

“No!” Milo cried.

Once again, the crowd roared with excitement.

“Just let it be.” Luca mumbled.

“We have to do something!” Milo stressed.

“I don’t think we do.” Luca shrugged.

Before Milo could respond, the crowd roared even louder as they watched the rope get tied around Madeline. Her eyes teared up. You could tell she was trying to refrain herself from screaming and crying. She stepped up the platform, feet now over the edge.

The magistrate with an evil look in his eyes, stood behind her. He seemed happy to claim yet another innocent soul. Accusing them of being a ‘witch.’ Madeline closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. The crowd chanted that hauntingly disturbing chant. A dark cloud even started to form in the star filled sky creating thunder and lightning.

Then everything froze. Everything froze. No one moved, no one made a sound. The trees stopped rustling, the crowd stopped cheering but the thunder kept clapping.

Time was literally frozen. The only ones able to move were, Luca, Milo, and Madeline.

Moving through the crowd, Milo and Luca watched as their sisters eyes lit up green. A neon green that could be seen from miles away. The way she untied the rope around her neck without using her hands. Instead, it had looked like the rope was untying itself. With that, her body levitated into the air.

“You are no longer my brothers.” She screeched in a demonic tone that echoed throughout the entire village.

Rising above the entire town, she put her hands together. Now time was unfrozen and the crowd continued to chant, the trees continued to rustle and now rain started to pour viciously.

“LOOK UP!” Someone hollered in fear. They pointed to Madeline hovering over the crowd.

Madeline let out a scream so terrifying, no words could describe it. Then she shot up into the sky. There was now a rain storm so bad, it was like a hurricane. Lighting struck, hitting the ground and lighting it on fire.

“LETS GO!” Shouted Luca.

“BUT MADELINE!” Milo exclaimed.

“She doesn’t need us!” Luca hissed. “Hurry before they figure out who we really are!”

“I’m staying Luca!” Milo insisted.

“Your coming with me!” Luca shouted.

“N-” Milo retaliated before being cut off.

Luca chanted something in latin not wasting any time. With his hand, he levitated Milo up into the air and carried him through the woods, running for his life. Getting scratched my tree branches, falling over rocks, slipping into mud. But still he ran.

Eventually what was once a crowd of the towns people, was now a mob. An angry mob chasing after the Delevan warlocks. The towns actual ‘Witches.’

OKAY Y’ALL bare with me. 💀
I know that was hella different from how I usually write but trust me it gets better. 😭
But how was my first chapter? 🥺
Updating twice today if anyone is even reading this 🤷‍♀️

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