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Nekoma's Setters


COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY AU A story in which Y/N, Nekoma's Girls Volleyball team setter, needs extra volleyball practice with the boys' team since she missed out last season. Kenma x Fem!Reader Language Warning! Smut, fluff, angst! I DO NOT OWN HAIKYUU OR ITS CHARACTERS. I ONLY OWN THE OC's.

Romance / Drama
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“It doesn’t matter, just hurry up!”

Ritsuko, the captain of the girls’ volleyball team drags you down a long hallway. She’s made you put on some workout clothes despite not having any on herself.

“Where are we going? We don’t even have practice today!” you complain as you continue to get pulled by her.

“I don’t have practice today,” she teases, “but you do.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Ritsuko shushes you as she peers through a door. You hear loud voices coming from inside so you decide to take a peek.

You see a group of guys talking as they set up a volleyball net. Another few bring out carts of volleyballs.

“No way,” you whisper to your captain, “you can’t make me practice with them!”

“Move away!” Ritsuko gasps.

She pushes you away from the door and you stare at her confused as she catches her breath for a moment.

“I think someone saw me,” she says excitedly.

“Why are you so excited about that? Why are you making me practice with the guys’ team?!”

Ritsuko smiles and lets out some giggles before answering you.

“You need the extra practice on days we don’t have it since you didn’t play last season.”

“So?” you say as you try to get her sympathy, “They’re scary. Can’t I just play with the club team?”

“No!” she yells, “These guys are supposed to be really good and if you can’t give me a valid reason as to why you can’t go in there then I’m going to bring you in any way.”

You shift your gaze between her eyes, looking for an ounce of sympathy, but it’s all for nothing. Ritsuko peers back into the gym and grabs onto your arm so you can’t run away.

“No Ritsuko please,” you beg as she starts walking, “I’ll do anything but don’t make me do this.”

“Hey!” Ritsuko calls out to the guys as she walks into the gym, “Anybody seen your captain?”

You hide behind Ritsuko as she begins to embarrass you in front of the group. You peek past her and see a tall boy with messy, black hair approach your friend.

“I hate you so much right now,” you whisper.

“Oh shut it,” she says through her teeth.

Ritsuko pulls you out from behind her and pushes you towards the boy, keeping her hands on your arms as you stiffly stand in front of the stranger.

“This is Y/N and she’s our only setter on the girls’ team,” Ritsuko tells him, “however she needs extra training with you because she completely sucks ass.”

“Ritsu!” you squeak.

Your eyes shift as a shorter brown-haired boy laughs.

“Hey Lev looks like you’ve got a new friend,” he says as he elbows the tall silver-haired boy beside him.

“Well hi there,” the boy in front of you says, making you shift your attention back to him, “I’m Kuroo and I’ve got just the trainer for you.”

Kuroo turns around and begins looking for someone.

“Kenma! Stop playing on that damn thing and come over here for a second.”

You look over at the dichromatic-haired boy as he reluctantly gets up and walks over towards you.

Kuroo puts his arm around Kenma once he approaches, not letting him leave his side.

“This is Kenma,” Kuroo grins, “and he’s our setter. I’m sure the two of you will get along great.”

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