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"I Know When you Kill" - Bakushima-Bakugo x Yandere Kirishima


WARNING FOR GORE This is a soulmate au! Like Japan(and myself) uses, this book is in military time. There are 2 soulmate aus- -Soulmate au 1 - the number of people your soulmate killed is imprinted on your wrist. If it is zero it will say 0.(I think this is originally mine. It popped in my head one day and BOOM this story is made.) -Soulmate au 2 - Every night you receive a message about a random sentence your soulmate has said that day.(Just to move the story along) Bakugo and Kirishima are good friends. As time goes on, Kirishima falls in love. Maybe, just maybe, his love is to, what's the word? Possessive, obsessive, or maybe even insane. Time is important in some chapters. Make sure you remember the time so you won't get confused. This was on Wattpad but moved it because of gore.

Age Rating:

Ch. 1{How Kirishima Turned Yandere}

Word count: 842

Slightly edited

Narrator’s POV
Ever since the first day of school Kirishima liked Bakugo. Kirishima always thought he was manly. When Bakugo accepted their friendship, Kirishima was over joyed. As time progressed, he started to fall in love. Or maybe just deeper in love. He started thinking about him all the time. He started to stare at him. You may think that’s it, but no. He started sneaking into his dorm room to watch him sleep. He stole simple things that he just touched. He took as many pictures of him as he could. He drew him. He perfected his drawings of him. He hung all these things on his wall.

But that was not enough.

He needed more.

He was sick of seeing all these people look at Bakugo.

He started going crazy.

He wanted to kill.

But he never did. He couldn’t. Not yet. He was going to control himself until he couldn’t take it anymore.

As for Bakugo. Well, he didn’t notice anything. It was the same every day for him. Ok, maybe he did have a crush on Kiri, but he would never admit it. Heck, his ego is too big that he can’t even admit it to himself.

And plus, it’s not like most people care about crushes anymore. People are just waiting for their soulmates even tho half of the hints are useless. You see, the number of people your soulmate kills is on your wrist, and well, most people that kill don’t have a soulmate. So most of the time that number is a big fat 0. Well, most of the time. Some killers DO have soulmates... Terrifying their soulmate. They try to hide it. What will someone think if your soulmate killed someone?

Welp anyway, on to the story of how Kirishima fell for the love of his life, (while killing a few people on the way,) the story of how Kirishima turned yandere~.


Kirishima’s POV
My phone alarm goes off as I wake up. I stretch as I get up and put on my clothes. Before I leave my dorm, I look at my favorite picture of Bakugo. I touch the photographed cheek with my finger. Oh, I love this boy. I hope he’s my soulmate. All of the sentences said can be anybody tho, and most people haven’t killed someone. I sigh as I leave my dorm, making sure to lock it. I don’t want anyone seeing my.... ‘collection..’

I walk to the common room and see Bakugo about to leave.

“Wait up bro,” I shout as I run up to him.

“Tch,” he replies as always. I know he wants me to walk with him. I’m the only one he honors as a friend, but I swear, he’s going to honor me as so much more one day...

--------time skip to when they arrive at class-------

Kirishima’s POV
As we arrive at class Bakugo and I split ways and go off to are separate desks.

During class, I looked over at Bakugo and saw Midoriya looking at him. Grrr. He’s mine! Midoriya will pay.

After class, I started to walk over to Bakugo when Midoriya stopped me and said “Hey Kirishima I was wondering if I could.. ask you something..” I felt like punching him, but I didn’t. Let’s see what he wants...

“..sure” I responded. He then tilted his head signing for me to follow him, so I did. He took me to the roof where almost no one is. He sat down on a bench. “Ok, what do you need..”

“..Well.. I k-kinda have a c-crush... And I was h-hoping.. you could h-help me with it...”

Grrr I felt so angry. I could kill him right now, but I know I have to wait. Eijiro keep your cool now. You don’t want to mess this up....

“Ok, w-who is this... crush..”

“O-oh, well... K-Kacchan..”

Knew it. Well, Midyoria, just wait, your death day is soon.
(666 words)
“Well.. Midoriya.. Why are you asking me about this...”

“B-because.. You’re great friends with him...”

“Hmmm... ok”

“So, will you h-help me?”

“....... Sure...”

“Thank you so much, Kirishima!”

“No problem... Now I’m going to text you the address of his favorite place... Arrive there at 16:30. I will send him a little after that. I will be there and tell you the plan....”

“Ok, thanks so much!!”

I hummed in response. He then left for the cafeteria. I pulled out my phone and went to his contact.

I hit the edit button.

I edited his name, group, and photo.

Then I hit save.

Perfect. After that, I texted him the address. Then I went to the cafeteria to find my Bakugo.


Hope you enjoyed the first chapter! Please like and comment to show your support. I really like how this turned out. Thanks for reading.
~Suneater-kun out🐺

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