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"sometimes I remember things, but nothing to give me clues of my identity or to find facts to base assumptions on. bits and scraps that are never satisfying enough. ghosts of people that I can't remember the touch of. what I know is nothing, I know that I was surrounded by nothingness that meant everything to me. what I remember is nothing cause in my memories I see anything that meant nothing to me. am I then nothing for not remembering the somethings that made me someone and instead remembering the nothings that make me no one?" his annoyed expression wore off during the course of the conversation and instead his interest had returned again yet with pitiful gaze. "if your found memories pain you...would you like to forget?"

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"it doesn't make sense; the authorities know how they look, yet they're not found yet? And even though we've managed to remain unknown we're forced to work beneath the shadows? Bullshit!" the leader bellowed slamming his cup on the table.

it shattered immediately sending shards of glass and splashes of stale beer all over causing everyone in the room to shudder involuntarily.

a bead of sweat broke from your forehead, annoyed from his drunk behavior, and you glanced to the small television that the boss sat in front of.

the pictures had poor resolution since they were taken from security cameras, but their features were still distinct.

the serial killers that the boss envied because of their freedom and utter dominion in the underworld.

Hisoka, a man dressed like a clown with purple and red hair; with symbols on his face that couldn't be made out from the picture. Illumi, a man with long raven black hair and feminine features.

the two infamous criminals popped up on the news almost everyday making your own crimes seem petty, yet you couldn't help but feel a sense of affinity for them.

you couldn't imagine why the boss loathed them so much when all you wanted to do was meet them.

You wanted to know how they went about picking prey, how did they kill,their motives behind each kill-

An explosion sounded and you winced as you feel a burning on the side of your face. your mask that you all were forced to wear was now ripped at the side. The skin on your cheek was now raw, your right ear was ringing at an abnormal high pitch and your eyes widened when you realise what had happened.

he shot at me?

"oye, the hell are you looking at like that?' the boss called you out for gawking at the two during his tantrum, a trail of smoke leaving the pistol in his right hand.

through his mask you could see the challenging look in his beady dark eyes. just looking at him caused a vein in your forehead to threaten to pop.

your fingers spasmed as you felt the blood stream from your singed cheek, heart beating in your ears in unison with the high pitched squeak. the corners of your lip twitched upwards and the irony stream entered your mouth but thankfully the mask covers your expression.

crazed, completely.

I really do want to kill him
. the thought lingered as your thumb caressed the trigger of your own gun and you clenched your jaws.

what would I have to lose?

your gun raises and his brains paint the wall behind him in large chunks and splatters. he falls off of the chair limp, his authority reduced to nothing the moment he became a corpse.

outraged, fuming, livid from the betrayal, the other members in the room immediately turn to decorate your body with their guns pointed to your body.

you waited for the impact drawing in a slow deep breath.


blinking again to get rid of the haziness in your brain, you glanced up to the dirty look he still wore, everyone waiting to see how the strange underling would react.

you exhaled shakily and you moved your thumb away from the trigger, finally coming to terms with what was real and what wasn't.

I zoned out again.

"my bad"

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