Misplaced Malfoy


Leila Malfoy is a first-year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardly. She meets Ginny Weasley On the train and they instantly connect. Leila has always felt different in her family. She and her mother, Narcissa, are close and her brother Draco is very protective of her. Leila Struggles to figure out who she is, what she wants, and who she should be with. As a Malfoy, there are very high expectations, and to fall behind would mean great punishment. What will happen to Leila once her family finds out she had befriended a Weasley, and fallen for her brother? will she face the same fate as Draco and live the rest of her life as a death eater? will she help harry and his friends? will she turn back to her roots and join her father? This story follows what happens in the book except for some differences, for example: Fred doesn't die | George Weasley will be the main love interest in this fanfic |

Fantasy / Romance
sophia vera
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Year 1 - Chapter 1

Platform 9 and ¾ was bustling with people, families saying goodbye to the children. Owls were hooting in their cages while cats were hissing at each other. Mother after Mother placing sloppy Kisses on the children's cheeks.

Mum was saying her last goodbyes before I got on the train for my first year at Hogwarts. Draco had already gotten on the train, not wanting to be part of the spectacle mum was making.

"-And don't forget to write, make sure you have everything once you get to your dorm. Try to make some friends and-"

"Mum!" I say trying to get her off me so I can board the train. "I need to go, I'll write to you when I get the chance," I say, giving her one last kiss on the cheek before getting on the train.

I walked down the row of compartments until I found one that was empty near the end and took a seat. I took Felix, my snowshoe cat, out of his cage and placed him on my lap as the train started to move.

I was looking out the window, watching the mountains, rivers, and lakes pass by in a blur. The scenery was something that so many people talked about, but I have never seen something so beautiful. The sky was crystal clear blue without a cloud in sight. You could spot small villages and towns as we pass overhead. The sun was leaving a glow on the land that made everything look alive.

A knock on the compartment door shocked me back to reality. A short girl with red hair, brown eyes, and freckles on her nose stood at the door to my compartment.

"Hey, do you mind if I sit here? Everywhere else is full."

"Ya, sure"

She walked in and took the seat across from me. "I'm Ginny Weasley by the way" she smiled at me as she introduced herself.

"I'm Leila Malfoy. Is this your first year too?"

"Ya, I'm really nervous. My whole family is in Gryffindor" she paused " I have 4 older brothers already going to school and 2 other brothers that have already graduated"

"I have a brother that goes here too" this was good, the conversation felt natural and not awkward. Relief set in at the thought that I might have a friend already. "He's in Slytherin, my parents were also in Slytherin so I'll probably be put there"

We began chatting about what we thought of the school and annoying older brothers. She was funny and easy to get along with, it felt as though we had known each other our whole lives. We soon got changed into our uniforms as the train came to a halt.

"Hel'o my name iz Hagrid, Follower me"

A large bearded man walked up to the first years, he spoke in a very heavy accent as the first year all gathered and headed towards a lake.

The water looked magical in the moonlight, the stars reflected on its surface. Hagrid had put 4 students in each boat that slowly led us across the lake and towards the castle. I was in a boat with Ginny and two other girls. I think their names were Iris and Jasper.

"I've read stories about this lake, apparently there's a giant squid that lives in it," said Jasper, she was curvy with coco skin and curly hair, her dark brown eyes looked at the rest of us in the boat. "I'm Jasper Dara"

"I'm Ginny Weasley and this is Leila Malfoy, we already met on the train" she explained to the others as I waved. I'm thankful Ginny doesn't mind doing most of the talking, I was never one to like the spotlight, unlike my brother.

"I'm Iris Fern," said the blonde girl. I noticed then that she had two different colored eyes, her left eye was blue and the other eye was a greenish hazel color. She catches me staring and looks away. I think that I might have offended her by staring to so I say "I love your eyes" and she looks back at me with a smile on her face.

Within minutes the boat had crossed the river and we were being assured into the great hall. My jaw dropped when I looked around. The ceiling was covered with the night sky, shooting stars, comets, and constellations catching my focus.

The room was huge, most of the students were already here, they were split into 4 groups, houses. I corrected myself as I noticed their uniforms.

I locked eyes with Draco as he gave me a reassuring smile, basically telling me not to worry. I already knew the story about his sorting, he was put in Slytherin before the hat touched his head.

We now surround the head of the room, the students now facing the stuff table. A woman introduced herself as professor McGonagall, I could tell by the way the teachers listened to her that she was well respected.

"This is the sorting hat. I will call each of you one at a time and place it on your head. You will then get sorted into your house and go sit at your table" the students nodded along with what she was saying

My breathing began to pick up as I started to panic. What if I don't get into Slytherin? What if I don't get along with anyone there? I felt someone grab my hand and turned to see who snapped me out of my thoughts. Ginny was looking at me with a half-smile, which I quickly returned and gave her hand a squeeze. Before looking back at McGonagall who had already started to sort students. Ginny looked about as worried as I did. I hope we will stay friends, even if we get into different houses.

"Jasper Dara"

"Ravenclaw!" The hat roared as the Ravenclaw table clapped and welcomed her in.

I looked around to see that most of the students had already been sorted. Bloody hell! When did that happen?

"Iris Fren"

The hat took a minute before saying "Hufflepuff!" and then she walked away towards the table at the other end of the room.

"Ginny Weasley"

She looked back at me, slightly panicked. I gave her hand a squeeze and tried my best at a reassuring smile. She sat on the stool for a couple of seconds before the hat yelled "Gryffindor!" relief washed over her face as the Gryffindor table had burst into applause, a few other redheads standing up and giving her hugs, I'm assuming those are her brothers.

"Leila Malfoy"

Deep breaths, Leila. Don't let them see how weak you are.

I went to take a seat on the stool, my nails digging into the bottom to steady myself. I begin to hear the hat speaking in my head, "Interesting, Very Interesting." I gulped, feeling my Adam's apples bobbing up and down as I did so. "Ambitious no doubt, plenty of bravery, not a bad brain. I thrust to prove yourself to you family and yet a desire to be different" It paused only for a moment before yelling


My eyes widened and registered what just happened.

Shit Shit Shit.
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