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Eloise awoke quite early the next morning in her dorm, realizing after shivering a bit that she had pushed all of her blankets on the floor. Agnes was up as well, curled up reading a book. "Morning," Eloise said, rubbing her eyes. "Oh, good morning," Agnes responded in her thick Irish accent and a smile. "How long have you been up?" Eloise asked looking at her nearby clock. It was only 6:15. "A long time, I don't sleep really well when I'm not at home," Agnes informed Eloise.

"Oh," Eloise began. "I'm sure it'll get easier." Eloise swung her legs off of the bed, grabbing a pair of wire-rim glasses from her bedside table. She didn't wear her glasses all the time, it was only in the morning and when she got tired that her eyesight went a bit wonky. "Hogwarts will feel like home in no time. At least, that's what my dad said," exclaimed Eloise, slipping her feet into a pair of nearby slippers. Agnes smiled at Eloise and turned back to her book. "Well," said Eloise standing up from her bed and walking over to her dresser, pulling out clean robes. "I'll be heading to breakfast, care to join me?" Agnes shook her head and smiled awkwardly at Eloise.

"Alright well, I'll see you in a bit then." Eloise smiled back and headed to the showers.


Eloise stroked her hands through her hair, helping it dry after her shower, walking down the stairs to the Gryffindor common room. As she made her way down the stairs, she saw Dean, Seamus, and Neville sitting on the common room's couches. "Neville? Dean? What're you doing up so early?" Eloise asked walking over to the boys.

"Hey, I'm here too you know," Seamus piped up.

"We couldn't sleep," Dean started. "And we'd thought we'd wait for you before going to breakfast." Neville added, looking awkwardly down at his shoes. Eloise smiled at the boys. "Well, let's go then, I'm starving."


"Lets see," Eloise announced to the boys she was sitting next to, opening the folded slip of paper Professor McGonagall gave to everyone sitting at the Gryffindor table. Seamus was scarfing down a plate of scrambled eggs and sausages, Dean was taking a swig of orange juice from his goblet, and Neville was carefully cutting up a few blueberry pancakes.

" I've got Transfiguration at 9 o' clock, Potions at 10:45, Study Break and Lunch at around noon, Flying at 1:30, and finally History of Magic at 3:15." Eloise ended. The rest of the boys unfolded their papers too, unveiling their own schedules. "I think we've all got the same one," Dean said, looking up and down the paper. Neville nodded in agreement "Awesome!" Seamus exclaimed, high-fiving with Eloise as she took a bite of buttered toast.


"Welcome Miss Lupin," Professor McGonagall said, sitting at her desk at the front of the transfiguration classroom. Eloise smiled at the professor. "Mr. Thomas, Mr. Longbottom, Mr. Finnegan," The professor ended all in one breath as the boys walked in behind Eloise. "Take your seats," A few other students had already made their way into the classroom, though the four of them were certainly not late.

The students, walked farther into the classroom, making their way between the wide desks where two chairs sat at each. Eloise chose a spot towards the front of the classroom and set down a small stack of books on the desk. "Neville, come sit by me," Eloise offered, sitting down in one seat and patting the other next to her. Neville awkwardly smiled at her and sat down on the seat next to her she had been gesturing to. Dean and Seamus smiled at each other and took two other empty spots across from the pair.

"You excited?" Eloise asked Neville. "I think so," The boy started, turning to face her. "My gran says I need to do really good which I'm a bit worried about." Neville furrowed his eyebrows and looked down at the desk. "I'm sure you'll do well," Eloise encouraged, softly patting the boy's back and smiling at him.

"Quiet now children," Professor McGonagall started, standing up from her desk and walking around the side of it to the front of the classroom. Eloise turned her attention to her professor, readying a quill and ink next to her. "Today we'll be starting with some simple questionaires about transfiguration, just what you know already about the subject, no need to feel too worried about getting questions wrong. These will be used to introduce our first unit," McGonagall waved her wand at a nearby chalkboard, words appearing in rather neat cursive writing. "The Basics of Transfiguration. There shall be no need to talk." The professor finished, walking back to her desk to grab a pile of parchment, handing one piece of it to each student.

Eloise skimmed the paper that was handed to her, reading over the questions the students were told to answer. Neville did the same while pulling out a bottle of ink from his book bag, setting it next to himself.

As Eloise started writing in some of her answers, the sound of a glass bottle shattering startled her. As she looked up from her parchement, she saw Neville looking rather embarassed. "What happened?" She questioned. "I knocked over my ink," Neville responded, turning bright red in the face. Professor McGonagall quickly walked over to the desk, showing a disappointed look. The professor's eyes turned to the ground where the broken container of ink laid, the contents of it quickly pooling into a puddle. "What's happened here?" "I-I knocked over my-," Neville started to confess, looking up nervously at McGonagall. Professor McGonagall sighed deeply as she waved her wand at the floor and the glass and ink seemed to disappear. "Five points from Gryffindor Mr. Longbottom," She said, giving the boy a cold stare before walking back to her desk. Eloise turned to Neville who looked slightly teary eyed.

"Hey it's alright, you can just share mine." Eloise said, carefully setting her bottle of ink in between the two of them and sending Neville a kind smile. Neville awkwardly smiled back at her and turned to his paper. Eloise watched in awe as their professor seemed to morph into a cat that sat stoically on the desk.

The class was silent as all of the students wrote down their responses, a few coughs echoing through the room every once in a while and the scratching of quills on parchment were the only sounds until the sounds of running flooded into the room.

Eloise turned around to see Harry and Ron running into the transfiguration classroom, holding their books. Eloise couldn't believe how late they boys were.

"Whew, we made it," Ron said quietly. " Can you imagine the look on McGonagall's face if we were late?" The cat that had been sitting on Professor McGonagall's desk hopped off, the cat transforming into their professor in the blink of an eye. Ron and Harry's jaws opened, leaving them quite speechless.

"That was bloody brilliant,"

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