moony's daughter | a neville longbottom fanfiction


Soon enough, it was time for their first flying lesson. Eloise was a bit nervous but couldn't wait to learn how to ride a broomstick. It was a rather lovely day out which showed itself through the bright green color of the grass.

As the students made their way to where they would be learning how to fly, the flying professor Madam Hooch instructed them to stand next to a broomstick before going off to find some gloves. Eloise, Neville, Dean, and Seamus all stood next to each other.

Eventually, Madam Hooch made her way back to the field, slipping on a pair of gloves.

"Good afternoon class," She exclaimed.

"Good afternoon Madam Hooch," The students responded as their teacher made her way to the front of the group. Eloise quickly noticed their professor's bright yellow eyes, smiling at the woman's bold appearance.

"Welcome to your first flying lesson," The woman said, looking around at the first years. " Well, what are you waiting for? Everyone stand up to the left side of your broomstick."

Eloise stood next to her broomstick, looking down at it. She was quite excited to learn how to fly. Eloise had asked Remus to teach her at home many times but he had always rejected her pleads. Her father was always quite a worrier which she understood but sometimes she wished that he would just let loose a bit more like she loved to do.

"Stick your right hand over your broom and say "Up!"' Madam Hooch instructed the students. The students did so, their voices all combining into multiple loud "Up!"s.

Surprisingly, Harry's broomstick quickly flew to his right hand, catching the attention of many of the students, Eloise included. Hermione looked rather disappointed that she hadn't been the first one to get their broom up. Eloise continued her efforts to tell her broom to raise to her hand though it only levitated maybe a couple of inches off of the ground. Many other students were struggling as well, and Ron seemed to be getting a bit agitated.

"With feeling!" Madam Hooch exclaimed, trying to help her students the best she could.

Now, most students had brought their broomsticks to their hands, Eloise included. She felt a wave of excitement wash over her as her broom shot up into her right hand and she smiled widely. Ron's broom came up but instead of flying into his hand, it smacked him straight on the nose causing Eloise to snort-laugh and many other students to giggle a small bit at the boy when he exclaimed "Shut up Harry," blushing a bit as he rubbed his nose.

Once everyone had gotten their broomstick up, Madam Hooch instructed the students to mount their brooms and hold onto them tightly. "When I blow my whistle, I want each of you to kick off from the ground hard, keep your brooms steady, hover for a moment, then lean forward slightly, and touch back down." Their professor said pacing between the students. "On my whistle, three two," A high pitched whistle came from Madam Hooch before Neville suddenly levitated off of the ground. Eloise looked up at Neville who was levitating awkwardly above her head, questioning how the boy had got himself into this situation.

"Mr- Mr. Longbottom," Madam Hooch said demandingly, as Neville started to panic. "Neville, what're you doing?" Eloise exclaimed, holding out a hand, trying to pull the boy down by his robes to no avail. Madam Hooch stuttered a few times before Neville got even higher in the air and started flying. Eloise started to panic as she watched her friend fly around seemingly with no control of his broom. "Come back down here this instant!" Madam Hooch yelled at the boy. "Ma'am with all due respect," Eloise began. "I don't think he knows how to get back down."

Eloise winced as Neville's broom flew him in awkward ways, causing him to almost fall off of it many times. Suddenly, flying didn't seem so fun anymore.

Neville's broom flew him into a wall before making him almost fly into the crowd of students that stood staring worriedly at him. Luckily, Madam Hooch pushed all of the students out of the way of Neville before dramatically diving herself from being hit by the boy. Neville's broom flew him haphazardly around the training grounds before snagging his robe on a statue. Eloise gasped as she saw the boy hanging by the back of his robe that seemed to be ripping. All of the students and Madam Hooch crowded around under where Neville hung, screaming for help.

"Somebody do something!" Eloise exclaimed, hating to see one of her friends in pain. Suddenly, before Madam Hooch could get Neville down, his robe tore, causing him to fall a great height and land hard on the ground. Eloise immediately dropped her broom and ran to the boy's side, asking him repetitively if he was alright and trying to soothe the boy as he laid on the ground in pain.

"Everyone out of the way!" Madam Hooch exclaimed, pushing through the crowd of students that watched Neville lay on the ground with Eloise by his side. Their professor gently nudged Eloise out of the way and picking Neville up from the ground. "Oh, that's a broken wrist," She said as Neville winced in pain. "Tsk tsk tsk,"

"C'mon now, up you go,"

"Everyone's to keep their feet firmly on the ground while I take Mr. Longbottom to the hospital wing understand?" Madam Hooch informed the students while slowly walking away with Neville. Eloise stood up from where she was kneeling on the ground, wiping off some grass from her knees. "If I see a single broom in the air, the one riding it will find themselves out of Hogwarts before they can say Quidditch,"

Eloise was going to ask if she could come with them to the hospital wing but she decided against it as they walked farther away from the rest of the students and she saw Draco holding something in his hand, Neville's remembral. Eloise reached out to grab it before Draco gave her a rude stare and pulled his hand back. "Did you see his face? Maybe if the fat lug would've given this a squeeze he would've remembered to fall on his fat arse." Draco mocked, turning to face the Slytherins. Eloise was absolutely fuming at Draco's comments and the other Slytherins laughs and began to speak up against them when Harry demanded, " Give it here Malfoy," Sticking a hand out and sending a cold stare the boy's way. Draco turned to face Harry with a maddening look. "Listen, just give it back, please? We don't have to fight right now," Eloise commented, trying to calm down the situation and holding her hand back out to grab the remembral. "No, I think I'll leave it somewhere for Longbottom to find," Draco said, sending a mean stare to Eloise before straddling his broomstick. "How about on the roof?" Draco taunted while flying away. Eloise contorted her face into a frown as Draco flew higher and higher into the air. "What's the matter, Potter? Lupin? A bit beyond your reach?" Eloise desperately wanted to fly after Draco and snag the remembral back but her conscience wouldn't let her break the teacher's rules. Harry looked up at Draco as he mounted his broom.

"Harry, no way, you heard what Madam Hooch said," Hermione exclaimed. " Besides, you don't even know how to fly!" Hermione finished as Harry flew after Malfoy.

"What an idiot,"

Harry flew up to meet where Draco was waiting, throwing the remembral from hand to hand. "Give it here Malfoy or I'll knock you off your broom!" Eloise heard Harry demand. Harry flew towards Draco, missing him nearly as he flew out of the way dodging him. "Have it your way then." Draco threw the remembral out in front of him. Eloise tried to follow the object, trying not to lose focus on where it was going so she could catch it when it inevitably was to fall. Before the remembral could fall much farther, Harry swooped in and grabbed it. Eloise let out a sigh of relief as she saw Harry smile and bring himself back down to the ground. The other Gryffindor students cheered as Harry finally set his feet back down on the ground. Harry smiled at Eloise before handing her the remembral. Eloise gave Harry a smile and a quick side hug before Professor McGonagall's voice called Harry's name, making him turn around quickly, looking rather embarrassed.


After Harry was called away by Professor McGonagall, Eloise had set Neville's remembral in the pocket of her robes so no one could take it without her knowing. The walk to the Gryffindor's last class, History of Magic, was quite heated as Eloise kept ranting about Draco.

"What the bloody hell is his problem? Body-shaming somebody and then trying to steal something of theirs?" Eloise ranted to Dean and Seamus who walked quickly next to her trying to keep up with the fast pace that she was walking herself.

"It's absolute rubbish! The next time he does something like that I ought to break his nose." Eloise finished. Seamus sent Eloise a cheeky smile. "So, is he your boyfriend now?" He asked, nudging her shoulder. Eloise blinked blankly a few times at the boy before she stopped walking. "What? No! You'd do the same!" Eloise said before walking even faster this time, practically running down the hallways. Dean chuckled and ran after Eloise. " I dunno Lupin, I'd bet five sickles you and Neville get together at some point." Eloise sighed as the trio got closer to the History of Magic classroom. "This is ridiculous, we're only in our first year we shouldn't even be talking about these things yet." Eloise strode into the classroom, taking a seat at one of the empty desks. "It's on then," Dean said, sliding into the seat next to Eloise.


As History of Magic class went on, Eloise seemed to be getting even less and less focused as time droned on. It felt like this class was taking ages and she couldn't focus for the life of her. She was too busy worrying about Neville in the hospital wing to talk about the ancient history of how wands came to be made and produced. Dean seemed to feel the same way as Eloise would sometimes nudge him awake, holding his head in his hands. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore.

"Professor Binns?" Eloise asked, raising her hand politely, interuppting her professor's lecture. "Yes Miss Lupin?" Professor Binns responded, his ghostly figure floating over to stand (or levitate) next to her. "May I go to the bathroom?" She said putting her hand down. "I suppose so, don't be too long," Professor Binns answered with a sigh before going back to his lecture. Eloise grabbed her bookbag before quickly walking out of the classroom and looking down both sides of the hallway and scurrying down the hallway towards the direction of the hospital wing. Eloise slowed her pace as she neared the door before knocking politley and entering the wing. The nurse, Madam Pomfrey quickly walked over to the door to see Eloise standing there with a shy smile on her face.

"Hello ma'am, I'm Eloise Lupin." Eloise said offering Madam Pomfrey a hand. The woman cautiously looked at the girl before shaking her hand back. "Miss Lupin, what do you need dear? I've got students to attend to," "Ehm, is Neville Longbottom here?" Eloise asked, feeling around in her robe pocket to find the remembral. "He is, what do you need from him?" "Well, he's lost this," Eloise said, holding up the remembral. "And I wanted to give it back."

Madam Pomfrey looked the girl up and down before nodding and ushering her to where Eloise saw Neville sitting up, a nervous look across his face. "Don't take too long now, I wouldn't want you missing too much of your class." Eloise smiled and nodded politely before walking over to Neville's bedside. "Hey," Eloise said quietly, taking a seat at a little stool that was next to a nightstand. Neville smiled sheepishly at her.

"I, em, I brought you this," Eloise said holding up the remembral. "You know that boy Malfoy? The bloody idiot tried to hide it but Harry snagged it from him before it could've gotten lost." Elosie sat the remembral in Neville's open hand, smiling awkwardly at him. "T-thanks," Neville muttered. "You alright? That looked like quite a nasty fall," Eloise commented, looking down at Neville's wrist that had a cast around it. "Yeah, I-I'm fine, well I-I mean it hurts but, Madam Pomfrey says it should heal up in no time." Neville responded quietly, gripping the remembral in his hand. "I almost beat up that stupid bloke I tell you," Eloise chuckled. " The stuff he said about you, I just, ugh, he's horrible." Eloise leaned her head in her hands, setting her elbows on her knees.

Neville frowned and looked down at the remembral in his hand. "I mean it could be worse right? Only a broken wrist that is, you could've broken a couple ribs or a leg but you didn't," Eloise said. "You're quite strong aren't you? Falling from that height could've seriously broken more than just a wrist." Eloise smiled, trying to lighten the mood. "I dunno about that, I mean look at me," Neville said, frowning again and looking at Eloise. "But, of course you are! Neville, I really haven't known you for that long but what I do know is that you are a very strong person. I doubt Malfoy could've looked any better if it'd been him. I mean he looks like he weighs about 3 pounds, his bones would've just disintigrated falling from such a height like that," Eloise laughed, picking her head up from her hands. Neville giggled, before looking down back at his wrist.

"Well, I ought to be heading back to class, Professor Binns will be getting a bit suspisious that I've been in the bathroom for a good ten minutes." Eloise said, standing up and flinging her bookbag on her shoulder. "Feel better," Eloise told Neville, patting his shoulder and smiling at him before walking back to History of Magic.

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