moony's daughter | a neville longbottom fanfiction


As they entered December, the small flurries of snow that they had gotten in November turned into bigger snowstorms and the snow got deeper. Classes also got a bit more difficult as professors started assigning end of the quarter exams. Eloise had never seen Hermione more in her element than when she was studying. Eloise had started getting a bit more stressed but she successfully completed everything correctly and on time. Herbology and Astronomy quickly seemed to be becoming her strong suit along with Potions even though Professor Snape really didn't seem to like her for a reason she had yet to figure out. When she was in Potions, she paid very well attention to the lessons and carefully produced her potions but still, it seemed almost as if nothing could please Snape. A lot of Eloise's spare time when she wasn't studying was spent hanging out with Dean, Seamus, and Neville. The four first-years would make snowmen and have snowball fights usually, Neville and Eloise against Dean and Seamus.

Eloise was ducking behind a large pile of snow when something rough hit the back of her head. "Ouch!" She squealed standing up from behind the snow. "Seamus!" Eloise exclaimed, picking up a small lump of snow which she quickly molded into a ball. "Please! Have mercy! I'm sorry!" Seamus pleaded, dramatically falling to his knees. "Seamus! Don't back down man! We can't give up yet! We're getting slaughtered out here!" Dean commanded, throwing a snowball at Neville's arm, nearly missing him.

"I shall show no mercy, my boy!" Eloise proposed, throwing the snowball with a strong arm at Seamus' forehead though he wasn't able to dodge it in time. "Ahh! I'm wounded!" Seamus testified, dramatically falling to the ground. "Go on without me!" Seamus reached out a hand to Dean who stood over him laughing before the boy pretending to play dead. "Wow, you could be a fantastic beater with that arm!" Neville commented. Eloise giggled a thank you as she turned to Neville who was packing together a rather large snowball.

"Throw it, we've almost won!" Eloise muttered to Neville. "I-I don't want to hurt him though," "Go on Neville! It won't hurt it's just snow!" Eloise responded while laughing, brushing some snow off of her maroon beanie. "I-I can't though, what if he gets hurt?" Neville insisted, holding the snowball in his hands. Another snowball flew past Eloise's head, narrowly missing her. "You can do this Nev! Just be brave!" Eloise reassured Neville with a bright look in her eyes. A small smile appeared on the boy's face before he threw the snowball at an unsuspecting Dean.

"Yes! We've won! We did it!" Eloise exclaimed, running out from behind the snow pile, giving Seamus a hand so he could get up from the ground. "Not so fast!" Seamus said, pulling Eloise down onto the ground instead of getting up. Eloise hit the plush snow on her back with a laugh. "Eloise!" Neville began walking over to where the girl laid on the ground. "You alright?" "Yeah, just a bit cold," Eloise replied, pushing herself up from the ground with her elbows. "You know I'm going to get you back for that right?" Eloise asked, standing up finally and brushing off her clothes.

"Yeah but I'll be prepared next time," Seamus bragged. "Well let's go inside, I'm freezing," Dean mentioned walking towards the entrance to the great hall. Neville nodded in agreement as Seamus followed behind Dean.

As the boys started walking inside, Eloise stayed back. Neville realized that Eloise wasn't walking next to him and looked back to where the snowball war had taken place. She made a shushing motion with her knitted gloves as she revealed a small pile of now in her other hand. Eloise bit her lip as she ran up behind Seamus and stuck the snow down his jacket.

"Lupin!" Seamus exclaimed, arching his back while trying to shake the snow out of his clothes. Eloise couldn't stop giggling as did Neville. "You should've never turned your back on her Seamus, you know better than that!" Dean lectured, grabbing a mug of hot chocolate that sat on the Gryffindor table in the great hall.


Eloise was packing one of her trunks in her dorm, getting ready to head to the great hall for breakfast and then to the train station where some of the students would take the Hogwarts Express home for the holidays. Lavender, Pavarti, and Hermione had already left the dorm and it was only Agnes and Eloise in the girl's dorm. Light snow fell outside of the dorm, creating a light blanket over the entire school.

"So," Eloise started, setting a pair of shoes in her trunk. "What're your plans for the holidays?" Eloise looked up from her trunk to see Agnes closing her own trunk and setting it on the ground. "Well, mum and dad usually invite my grandparents over on Christmas Eve and we have this whole, big feast, and then my siblings and I all open presents the next morning," Agnes replied, smiling at Eloise who sent a friendly smile back to her. "Sounds fun!" "Yes, I quite enjoy it," Agnes grinned, grabbing her trunk and making her way to the door. Agnes wrapped her Gryffindor scarf and gently brushed through her hair with her fingers. "Merry Christmas,"

Eloise nodded and smiled at Agnes as the girl made her way down the stairs of the Gryffindor tower. Eloise hummed to herself and continued to pack when she heard someone wail and then heard a loud crash at the bottom of the stairs. Eloise rushed to the dorm room door, thinking that maybe Agnes had fallen. Eloise quickly descended upon the stairs but instead of seeing Agnes, she saw Neville laying on the ground in the common room.

"Nev?" Eloise questioned, finishing her descent on the stairs and rushing over to his side. "You alright?" Neville pushed himself up by his elbows, groaning as Eloise helped him stand up. "Yeah, I think, I don't really know what just happened," "How'd you fall?" Eloise asked, brushing off some dust from Neville's clothes. "Well, all I know is that I tried to come up the stairs to find you, and all of a sudden I was on the ground down here."

Eloise chuckled to herself before Neville shot her a sad glance. "Oh, no no no, don't take that the wrong way. The stairs turn into a slide if a boy tries to climb them. Quiet a clever bit of magic I think." Neville's face returned to its normal state as he picked up his trunk that was laid askew on the common room floor. "Ready to go? Seamus and Dean have already left for breakfast." Neville asked turning to Eloise. "Yeah, just a second. I've left my things up in the dorm," said Eloise, running back up the stairs.

As she made her way into the room, she saw Josephine sitting on her dresser. "Come're Joey, we've got to get going," Eloise picked up her trunk and slipped on a pair of boots as her toad hopped onto her shoulder. Eloise scratched the toad's head with a finger as Josephine croaked happily. Eloise threw her coat on her shoulder as she rushed down the stairs to see Neville sitting in an armchair playing with Trevor.

"Look at that Joey, it's your boyfriend!" Eloise joked as Josephine hopped off of her own shoulder and onto the top of Neville's head. Neville looked questioningly at the girl. "Boyfriend?" "Well of course! I figured since they hang out a ton, I mean come on, there's got to be some kind of chemistry there." Eloise remarked, picking up Josephine from Neville's head and setting the toad on her own head. "I-I mean I guess," Neville replied, standing up from the armchair and grabbing his trunk. "Come on now, I'd like to scarf down some food before we're late for the train," Eloise exclaimed, patting Neville's shoulder as she made her way out of the common room


"So," said Eloise walking down the moving staircase outside of the Gryffindor common room, Neville walking quickly behind her, carrying his trunk behind him. "What do you usually do for Christmas?" "O-oh, em," Neville went silent as the children descended the stairs. "Everything alright?" Eloise questioned, turning around and looking at Neville. She stopped walking as they entered one of the corridors. He had a solemn look on his face, looking at Eloise. "I'll, em, I'll tell you later, m-maybe," Neville continued, walking ahead of Eloise. Eloise furrowed her eyebrows as she watched Neville speed-walk into the great hall.

Eloise walked quickly into the great hall, catching up to Neville who was taking a seat at the Gryffindor table next to George and Dean. Seamus was sitting across from them next to Pavarti who was neatly cutting up a stack of french toast. Eloise set her trunk under her seat as she sat next to George who was helping himself to a bowl of cereal. "You alright Lupin?" George asked, looking down at her as she pulled a bright green apple from the fruit bowl in front of them. "I could be better, Neville seems a bit off," Eloise took a bite of the green apple as George turned to his left where Neville sat next to Dean. He wasn't eating anything, he was just sitting there with a sad look on his face. "Yeah," George observed, a concerned look flashing on his face before turning to Eloise who was piling a couple of sausages onto her plate along with scrambled eggs. "What'd you do to him?" teased George.

Eloise slapped his arm as she set the fork she was holding back down on the table. "I didn't do anything you git!" Eloise declared in a hushed voice. George giggled at her. "I know, I know, I'm just trying to lighten the tension!" "Well, it didn't work." Eloise huffed, taking a bite of her eggs. "Sorry El," George began, setting a hand on her shoulder. "I'm sure he'll be alright though, try to cheer him up on the train," Eloise's mouth turned up into a small smirk. "I'll try," George nodded his head and smiled as he took a bite of cereal.

"Hey, what're you doing for the holidays?" Eloise asked George, sinking her teeth into the apple. "Well, on any other regular year, we'd be headed home but our mum, dad, and little sister are off visiting our brother Bill in Egypt." "Cool!" Eloise replied. She had never been anywhere other than her own home and now, Hogwarts. "How many brothers do you have anyway?" Eloise questioned, looking down at the table at Fred, Ron, and Percy. From her interactions with them, Eloise finally learned how to tell the difference between George and Fred. George had a somewhat larger nose than Fred and Fred was a bit more outgoing than George.

"For starters, Bill's the oldest, he's two years older than Charlie who graduated from Hogwarts last year, Charlie is two years older than Percy, Percy is two years older than Fred and I, we're two years older than fickle Ronniekins over there, and Ron is a year older than Ginny," George told Eloise.



"E'rybody on the train, we've not got much time for your dilly-dallyin'! C'mon!" Hagrid's booming voice announced to the students crowded along the platform. Everyone was bundled up in their scarves and robes, some students who brought cats even had little hats on. Eloise looked around the crowd for Neville, Dean, and Seamus who had left the great hall before she could finish her breakfast and chase after them. Eloise couldn't help but feel like Neville was avoiding her but she couldn't figure out why. Finally, she spotted Dean's tall frame from behind a crowd of third-year Hufflepuff students that were shuffling towards the doors of the train. Eloise tucked Josephine a bit deeper into her maroon and gold scarf that was wrapped around her neck, keeping the toad cozy before hurrying off to the group of boys.

"Hey!" Eloise shouted as she swerved through the crowd, trying not to bump into anyone. Seamus turned to look at where the shouting was coming from, seeing Eloise squeeze between a couple of Slytherins who glared at her as she gently nudged one of them to finally get to the group of boys.

Seamus nudged Neville who was looking down at his shoes, getting his attention. Eloise smiled as she skipped up to the boys. "I thought I'd lost you," Eloise said, setting an elbow on top of Seamus' head. He pushed it off as Dean chuckled at her. Eloise certainly wasn't tall by any means but she was about four inches taller than Seamus was, sitting at about 4 feet and 7 inches. Dean was around 4'10 whilst Neville was 4'9.

Neville awkwardly smiled at Eloise as they were called to enter the train by Professor McGonagall. Josephine croaked as Eloise stepped foot onto the train, hopping out from under the scarf and hopping her way down the walkway between the compartments. "No! Joey!" Eloise remarked as she chased after the toad, apologizing profusely as she pushed and shoved some students who were making their way down the walkway.

When Eloise finally caught up to Joey who was hopping merrily down the train, she pushed into one of the students so hard that they almost fell over. "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry," said Eloise, holding Josephine in her hand securely. "What the bloody hell is your problem?" The student said. Some color faded from Eloise's face as she looked up to see Draco Malfoy staring at her with a rude look. "I-I'm so sorry," Eloise apologized again, trying to avoid eye contact. " You've got some nerve, pushing me like that," Draco snarled, cocking his eyebrows at her. Eloise seemed to feel herself get smaller as Draco moved closer to her. "I didn't mean to, really I-"

"H-hey!" Eloise heard Neville say from behind a couple of students that made their way into a compartment. "Don't touch her," Neville declared, walking over to the two first years. "Ah, Longbottom again?" Draco inquired. Neville nervously looked back between Eloise and the Slytherin. "Come to get your girlfriend?" Draco taunted, pushing Eloise towards Neville making her let out a small yelp as she caught herself on a railing that sat along the windows that peered out of the train. Draco smirked at Neville and Eloise as he walked into a compartment where two other Slytherin boys sat, one was rather large while the other was quite tall.

"A-are you alright?" Neville asked as Eloise pulled herself up. "Yeah, I'm fine," She responded, a bit of an angry look on her face. "He has no right talking to you like that," said Neville, taking Josephine from Eloise's hand and holding her gently. Eloise gave Nevillea small smile before rubbing the side of her face with her palm. "Dean and Seamus have already gotten us a spot," Neville mentioned, taking Eloise's hand and leading her to the boy's compartment. Eloise felt her face blush a little bit as she wriggled her hand out of Neville's taking a seat next to the window.
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