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The Hogwarts Express pulled into Platform Nine and Three-Quarters with a screech. Eloise smiled brightly as she looked out the window to see her father standing outside on the platform, leaning on a cane. Dean and Seamus stood up from their seats, walking over to the compartment door. "Have a good Christmas Eloise!" Dean exclaimed, smiling back at the girl. Eloise waved at Dean and Seamus as they exited the train.

Neville sat in his seat, looking down at the floor with a disappointed look on his face. Eloise turned around to grab Josephine from her seat to see Neville sulking. "Neville, are you alright?" Eloise asked the boy who didn't take his attention away from the floor. Eloise gently sat next to Neville. "Nev?" Eloise tapped his shoulder. He still didn't budge. "Neville, what's wrong?" questioned Eloise. "We've ought to get going, our parents will be waiting for us."

Eloise's mention of parents seemed to strike a chord with Neville making him bring his attention from the floor to Eloise who sat next to him. His eyes seemed to fill with tears as he looked at the girl who gave him an empathetic look. "What's wrong Nev? Please tell me," Eloise requested, setting a hand on his back. "U-uhm, it's nothing," Neville said wiping his eyes quickly and standing up, Trevor hopping into his coat pocket. "It can't be nothing, you've acted like this all morning," "I-I can't tell you," Neville confessed, making his way to the door. Most of the other students had made their way out of the train by now, only a few students were still inside the train. Eloise stayed seated as Neville muttered a small "Merry Christmas," and walked out of the door. Eloise frowned and took another look outside of the train, Remus stood leaning with his cane against a barrier on the platform.

Eloise took a deep breath before standing up to walk out of the compartment. "Come on Joey, dad will want to see you," Eloise told the toad sitting in her hands. Josephine happily croaked at the girl as she made her way out of the train. As Eloise walked out of the train, she witnessed all of the students who came home for the holidays hugging their parents and siblings. Eloise smiled as she looked around for her father, spotting him and running towards him. "Hello, darling!" Remus exclaimed, wrapping Eloise in a warm hug. "How are you?" "I'm alright," Eloise responded releasing her arms from around her father's torso. "Rough night I'm guessing?" Eloise mentioned, gesturing to the cane that leaned against the platform barrier. Nights of the full moon were rough, even if Remus took his potion. Remus would urge Eloise to stay in her room on these nights because even though he wouldn't turn, he would still be in pain. He would never want her to see him in pain or hurt. "Sadly, yes. My legs almost gave out from under me this morning I'm afraid," Remus responded, giving Eloise a shy smile.

Eloise frowned as she went to retrieve her trunk from the luggage car. Sometimes, she hated that Remus was a werewolf. She hated the prejudice werewolves faced. Though she hadn't faced it before, Eloise was fully winning to fight anyone who had something to say against werewolves. She didn't care about who her father turned into on full moons, what cared to her was about who the real person was on the inside. Personality always meant more to her than looks.

As she lugged her trunk behind her, she looked around the platform for Neville but he was nowhere to be seen. She felt a sinking feeling in her stomach. "Come on Eloise, let's head out," Remus began, offering her a hand that she took. Remus picked his cane back up and set it under his right hand. The Lupins ran through platform nine and three quarters. Well, running is a bit of a stretch as Remus couldn't run very well but they quickly walked through the platform, ending up in Kings Cross Station. It was very in the station which made sense as it was December 21st. Muggles were rushing around, carrying large luggage and boxes that looked like presents. "The car is just outside, we ought to get back home before it gets too dark," Remus declared as they made their way to the exit. They owned a dark green Ford Cortina that Remus had learned to drive after he graduated from Hogwarts.

As Eloise exited Kings Cross, she was hit with a wave of freezing air. It was a rather cloudy day and snow littered the ground below them. The chilling air had most people wrapped up in thick coats, warm scarves, and the children wore brightly coloured boots along with their puffy jackets. Remus limped over to the car, opening up the boot of the car. Eloise almost slipped on a thin patch of ice before heaving her trunk into the car.


As they pulled up their home, Eloise grinned as she saw the small cottage covered in snow. Every snowflake seemed to be placed perfectly on the roof and on the vines that curled around the sides of the cottage. Eloise opened the car door and stepped outside, rubbing her arms to warm herself up. "Can I grab your trunk dear?" Remus asked Eloise as he exited the driver's side of the car. "Oh no, dad, really, I can do it. You shouldn't be carrying heavy things right now," assured Eloise, opening the boot of the car and picking up her trunk, setting it on the snow-covered grass. Remus reluctantly headed into the cottage, setting up their old teapot to brew some Rose Hip Tea which would help with Remus' stiff joints.

Eloise pulled her trunk into the cottage, wiping her shoes off on the welcome mat and bringing the trunk to her room. As she walked towards her room, Eloise saw a small pine tree sitting in an empty corner of the living room, she smiled at the thought of decorating the tree that night. Walking into her bedroom, Josephine hopped out of her coat pocket and jumping over to Eloise's plant window. "Have you been watering them?" Eloise called out to her father, setting the trunk on her bedroom floor and walking over to the plants. "In fact I have, I hope they're looking alright," Remus returned. Eloise smiled as she stared at the blooming flowers and herbs.


As nightfall arrived, Remus lit the house up with various candles and lamps. Light snowflakes fell outside of the windows of the cottage, landing peacefully on the ground. The small wood-burning fireplace had been lit and was warming up the small cottage quite quickly. Eloise had found a small box of Christmas decorations from the dark basement. She never really liked going down there but when it was lit up and bright, she didn't find it so scary. Eloise smiled to herself as she set down the box of decorations on one of the old couches that surrounded a coffee table that was cluttered with aged books and vinyls. "So, I was thinking," Eloise started while unpacking the boxes. Remus watched Eloise with a smile on his face. Christmas was his favorite time of year, he always enjoyed spending time with Eloise, well, Eloise always used to spend time with her father every day anyway before going off to Hogwarts but, around Christmas time, it was just different. "Hear me out, crazy idea, how about we do the same thing as last year and all of the years before that?" Eloise giggled as she held up old ornaments that she had made when she was little. There was a small garland made of poinsettias sitting at the very top of the box so they wouldn't get crushed. The garland had been in that box for as long as Eloise could remember, she wondered often how the flowers always seemed to look fresh and healthy when they spent most of their time after December stored up in a box with no air or light.

Eloise did most of the decorating this year as Remus couldn't stand for too long without having to sit down. Eloise felt a bit saddened by her father's condition that night as she really did enjoy spending time with him. She carefully wrapped the garland around the small tree, poking herself in the eye once to which she shook it off and kept going. The ornaments seemed to be placed perfectly on the tree, small pinecones sending a refreshing earthy scent into the house, knitted birds the size of Eloise's hand sat on the branches of the tree, tweeting every once in a while when she would accidentally disturb the branch they sat upon. Though she was enjoying decorating the tree, something kept plaguing Eloise's mind.

"Hey, dad?" asked Eloise as she placed a bird on the tree. Remus looked up at Eloise from the book he was reading whilst lounging on the couch. "Yes, dear?" Remus responded. "On the train, this boy Neville, who's my friend, he looked quite sad. He was kind of like that all day." Eloise confessed, a small frown appearing on her face. "I don't really understand why. I tried to cheer him up when we got to the station by saying that our parents were waiting for us but-" "Neville?" Remus cut Eloise off.

"Yeah, Longbottom, why?" Eloise confirmed. Remus' original smile disappeared from his face and it was replaced with a rather serious face that Eloise didn't always like to see. "Well," Remus started in a more calm tone. "I can't tell you exactly why he acted like that but, I guess what I can tell you is that holidays at his home aren't always very... joyful." Eloise furrowed her eyebrows. "I tried to ask him why he was sad but he wouldn't tell me. He'd avoid the question," Eloise told her father, taking a seat on the loveseat across from him.

"Well, when he's ready, I'm sure he'll tell you,"
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