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Eloise Lupin was always a bit of an odd child. She spent most of her time outside of the little cottage she lived in with her father, Remus Lupin, collecting and drawing plants and a multitude of flowers. The diversity of nature interested her a great deal, for she felt that every single leaf, every petal, had it's own story. She never knew her real mother, growing up only knowing who dad was. She had just been raised thinking that she was a full-blooded Lupin. Though her striking green eyes and jet-black hair looked almost nothing like her father's. She was excited a great deal to finally get into Hogwarts for her father always told her of stories from when he himself was at student at the magical school. She heard the stories of James Potter, Sirius Black, Lily Evans; more formerly known as Lily Potter; and Peter Pettigrew. Eloise thought that nothing was more interesting and fun to hear about than her father's stories. Now, she was more than excited to make her own. Maybe even with a special someone. ~~ *WARNING, THIS FANFICTION CONTAINS LANGUAGE AND DEPICTIONS OF VIOLENCE*

Fantasy / Romance
mary :)
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The quiet mist outside of the Lupin's cottage landed peacefully on the grass and leaves of the nearby willow trees. The breeze moving the water droplets among the air. Overgrown vines hung off of the roof, twirling around in intricate patterns as they laid themselves across the walls and window. Eloise Lupin sat at the little wooden dining table, holding her head in her hands, staring out of the stained glass window, watching as the mist floated in the damp afternoon air. Soft swing music came from a record player in the near living room. Remus hummed along to the playing song quietly, organizing a rather messy bookcase that was filled to the brim with books about Bowtruckles, fairies, merpeople, and other magical creatures. Eloise had spent lots of her time going through every book on the shelf finding that the unicorns interested her the most.

"Oh Dad, please can I go outside?" Eloise sighed, lifting her head from her hands and turning towards the living room archway.

"Not right now darling, it's far too foggy out and I wouldn't want you getting lost," Remus responded with a huff. "Why don't you water your plants? I'm sure they'll need it." He suggested, placing a stack of old books on the bookshelf.

Eloise turned her mouth into a small smile as she nodded and stood up from her seat at the dining table. She pushed the wooden chair back in as she skipped along to her bedroom. She opened her door and made her way to a large window pane, a shelf of multiple plants and flowers sitting under it, soaking up the rays of sunlight that shone through the mist. The mist created a few streaks of a rainbow, reflecting from the window and landing on her small canopy bed. Her bedroom was quite small, though the layout of her room was very cozy.

Eloise hummed softly as she picked up a small watering can and held it above her plants. Life at the Lupin's cottage was rather peaceful. As an only child, Eloise spent most of her time with her father or exploring the nearby woods. As she reached the age of about 7, she had grown fond of her usual walks to the nearby creek that seemed to flow to nowhere in particular.


It was late August; around the 23rd; and Eloise had already gotten her Hogwarts acceptance letter earlier in the summer, around her 11th birthday which was in mid-June. She jumped for joy as she had her father read it. She exclaimed she was too energetic to stand still and read the fancy handwriting so he had to do it for her. He had the same tone of excitement in his voice as he read the letter. Now in official writing, Eloise Hope Lupin was going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

She had no doubt that she was going to be accepted into Hogwarts for she had shown her magical abilities quite clearly when she was a toddler and a young child. When she was sad, the nearby houseplants would wilt. Sometimes, when she would run around outside in the empty grassy fields, small wildflowers would pop up around where she had just run through.
It truly was a beautiful type of magic she exuded, Remus would find himself staring in awe at the little girl as butterflies would flock around her, flapping their little wings as they stood gently on top of her head and fluttered around her nose.

Remus fell in love with the child when he first met her, back when she was a baby. He had gone to the nearest orphanage, finding the silence at his house too much to bear. Eloise was only a little older than 1 year old when she was adopted. Ever since Lily And James Potter were killed, Sirius sent to Azkaban, and Peter Pettigrew allegedly dead, he found himself quite lonely and incredibly miserable.

He thought that having a child of his own would brighten his heart, mending it and putting it back together. When he was introduced to the little girl who squealed happily at him, smiling and waving enthusiastically as a little hello, he was reminded of Sirius. Her jet black curls hung around her face in such a way that made his heart happier than ever, her beautiful green eyes twinkling as she continued to happily play with some of the other children. She had no last name when he met her, the woman working at the orphanage telling him about how she found the little girl as a newborn baby, lying just outside the door to the orphanage, with a note that had written her first name on a small piece of parchment, she was around 5 months old then. The woman at the orphanage had no idea where the poor girl came from, other than she had been laying out in the chilling rain for the night. She was just swaddled up rather neatly in a navy blue blanket, crying her eyes out.

She was as innocent as ever, not a bad bone in her body seemed to exist. Remus found it hard to believe she would even hurt a fly.


A knock on the door interrupted Eloise's daydream about playing in the nearby shallow river that she liked to visit. She looked around her room, turning her head towards her bedroom door which was slightly propped open. She sat the little watering can down and poked her head out of her bedroom door.

Remus had set down the books he had been organizing and walked over to the front door, opening it to see a rather familiar face. "Good to see you, Remus," said a heavy Scottish accent that seemed to belong to an older woman.

"And you too Professor," Remus said politely, offering her a small smile which she returned.

"May I come in?" The professor asked. Remus nodded and opened the door a bit wider letting the woman come inside the home.

"Where's your daughter, Remus?" The woman asked, taking a seat in one of the dining chairs that sat on either side of the dining table. "Just one moment,"

Eloise let out a small gasp before pulling her head back into her bedroom and quickly rushing back over to her plant shelf. She didn't want her father to think she was eavesdropping on anything she wasn't supposed to.

"Eloise," Remus said, knocking on the slightly cracked open door. " Could you come to the kitchen for a moment?" The little girl smiled before walking her way into the kitchen where she saw the woman who had entered their home. Remus walked in behind her, setting a hand on her shoulder.

"Ah, Miss Lupin, nice to finally meet you." The woman said standing up from her chair and holding out a hand to the little girl.

"You too ma'am," Eloise said shaking the frail hand and smiling up at the woman. She had her graying hair tied onto the top of her head in a rather tight bun, half-moon glasses lying on the bridge of her nose. She was wearing rather long deep magenta robes.

"I'm Professor McGonagall," The woman said pulling her hand away. "When you're at Hogwarts, I'll be your transfiguration professor."

"Wicked," Eloise said under her breath. Remus patted her head before speaking up.

"So, what's this about then?" He said politely. "Well," Professor McGonagall started. " I thought I might bring Miss Lupin here to Diagon Alley today rather than you Remus,"

Elosie contorted her eyebrows into a confused look.

"After the whole situation with... You-Know-Who... I thought it'd be safer for me to bring the girl." The professor said in a quieter tone.

"Ah, yes, thank you," said Remus in a relieved tone. "I do have a bit of tidying up to do around here anyway." Remus bent down to meet Eloise's eye line, smiling at her.

"Go get your good rain boots alright? There might be some puddles out there and I'd hate for you to get your feet too wet." He said setting a hand on her shoulder. Eloise cocked her eyebrows at her father, still not completely sure why she was to go with this woman. "She's going to take you to get the supplies you'll need for Hogwarts alright? I'd trust her with my life." Remus said with a smile.

Eloise smiled back before running to her room and grabbing a pair of dark purple rain boots to match the dark jeans and purple cardigan she was wearing.


A/N: Hello all, this is one of my first fanfictions so I apologize if it's bad but I hope you enjoy it.

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