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"So, you're all ready to go?" Remus said, buttoning up the few last buttons Eloise's purple cardigan. "Yep, I'm really excited!" Eloise said bouncing up and down on her heels. She really was excited, she had never been to Diagon Alley before and today would be her first time going.

"I'm sure she'll be fine Remus," Professor McGonagall said reassuringly. "I'll make sure she doesn't go too far away from me." Eloise did have a bit of a tendency to get distracted when she went out in public. If she found something interesting, she would stare in awe at it. If Remus didn't keep a keen eye on her when the father and daughter went out, he could lose her in a big crowd. Eloise was aware of herself doing this as well. Though she thought of it, not as a bad thing but, a good thing. She just saw it as being observant.

Eloise and McGonagall said their goodbyes as they made their way outside of the cottage and making their way to a nearby dirt road. The mist had died down and it was just a bit foggy and somewhat humid out now.

"So, how do we get to Diagon Alley exactly?" Eloise said, walking next to the Professor who was making her way down the side of the road. "Well, we could apparate but that's far too risky to do in front of muggles and you are far too young for it." McGonagall glanced at the other houses that sat on either side of the road. "Muggles?" Eloise asked, looking up at the woman. "Non-magic people," McGonagall explained. "Them knowing about our world could be incredibly dangerous so, we keep it a secret from most." The professor spoke in a quieter voice as they passed by a house with muggle children playing around outside.

"Hm," Eloise looked down at her boots that were now somewhat muddy from accidentally stepping in a rather squishy puddle of mud that had collected just outside of the Lupin's home.

"We'll have to make our way to a nearby pub to get there," McGonagall told the girl. Eloise looked confusingly at the woman. McGonagall felt the girl's confusion and said "Floo network, you'll see". The pair had made their way to a little building just off the dirt road that had a rickety sign hanging up that said Merlin's Pub. "Wait, but won't they see us? The muggles," Eloise asked. "I highly doubt they even know this place exists Miss Lupin. There are certain places that muggles cannot see," McGonagall said, opening the small wooden door to Merlin's Pub. Eloise walked behind the professor into the rickety pub. It smelled of cigarette smoke, butterbeer, and other alcohols that Eloise couldn't place a name on.

"Mr. Voros," McGonagall gestured to a man behind the bar who had a rather messy salt-and-pepper beard and shaggy hair. "McGonagall," Mr. Voros acknowledged. "The usual?" He asked, turning around and grabbing a bottle of liquor. Professor McGonagall hid a smirk. "Not today, I have a student."

Eloise waved at the man and smiled. "Fantastic to meet you, Miss..." "Lupin," Eloise finished. "But, you can call me Eloise." Mr. Voros gave her a kind nod and left from behind the bar to grab what seemed like a bowl of burnt ashes. "Here you go Minnie," Mr. Voros said offering the bowl to McGonagall. Eloise had a confused look on her face as McGonagall walked over to an unlit fireplace. "Minnie?" Eloise asked as she followed McGonagall towards an unlit fireplace. "Don't mind him, dear, just follow me,"

"This is Floo Powder, Miss Lupin," The professor said as Eloise walked over to her. "Now, I assume you haven't used this before so listen very carefully." "Grab a handful," Eloise hesitantly dipped her hand into the bowl, grabbing a handful of the Floo Powder as Professor McGonagall told her to. "Now, stand right here," Professor McGonagall pointed towards the inside of the fireplace where there sat a few burnt-out logs. "Wait, doesn't that seem a bit dangerous? Standing in a fireplace?" Eloise questioned out loud. "I promise you, dear, it's completely safe." Eloise trusted the professor and stood where McGonagall told her to. "Now, you must speak very clearly about where you want to go, you must say Diagon Alley." Eloise cocked an eyebrow at the woman. "Then right after you say it, throw the Floo Powder at your feet." "Wait but-" "Miss Lupin, you must trust me, do as I say. We don't have much time,"

Eloise took a deep breath before clearly exclaiming "Diagon Alley!" and throwing the floo powder at her feet. The fireplace beneath her ignited into green flames but she surprisingly didn't feel any burning sensation. Quickly, her vision seemed to blur and she felt as if she might be motion sick as a twisted feeling wrapped around her body. It was over before she could register what had just happened. She felt her body come back to it's normal form and land straight on her back.

She coughed a few times, trying to wipe her eyes.

"Are you alright?" She heard a boy's voice say. She coughed some more before opening her eyes to see a rather round-faced boy staring down at her.

"Em,"-Cough-" I think,"-She coughed again-" Where am I exactly?" Eloise asked wiping her eyes again and pushing herself up from the ground with her elbows, now in a sitting position.

"Diagon-" The boy was cut off by a shrill voice. "Neville? What on earth are you doing?" Eloise turned to see an old woman dressed in rather odd clothes rushing towards them. She carried a red handbag and some bags that looked to be carrying books.

"Th-this girl, she came out of the fireplace." He responded turning to Eloise. Eloise awkwardly waved at the old woman. "Well go on then, get her off of the ground." The woman told Neville. He did as the woman said and held out a hand to her. She smiled and took it, standing up and wiping off her pants. "Thanks," She responded, sticking her hands in her long curly black hair to shake off the remaining soot from the fireplace. "No problem."

A whoosh behind the two children startled the boy, making him jump back a bit. Professor McGonagall appeared in the fireplace behind them, standing straight up and looking rather unbothered. "Are you alright Miss Lupin?" She asked stepping out of the fireplace. "Yeah, I think so. My bum is a bit sore though," Eloise muttered, wiping down the back of her pants. A small smile came upon McGonagall's face as she quickly tried to hide it. "Everyone's first time using the Floo Network is a bit rough, I'm sure you'll get used to it."

"Come now Neville," The old woman standing in front of Professor McGonagall said. "We ought to get you your robes now," She held out a hand to which the boy took as the pair walked away. The boy turned around, giving Eloise a small wave to which the girl did the same, offering a smile as well.

"Who was that Miss Lupin?" McGonagall asked. "I'm not completely sure, the other woman said his name was Neville though," Eloise responded. Eloise watched as the boy and the old woman turned a corner. "Oh no! I never told him my name!" Eloise exclaimed setting a hand on her forehead. She had been raised by her father to introduce herself formally whenever she met somebody new.

"I'm sure it's quite alright. He'll learn it soon enough."

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