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"So, now that we're here, what do we do?" Eloise asked turning to Professor McGonagall. "We get your school supplies, a good place to start would be to get your wand." The professor said setting a hand on Eloise's back and leading her down Diagon Alley. Eloise looked around in awe. There were many shops lined up next to each other down long winding streets. They passed by stores as Magical Menagerie; different large and small creatures in the shop window, colorful Pygmy Puffs hopped around in a cage, there were multiple birdcages filled with different types of owls, cats sat in the window, and many other animals were on display; Quality Quidditch Supplies; a small crowd of children flocking around the shop window staring at a broom called the Nimbus 2000; and Madam Malkin's Robes For All Occasions where there were mannequins sitting in a display case wearing colorful robes and dresses.

"This is it," McGonagall said bringing Eloise to the door of another shop. Eloise looked up at the sign above the door. The store was called Ollivanders and had the design of a wand under it. Eloise set a hand on the door, pushing it open and hearing a light bell noise. As she stepped into the shop, she looked around at the high shelves holding long, thin boxes. McGonagall walked in behind the girl, announcing their presence to the shop owner who was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly a man came from behind a row of tall shelves, a wide smile laying upon his face.

"Hello dear," The man said walking towards the front desk. Eloise smiled at the man and walked towards the desk. "Good afternoon Ollivander," Professor McGonagall said, offering the man a tight-lipped smile. The man nodded politely at the professor before turning to Eloise. "Now dear, what's your name?" He asked in a kind voice. "Eloise sir, Eloise Lupin." She said offering out a hand. "Ah," The man said. "Your father is a particularly brilliant wizard you know." Eloise nodded in agreement as Ollivander walked back in between the shelves. She waited in silence for a bit as the man muttered to himself, pulling out and putting back boxes.

"Try this one," Ollivander told Eloise, opening the box he was holding, showing a wand that resembled a water droplet at the base of the wand. "May I ask, how do I, em, try it out?" Eloise asked. "Just wave it around a bit," Ollivander responded. Eloise nodded and twirled the wand around at one of the shelves. A few boxes of wands flew off of the shelf, startling Eloise and causing her to set it back down on the desk.

"Hm, how about," The man said taking back the wand and offering her another wand. This one resembled an oddly shaped branch with vines wrapped around it. "This one." Ollivander finished. Eloise examined the wand, she thought it was beautiful. She picked up the wand from Ollivander's hand and held it in hers. It felt comfortable to hold and she felt a wave of calm fall over her. Eloise smiled at the feeling and looked towards Ollivander. "Blackthorn wood, unicorn hair core, 11 1/2 inches, and slightly-yielding flexibility." "I love it," Eloise muttered. Ollivander smiled at her. "Well go on, give it a wave." Eloise turned to a vase of dead black roses and twirled it in its direction. The flower's natural color came back to it, slowly turning a deep red color and the petals suddenly blooming.

"Well done Miss Lupin," Ollivander exclaimed, giving the girl a small clap. Eloise let out a small giggle as Professor McGonagall walked towards where she was standing. "Thank you very much, Ollivander." The professor told the man, handing him many coins that Eloise had identified as galleons.


"So, we've got my books and my cauldron," Eloise said, reading off of her supplies list, walking beside McGonagall. "I just need a pet now I think," "Right you are Miss Lupin, follow me." Professor McGonagall told Eloise, leading her into Magical Menagerie. The shop was rather loud, many students, their parents, and other shopgoers were inside the shop. Eloise walked around the store, looking at every pet she could bring. First years could bring a cat, an owl, or a toad and Eloise had decided she wanted to bring a toad. She had met other toads at the river by the Lupin's cottage that she had enjoyed playing with so she thought that one of them would be perfect for her.

She was looking at a row of owls with beautiful feathers when her attention was turned to a little toad after she heard a small croak. The toad couldn't have been bigger than the length of a sewing needle. She awed at the tiny toad, sticking a finger into its cage, petting its head causing a happy croak to come from the toad. McGonagall walked over to the girl, holding some of the bags that held her other supplies. "I see this particular toad has caught your eye," The professor mentioned. Eloise smiled and frantically nodded at the woman. "Well, go on then," said McGonagall. Eloise opened the toad's cage, holding out her hand to it as it hopped onto her palm. She giggled as she held the little toad close to her face. "Hello darling," Eloise said in a sing-song voice. "What should your name be, hm?" The toad croaked at her, causing another smile to appear on her face. "How about Josephine? We can call you Joey!" The toad croaked happily and set a little hand on the bridge of her nose. Eloise giggled and turned to Professor McGonagall. "I think I've decided who I want to bring with me."


Remus opened the door to the cottage after hearing a few knocks at the door. Eloise opened her arms widely and ran at her father, pulling him into a tight hug. Remus laughed and said "Seems like things went well," McGonagall smiled at Remus and nodded. "Make sure you have her at platform 9 and three-quarters by at least 10:30 tomorrow morning." "I will, have a good afternoon Professor," Remus said to McGonagall. She sent the man a tight-lipped smile before setting down the filled bags and apparating out of the Lupin's front yard.

"Oh," Eloise exclaimed releasing her arms from her father's torso. She ran over to her bags, picking up a toad. "This is Josephine! But I like to call her Joey," Eloise smiled widely at her father. Remus stepped outside and picked up some of the bags. "Nice to meet you Joey," Remus said offering a finger to the toad to which it set a webbed hand on his.

"Come on now dear, ought to get packing. We've got to be up rather early tomorrow." Remus exclaimed bringing some of the bags into the little cottage. Eloise followed in after him, Joey in hand.

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