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The night before Eloise left for Hogwarts was very exciting and cheerful. After Remus had helped her pack, they had made Eloise's favorite dinner and baked cookies which she always loved to do. The father and daughter even had a mini dance party, dancing to muggle bands and artists such as Queen, ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, and The Mamas And The Papas. Eloise had to tire herself out that night because she knew if she didn't, she wouldn't have been able to sleep at all


A soft knock rapped on Eloise's bedroom door. "Darling, time to start getting ready," Remus said in a calming voice. Eloise stirred in her sleep before remembering what day it was and sitting straight up in her bed with a wide smile. "Oh my god, that's today!" Eloise exclaimed happily, hopping out of her bed. "Yes, yes, that's right! Now get dressed, breakfast will be ready in a moment and then we ought to be heading out." Remus closed the bedroom door, heading to the kitchen leaving Eloise alone in her bedroom. Well, not completely alone, Josephine her toad had slept in her room, cuddled up next to a potted daisy plant.

Eloise scrambled out of her bed and walked to her small closet. She pulled out a thin white turtleneck and a forest green sundress with a pattern of little flowers. She quickly pulled on the turtleneck and dress, grabbing a pair of knee-high socks and Mary-Jane shoes. She smiled to herself as she looked in her mirror, grabbing a hairbrush from the top of the dresser and combing through her hair gently, careful not to mess up her wavy curls too badly.

"Josephine, hop on," said Eloise to the toad, gesturing to her shoulder to which the toad happily hopped onto. She walked out of her room to the kitchen where she saw her father cooking the two of them french toast and fresh berries set out on the dining table. She took a seat at the table as Remus slid some pieces of french toast onto the plate that was sitting in front of her. She quickly drizzled on some maple syrup and a bit of powdered sugar. Trying not to eat too fast, Eloise talked excitedly to her father about Hogwarts.


"Come on now dear, walk just a bit faster," Remus said escorting Eloise along with her carriage along Kings Cross Station. Eloise sped up her pace, careful not to run into anyone. As the father and daughter made their way down the platforms, they arrived at platforms nine and ten. "W-wait dad, where's platform 9 3/4? I only see 9 and 10." "Ah, yes I haven't told you. We have to run straight at the wall there, it'll take us through to platform 9 3/4." Remus told his daughter. Eloise looked confusingly at him. "Yes, I know it sounds crazy but you have to trust me. Here, I'll run with you." Remus grabbed onto the carriage along with Eloise, Josephine carefully sitting in Eloise's front pocket. The two Lupins ran towards the wall between the platforms, running straight through it and ending up on the other side. Eloise hadn't realized when they arrived on platform nine and three-quarters that she had been holding her breath, letting out a deep sigh when they hadn't crashed straight into the wall.

"I told you, dear," said Remus, rubbing a hand on Eloise's back. "Now come on, we don't have much time." Eloise made her way towards a large train with the name Hogwarts Express painted on it. "I'll handle your bags, you get onto the train," Remus said. Eloise smiled and let go of the carriage. "I'll miss you so so much," She said giving her father a tight hug, careful not to squish the toad in her pocket. Remus smiled back at her as she made her way onto the train, as she got on she saw lots of other kids scrambling around in the different compartments and the small gap between them. She politely excused herself down the gap, trying not to run into anyone, until she found the only somewhat empty compartment.

She saw the boy she met at Diagon Alley; Neville; along with a rather short boy with messy brown hair and a boy who had seemed to have a very kind demeanor and wonderful smile. She knocked on the compartment door as she slid it open. "Could I sit in here? Every other spot is taken." Eloise asked as the boys turned to her. The boy with the messy brown hair nodded and gestured to the seat next to Neville. Eloise smiled at the boys and took the seat. "I'm Eloise Lupin, you all?" "Dean, Dean Thomas," said the boy with the kind smile. "I'm Seamus," said the messy haired boy, shaking a hand which she hadn't been holding out. The boy she met at Diagon Alley gave her a shy smile before looking down at his feet. "A-and I'm Neville." Eloise smiled at the boys, happy to have introduced herself. The train started moving and Eloise quickly moved to the window to wave out of it to her father, who smiled and waved back.

As she sat back down, she realized the rather disappointed look on Neville's face as he stared down at his feet. "Something wrong?" Eloise asked. "Oh, I've lost my toad. I can't figure out where he is." "I've told him he should ask around but he refuses to do so," said Seamus shaking his head. "Oh well it's alright," Eloise said, pulling Josephine out of her pocket. "I have one of my own, Josephine. But, I like to call her Joey." She finished with a smile as she held out the little toad to Neville. The toad let out a small croak and Neville smiled. "I can help you find the toad if you want!" Eloise exclaimed.

"Oh, you don't have to do-" "Nonsense, I'm sure it'll be no big problem." Eloise interrupted. "Here," She said handing the toad to Neville. "She can keep you company while you wait for your own toad!" Eloise stood up and waved goodbye to the boys as she exited the compartment, walking along the gap. The girl walked down the hallway, asking different people in their compartments if they'd seen a toad before reaching a compartment where a girl with rather messy, curly hair sat reading a book.

"Em, excuse me," Eloise said opening the door to the compartment. The girl looked up from her book with a bit of an annoyed expression. "Have you seen a toad anywhere? A boy named Neville has lost it and he's getting rather worried." Eloise asked. "I haven't actually but, I can help you look." The girl responded, placing a bookmark where she had stopped reading and setting down the book. "I'm Hermione Granger by the way," The girl said standing up and shaking Eloise's hand. "Eloise, Eloise Lupin." She said with a smile.

The girls walked up and down the corridors, Hermione went one way and Eloise went another. They had checked all of the compartments with no luck. Eloise hated that she had to go back to her compartment and tell Neville that she couldn't find his toad.

She opened the door and shrugged when the boys looked at her to see if she had the toad. Neville frowned and went to petting Joey who was croaking happily. "I'm really sorry Neville, I'm sure we'll find him," Eloise said setting a hand on Neville's shoulder.

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