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Is it Really Just Stage Chemistry


Luke was to stubborn to admit he had feelings for Julie. So, he claimed it to be stage Chemistry. Alex and Reggie knew Luke was lying. Luke being frustrated decided to prove a point. However, this made Reggie realize something he never noticed before. *FANFIC BASED ON THE NEXTFLIX SHOW JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS*

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Chapter 1

Reggie P.O.V (unless addressed other wise)
Julie and Carlos were at school. Ray left the house hours ago with my help of course. That man seems to never to be able to find his keys. Or wallet or phone. He's lucky to have me even if he doesn't know it. Ray always seems to brighten my day to bad he can't see me.

With everyone gone the boys and I decided we should get some practice in. After all the gig was tommorow. Even if it
is at Julie's house it's special because it is going to put it on YouTube. I really like that site it's so cool to be able to learn things. Yesterday I learned some history on country music...the genere really gets a bad rept.

The practice wasn't going so well and we needed to preform tommorw! In front of kids from Julie's school. Alex seemed really out of it. He was banging the drums so loud he drowned out our playing. I can't blame the guy Willie really messed with him. Alex deserves so much better.

Luke and I exchanged looks debating when we stop Alex from mudering his drum set. After a few minutes of watching Luke steps in.

"Alex you alright", Luke questions slowly approaching the drum set.

"Yeah..yeah why", Alex asked stopping his symbol from buzzing to listen to what his bandmate was asking.

Luke and I exchanged more looks. We both knew he was lying. He is a reck right now. Alex shouldn't feel bad if anything Willie should and we have a gig tommorow.

"I know it's tough man. People say you never forget your first ghost. Maybe it's true but I'm sure there will be others," I said trying to reconcile with Alex.

"Yeah, thanks Reg", he replied giving me a small smile.

"Alex your a great drummer and a great guy, Okay. Don't let all that stuff get between you and what you love", Luke added patting Alex's shoulder.

Luke is right. Well he normally is besides when he gets a little too hyper. Alex shouldn't let anyone get in the way of his music. However, I do disagree a bit with Luke. Sometimes a bit of fire makes it all better.

"I Don't know man. Sometimes a little fire can make things better on stage", I reply disagreeing somewhat with Luke.

Both of them looked up at me confused. "Like you and Julie", I add pointing at Luke.

Luke glared at me trying not to smile. He couldn't do it though. What's life if Luke doesn't smile really. I mean that man lights up the room with his goofy smile. Alex looked over subtly nodding at me. This annoyed Luke even more.

"Wh..What does that supposed to mean", Luke questioned nervously playing with his guitar straps.

"C'mon everyone can see the way you look at her when you sing. You guys ooze chemistry", I state moving my hands to signify an explosion.

Alex stood up giving me an annoyed looked. "You should never say ooze again. But yeah, I agree", he says smiling at rilied up Luke.

Luke gazes at me pouting. He sets down his guitar and says, "I have chemistry with everybody I sing with", he replies exaggerating the word everybody.

However, I don't believe it. I also want to see how far I can push Luke. Alex just seems happy that the subject changed so I decided to push it further. I look at him smiling with a face knowing I'm winning.

Luke has known me since middle school and knows what that look means. He sighs and walks up to me. "Seriously watch"

He walks even closer slowly looking deep into my eyes. This doesn't phase me though because I'm used to sharing a mic with him. What does he think he is even going to do. Luke stops a few inches away and starts to sing the chorus of the song were supposed to be practicing right now.

I will admit Luke's vocals makes everyone get goose bumps. Something is different this time when he's singing to me. It's in his eyes and I can't look away. He finishes the last line of Edge of Great and grabs my face. He kisses his fingers and lingers it on my mouth. Something in me frooze and I can't help but blush. Its fine though because I like girls it's just that he's hot. Its totally normal to find guys attractive.

"Wow. I see chemistry", Alex replies scarastically. This breaks me from my thoughts and I clear my throught trying to say something. Anything! "T..That was hot", I stutter. Shit I didn't mean to say that.

"Umm.. girls am I right", I say picking up my guitar.



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