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Harry Potter Sex/Smut ft. other characters


This book is 18 plus and NSFW! There will be character X readers, ship chapters, LGBTQ and groupies. Harry Potter smut with other characters, will be explicit so proceed with caution. This book was on wattpad

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Snape X Reader

Y/N = Your name
Y/L/N = Your last name
Y/H/N = Your house name
Y/H/C = Your hair colour
Y/E/C = Your eye colour
Y/H/T = Your hair type
Y/B/T = Your body type
Y/F/C = Your favourite colour

It is a cold winters morning and you are stuck in potions listening to Professor Snape drown on about Wolfsbane potion.

"If anyone of you fail this potion, you shall never take my class again."

You roll your eyes and flip through your potions textbook.
"I hate this class." You mumble to yourself as you remove your Y/H/N robes and roll up your sleeves.

"What was that Y/N?"

You freeze.

Oh no.

You slowly look up and see Professor Snape glaring at you.

"I said I hate this class." You give him a sarcastic grin and some of the class laugh.

"SILENCE!" You jump as Snape slams his hands on the table, the class falls silent.
"Detention tonight Miss Y/L/N do not be late, do I make myself clear?"

You snicker.

"I said, do. I. Make. Myself. Clear?"

"Yes sir."

Snape glares at you and turns around to continue his lesson, you decided to keep your mouth shut and focus on the work.

****** Time skip to end of lesson******

"I expect four pages of parchment on Wolfsbane potion and its effects on the drinker."

You pack up your stuff and throw your bag over your shoulder, you pick up your robes and start walking over to the door.

"Not so fast Miss Y/L/N."

You turn around slowly and roll your eyes, "What?" You question rudely earning a angry glare from Snape.

"Do not speak to me with that attitude." Snape snaps angrily as he points his wand at the door and locks it.
"Sir I would feel more comfortable if you left the door unlocked." You glare back at him and Snape smirks.
"I don't care Y/L/N this is your punishment."
You laugh, "My punishment is being stuck with you in a classroom? Great."
You throw your bag on the floor and you sit down, you sigh in frustration.
"150 points from Y/H/N for rudeness but you can make up those points if you do a few simple tasks for me."
You look up at Snape and give him a confused look, "You never give anyone points back?"
Snape rolls his eyes.
"Do you want those points back or do you want your house to be unhappy with you because you lost 150 points just for being rude?"
Snape smirks as his fingers tap against his desk.
"Yes fine what do I have to do?" You question angrily.

"Stand up."

You stand up and push your chair back under the table, you stand behind your chair with your hands on the back.

"What now?"

Snape growls angrily and walks over to you, he grabs your tie and pulls you to him.
"What now Sir, respect your professors Y/L/N." Snape pushes you over to his desk, he gently lays you across it.
"Sir... this is inappropriate." You try to get up but he pushes you back down.
"Are you criticising my methods of punishment
"No sir."
Snape smirks, "Good girl, you are finally learning and now I can reward you with pleasure."
Your eyes widen as you feel your skirt being raised up.
"Oh my my Y/N, no panties?"
You face reddens completely as you forgot you didn't put panties on, you never wear panties and now your paying the price for it.
"Answer me Y/N?"
Snape's hand grips your right cheek hard making you moan.
"I don't like wearing panties sir." You bite down on your lip as his fingers gaze over your wet entrance.
"Why is that Y/N? Did you want other students to see your pussy? Did you want someone to play with it in classes?"
You moan as his fingers make contact with your clit.
"Yes sir." You gasp as you feel him insert a finger inside you.
"Such a desperate girl hmm?" Desperate for boys to fuck you? Wanting to make your filthy desires a reality?"
Snape's fingers pound into you, you moan uncontrollably as you clench around his fingers.
"Yes sir, I always think about sex, Im so desperate for it." You grip the sides of his desk and moan loudly.
"I'm going to show what a real man is like, you are going to be my little toy Y/N."
Snape removes his fingers and sucks on them.
"I never did anything with a professor before." You turn your head around and smirk at Snape.
"Whatever I do to you, you shall not repeat this to anyone. Do I make myself understood?"
You nod your head and shake your ass at him teasingly.
"Please sir."
Snape stands behind you and grips your cheeks, "Please what Y/N?"
You moan as he spanks your left cheek, "Take me."

"Why should I?"

You moan in frustration as his hands travel up your body and grips your breasts hard.
"Because I want you sir, I played with myself in your class yesterday." You admit as his fingers gently pull on your nipples.
"Oh yes I enjoyed the view." Snape whispers in your ear as his erection pushes up against your ass.
"Please sir take me." You beg desperately as you grind against his erection making him grunt quietly.

"Since you asked so nicely and learned how to be polite...."

You shiver with excitement as you hear Snape unzipping his trousers.
"Spread your legs."
You do as your told, you could feel your juices dripping down your leg.
"Such a naughty little girl." Snape coos as he slowly inserts himself into you.
"Oh fuck you feel so big." You moan as you feel Snape stretching your pussy.
"Language Y/N." Snape warns as he slowly thrusts into you.
You close your eyes and take in the feeling of your Professor, you never thought this day would CUM.

"Such a tight pussy Y/L/N."

Your moans become louder with each thrust, his hardened member hits your G-Spot sending waves of pleasure through you.

"Oh god harder!" You grip the table as your body gets shoved up against the desk with every hard thrust Snape gives you.
"Do. Not. Tell. Me. What. To. Do." Snape grits his teeth and grunts slightly, his hand occasionally making contact with your ass cheeks making you scream pleasurably.

The sounds of your bodies merging together as one echoed around the quietness of the classroom, the only other thing that could be heard was your moans and Snape's occasional grunts.

"Turn over."

Snape pulls out and stands back as he watches you turn around so your laying on your back, you push yourself further up his desk and spread your legs wide of him.

"Such a good girl for me hmm? But yet so naughty and whorish." Snape leans over you and slams himself into you, you gasp.
"Whenever I want to take you I will take you and you will do what I tell you too." Snape grunts and you moan in approval.

You then proceeded to wrap your legs around Snape's waist.

"Oh Professor, you feel so good inside me please don't stop."
Snape leans back up but continues to pound into you while looking at you, which you found hot, so you started rubbing your throbbing clit.
"Good, play with that whorish pussy Y/N, do not cum before me."
You nod your head and focus on rubbing your clit.

****** Sorry guys but time skip****** (can't chance this being taken down)

"Oh Professor I'm close."
You were straddling Snape, he was sitting on his chair with you on top, he was thrusting into you as you were rubbing your clit.
"Me too Y/N." Snape grunts as he wraps his arms around you tightly.
"Oh my god its coming!" You scream out as your body shakes uncontrollably on Snape's lap, you also clench around his hardened member.
"Good girl." Snape grunts as his thrusts start to become more sloppy and slow and that's when you knew he was close.
"I'm going to release inside you." Snape hisses as his grip tightens on your waist and he thrusts into you harder, Snaps lets out a long moan as his thick warm liquid feels you up.
"Feel me up, just like that, I love that." You moan as you rest your head on his shoulder and take deep breaths.
"Merlin... you are amazing," Snape whispers as he strokes your back gently.
"You are Professor."
You look up at him and smile and Snape smiles down at you.

"Call me Severus when we are alone together."

You look into his eyes.

"Okay Severus."

Severus smirks, "Now leave, and don't forget that you have a detention this evening."

Snape spanks you as you stand up and you giggle.

"I can't wait sir.”
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