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Harry Potter Sex/Smut ft. other characters

Draco X Reader

Y/N = Your name
Y/L/N = Your last name
Y/H/N = Your house name
Y/H/C = Your hair colour
Y/E/C = Your eye colour
Y/H/T = Your hair type
Y/B/T = Your body type
Y/F/C = Your favourite colour

You were rushing down corridor after corridor trying to get to your next lesson.

You were late to Professor Mcgonagall's transfiguration class.

You were too busy worrying about what punishment Mcgonagall was going to give you that you ended up crashing into a solid surface.

"Watch where you are going mudblood!"

You slowly look up and come face to face with your bully, Draco Malfoy.

"Shut it Draco." You snap angrily as you stand up and pick up your books.
"What did you just say to me mudblood?" Draco struts over to you smirking.
"Awww so your deaf now ferret boy? I said shut up, I'm sick of hearing your voice." You roll your eyes and try to walk past him but he stops you.
"I suggest you respect me." Draco hisses angrily as he shoves you against the wall.
"Or what? What are you going to do little boy." You snap as you try and move yourself away from him but you fail.
"I will show you what happens to stupid bitches who don't respect me." Draco smirks at you as his hands grabs your breasts.
"DRACO!" You grab his hands and force them off angrily.
"Y/N you know you want this." Draco smirks as his hands snake around your waist and his face gets closer to yours.
"Draco." You look into his blue eyes and blush slightly.
"You look beautiful when you blush Y/N." Draco's hand makes contact with your warm face.
"And you have severe mood swings." You glare at him and push him off, you start walking away.

"Get back here Y/N, I won't ask again!"

You chose to ignore him and kept walking, there was no way you were going to start developing feelings for your bully.

"Y/N NOW!"

You turn around and smirk at him.

"I'm sorry Draco but if I had to pick between you and your father, I would rather pick you hot, long haired, sexy daddy." You blow Draco a kiss and turn around and continue walking as you laugh silently.

"Get back here you dirty little slag!"

Suddenly Draco was behind you, your hair in his hands pulling you somewhere, you screamed out in pain but Draco didn't let go.

"LET ME GO YOU ASS!" You scream but Draco covers your mouth with one of his hands.
"Shut up, your coming with me." Draco smirks evilly and drags you to his common room.

*********At the common room*********

"You are not funny! Put me down!"

You continue to hit his back with your fist and Draco finally put you down.
"I hate you." You snap at him and you walk over to the leather sofa. "Y/N listen to me please."

"Why should I Draco, you bully me, you kidnap me to your common room and I hate you." You throw him a dirty look.

"Because Y/N, I like you."

There was a moment of silence.

Then you laugh.

"Draco Malfoy likes a mudblood? oh come off it Draco you can stop with the pranks now." You stand up and walk over to the door, you were not going to let Draco manipulate you.

"Y/N please let me show you."

Draco grabs your hand and pulls you to his chest, he looks into your Y/E/C eyes.
"Your different and I like that." Draco whispers as he holds your face with both of his hands, his cold silver rings were pressed against your cheek.
"Draco I don't bel...."

Suddenly Draco's lips locked with yours, the kiss was slow and gentle.
Draco pulls back after a few seconds and looks at you, he smiles at you.
"Draco?" You shake your head and avoid looking at him.
"Y/N?" Draco holds your hand and gives it a squeeze, "If you liked me why the hell did you bully me?"
Draco sighs and closes his eyes, "I don't know Y/N maybe because I couldn't have you? Maybe because I was looking for an excuse to hate you."
You look up at Draco and smile's slightly,
"I am sorry Y/N."
"If this is fake I will kill you." You warn as you wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him, the kiss started of slow and passionate but soon changed to needy and sloppy.
"I want to take you so bad." Draco mumbles as he picks you up and takes you to his dorm.

Once there he slams the door and locks it, he strolls back over to you and kisses you again, you moan into the kiss.
You pull back after a a couple of seconds and you start unbuttoning his shirt.
"Eager princess?" Draco smiles happily at you and you nod your head.
After you remove his shirt, Draco starts unbuttoning yours, "If you want me to stop let me know okay." Draco pulls of your shirt leaving you in your Y/F/C bra.
"You look so beautiful." Draco looks at you hungrily before pulling you back to him and kissing you, Draco then slowly pushes you down on his bed while he climbs on top of you.
"Draco." You whisper as his lips make contact with your neck, Draco gently bites down and sucks on your sweet spot.
"That feels good." You moan quietly as he continues to bite and suck on your neck while one of his hands start playing with your covered breasts.
"Please Draco." You moan impatiently as his other hand makes its way down to your skirt, his hand slowly rising up and making contact with your covered pussy.
"Tell me Y/N, what do you want me to do?"
Draco sits up and smirks at you as his hand gently massages your soaking wet core.
"Eat me please." You beg desperately as the thought of having his tongue against your clit made you wetter.

"Hmm I can't say no to that."

Draco bites his lip and positions himself between your legs, he lifts up your skirt and pulls down your panties throwing them on the floor.
"Look at that...all nice and wet for me." Draco looks into your eyes and licks his lips.
"Draco please." You beg and you try and push his head down with your hands but he wouldn't move.
"Patience baby." Draco grins mischievously and starts kissing up your thighs.
"Hmm." You moan as he gets closer to your throbbing hot core.

But he still won't go near it.

Draco teasingly kissed around the area, his lips slightly making contact with your throbbing clit making you moan.
"Draco please I need you." You look down at him and he was looking at you, you see him smirk slightly and that's when you feel his tongue flicking itself against your clit.
You moan loudly and grab his hair, Draco used his hands to spread you open so his tongue can slip inside you.
"Oh god." You close your eyes as you let the pleasure take over.
"Do you like that baby?" Draco questions as you feel him insert his fingers inside you.
"Yes Draco please." You beg as Draco's fingers hit your G-Spot making you a quivering, moaning mess.
"Please what? Hmm use your words." Draco fingers move out of you at a quicker pace, the sounds of your wetness made Draco want to stick his hardened member inside you.
"Please... take me I need you so bad." You let out a long moan as you look into his beautiful blue eyes.

Draco pulls out his fingers and sticks them in your mouth.
"Taste yourself." He smirks as he watches you lick and suck on his fingers.
"Good girl." Draco pulls his fingers away and starts to remove his belt.

God, he was so hot.

Once his belt was removed he unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down along with his boxers.
"Enjoying the view?" Draco chuckles as he stands in front of you completely naked.
"Your so hot." You bite your lip as you fall down to your knees, Draco looks shocked.
"You don't have to baby girl." Draco strokes your hair as he looks down at you.
"I don't have to but I want to." You smirk at him as you teasingly lick up and down his shaft.
"Princess." Draco moans slightly as he his hands gently grip your hair.
You slowly stick him inside your mouth, one of your hands start to massage his balls.
"Just like that baby." Draco grunts as you start to deep throat him, your head bobbing up and down at a quick pace.
"Keep going like that and I won't last long." Draco moans again as your hand moves up and down his shaft as you suck him off.
"Baby." Draco moans as he starts to thrust into your mouth causing you to gag slightly.

"Baby I'm close." Draco's thrusts become harder and faster the closer his orgasm approached, his hardened member was covered in your own saliva, your face was also red.
"Such a good girl." Draco coos as he grips your hair tighter as he rams into your mouth.
You continue to gag and choke on his member but it turned you on so you started rubbing yourself.
"Baby it's coming." Draco closes his eyes and holds his breath, within seconds he lets out loud continuous moans as his warm white seed spills into your mouth.
"Ahh Merlin...god." Draco's breathing was heavy, he's thrust were slowly and sloppy and his face was also red with sweat.
You smirk at him as you swallow his seed, you then wipe your mouth with a nearby tissue.

"That was so hot."

Draco helps you up and pulls you in for a kiss, "You look hot on your knees, you should do that more often but only for me of course." Draco smirks and kisses you again, this time it was hot and needy, Draco pushes you up against the wall.
"Jump." He mumbles and you do what he says, you jump and wrap your legs around his waist.

You moan as Draco rubs his member against your soaking wet entrance.
He slowly pushes in.
"Oh Draco." You moan as Draco fills you up with his hardened length.
Draco starts to thrust slowly.
"Draco harder please." You beg desperately as Draco kisses your neck, going down towards your hardened nipples.
Draco picks up his speed and starts to roughly pound into you.
"Oh god yes." You grip his hair tightly and moan, having Draco inside you was an amazing feeling.
"Your so tight baby." Draco grunts as he continues to pound into you.

*********Time skip********* (Dw there won't be any time skips in the other version)

"Draco I'm close."

You rub your clit as Draco takes you from behind, you were laying on your side with one of your legs in the air while Draco lays behind you with with his body pressed up against your back.

"Go on baby let go." Draco grunts as one of his hands grab your breasts.

"Fu—- Draco!" You scream as you clench around his hardened member, your body shakes violently as you have an explosive orgasm.
"Good girl Y/N." Draco coos as he starts to throb inside you letting you know he is also close.
"I want it inside me." You moan.
"I plan to princess, I'm about to." Draco grunts loudly as his warm white seed explodes inside you, you both moan loudly.

"That was amazing."

Draco pulls out of you and lays down next to you, he pulls you closer and wraps his arms around you.
"Your body." Draco smiles as he closes his eyes and takes deep breaths.
"My body what?" You question as you throw one of your legs over him and snuggle into his neck.
"It's amazing." He breathes out tiredly as he kisses your head.

You both ended up falling asleep in each other's arms, when you both woke up you decided on a round 2.

Authors note:
I will not be able to update so quickly anymore as I have other stories I'm working on along with the explict version of this book.

I will still be updating this one but it will take longer.

Oh and Draco is going to be more aggressive

I Hope you enjoyed this chapter ❤️

Remus is next 😌
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