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“Call me princess again and I’ll punch you in the throat” “That’s my girl”

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That was 2 months ago. I'm currently 16, I dance at the local ballet studio and I dance every day. My dad wasn't too keen on me going to school so I've been homeschooled since then.

Here's the story of how my dad found out he had another kid:

My mom was an addict and an alcoholic, she was abuser sometimes and when our neighbor Jo found out she called CPS, and they asked me questions on who other family I had and such. I didn't know the answer and I told them. Until Miss Hannah found my birth certificate and found out my dad's name had been on there. I didn't know who he was and was never told of him. They found out his contact information and called him. I heard yelling through the phone but he drove over to my house, next to me were my bags. I didn't own much because most of the money I made my mom stole and whatever was left I used to dance lessons. He looked at me "So what's your name?" "Y/n, I uh, kinda don't know who you are" He chuckles "I don't blame ya, let's go, kid. I have a spare room you can have, my son was supposed to have it but he never visits me"

"I have a brother?" "Mhm, his name is Robby. You'll meet him one day." He picks up my bags and we walk to his car. I say goodbye to Joe and Hannah and I get in the passenger seat as he puts on his music and drives away"

Once we got home he showed me around the house and to my room. It was small and he said we would go shopping for stuff for it.

I smiles and told him thank you.

My room currently has a twin bed, a small closet that came with the room, a vanity so I can do my makeup, and an area for all my shoes. I do all my school in the dining room area and whenever dad is home he teaches me what we can. I didn't have any friends where I used to live, still don't but I hope that it can change. My dad didn't want me to go to school because I couldn't defend myself. That's where I am now. I hope things can change
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