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- 2 months later -

Dad re-opened Cobra Kai his old dojo and started teaching kids. I was proud of him and was never allowed to go. I didn't mind, being busy with Ballet kept it off my mind. Today he hasn't been home so I assume he's drinking.

I was in my room cleaning it when the front door opens "Sensei! My mom made your food" I grab my pink baseball bat and walk out of my room to see a kid taller than me. He looked like a neighbor I never met. He looks at me and gets in a defensive pose "Who are you and why are you in Sensei's home!" "Who are you and why are YOU in my home?! Answer me that!" He looks taken back

"What do you mean your home?" "I live here dumbass. Has he never mentioned me? I'm Y/n, his daughter. I'm usually never home because I'm busy dancing" He nods his head "Are you the owner of the pink bike then?" I nod my head "Yeah, how else do you think I get places"

"Sorry just, Sensei never told anyone he has a daughter" "Not surprised. I'm homeschooled, he wants to keep me safe" "Does that mean you don't know karate?" "No, I'm a ballerina, not a fighter. Why do you think I have a baseball bat in my hand"

"Sorry I'll go, um. I'll tell my mom to make you an extra plate of food if that's ok, and tell your dad I was looking for him alright" I nod and he leaves. I put my bat down and walk to my room. Maybe tomorrow I'll check out Cobra Kai. See what's that all about.

- Next Day -

After Dad leaves, 20 minutes later I grab my backpack and pack some stuff I need. Like a charger and makeup and such. Just necessities, I hop on my bike and start riding towards the strip mall. Once I arrive I open the door after hopping off my bike and walk in with it next to me. Everyone stops and looks at me.

"Y/n! I told you to never come here!" I look at my Dad and all his students look confused "I was bored, and not scary with a baseball bat. Might as well come check out your dojo while the studio is closed" He sighs "Alright go put your bike in my office, Miguel show her where it is" "Yes Sensei!" He bows and walks over to me, I give him a small wave and he walks me to my dads office "So why are you here?" Miguel asked me. I look at him and shrug as I prop it up against a wall, I take off my shoes and place my bag down

"Well I'm not exactly threatening with a pink baseball bat am I?" He laughs "No you are not. If you want I can show you some basics" I nod "Sure why not" We walk back to everyone and my dad points to me to make me stand by him. "Everyone meet my daughter Y/n, Y/n meet everyone. Y/n is a ballerina and today I guess she will be watching over us" I nod my yes "I'm sorry for barging in like this. Miguel walked into my home yesterday and I confused him with a robber so I grabbed my baseball bat and he just laughed at me so, thought I might come here and learn some stuff. Since my usual Ballet Studio closed I need a new hobby"

"So I guess they let anyone into here now?" A guy says, he had a blue mohawk and a scar on his upper lip. "I'm sorry but because I'm flexible I can probably move different then everyone else" "Ooo scary~ The ballerina is gonna hurt me" He chuckles and so does the rest of the class "HEY!" My dad yells. I look at him confused "If she wants to join she can join. Cobra Kai is for self defense remember! Miguel, you will teach her basics. Hawk! If I hear another insult towards my daughter come out of your mouth I will banish you from this dojo! We are a family here. No matter what, understand!" "YES SENSEI" Everyone yells at the same time and bow.

"Excuse um Hawk was it" I say and he nods, I walk over to him and punch him in the face "Call me a princess again and I'll hurt you somewhere else. Just because I know ballet doesn't mean I don't know how to throw a punch." I walk over back to my dad who rubs my head and I swat his hands away "Don't mess up my hair"
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