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Spencer X Reader (part 2)


further into the future

Drama / Erotica
flaps of shrek
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You enter the house and place the keys on the table beside the door.

It had been eight years since you and Spencer found your forever home. It's a two story house with four bedrooms. It's perfect for Matthew, Kate, you, and Spencer. And you two have room if you decide to have another kid.

You walk into the kitchen, you suspected Matthew and Spencer would still be there.

You sat down couple of bags from a trip to the dollar store for Matthew's school project that he waited the last minute to tell you.

Spencer is teaching Matthew how to play the other team in his basketball game, they have a small white board on the table with a dry erase marker.

"Matt, next time tell me when you have a school project."

"Uh oh, mom is mad," Spencer says.

You hand the bags to Matthew, "go upstairs and do your work." Matthew looks up at Spencer.

"Don't look at me, she's the one in charge," Spencer says. Matthew grabs the bags and disappears into the hallway, you can here his stomps on the stairs.

"Why are they so much easier when they are babies?"

"Just wait til they're teenagers," Spencer gets up and gives you a kiss on the forehead. You go over to the fridge and and take out an apple. You take a bite out of it.

"Have you gotten the decorations from Matthew's birthday party?"


"What about the presents?"


"Did you.."

Spencer cuts you off, "babe, I didn't forget anything."

"I just want to make sure everything is perfect for him."

"You worry too much, he's happy."

Your children are now getting older and you never had a good childhood so you want to make sure everything is perfect for them. Kate's eight birthday was three months ago and she had a blast.

Sometimes you feel like you're leaving one of the children out more so you're going all out for Matthew's ninth birthday.

You take another bite of the apple.

Kate walks in, "mom, I need help with this."

"Sure, sweetie what is it?"

She hands you a paper and you examine it, "I don't get how to do it."

"Have you not memorized your multiplication tabled yet?"


"Do you have a composition book?"


Kate runs into the other room and comes back with one. You sit down at the table and Kate stands beside you.

You open the composition book to the table of multiplication.

"You should try to memorize these. If you trace each of them to a number. And that's how you find the the answer," you demonstrate everything.

Kate looks so concentrated.

"Do you get it?"

She repeats the exact thing that you did and writes down the answer down. She looks up at you.

You nod and smile at her, "perfect, you're so smart."

Kate gets up and walks into the living room to finish her homework, "is chicken tenders good for dinner?"

She says yes as she continue walking.

Spencer sits next to you, "you look exhausted. I'll make the kids dinner and make sure they get their baths."

You look over to him and kiss his lips.

"The kids are busy right now"

Spencer smiles and takes your hand as you two stand up and walk up the the stairs. He pushes you on the bed. You back up into the pillows while he takes off his clothes.

He gets on top of you and kisses you.

He pulls down your pants and underwear.

He puts himself inside of you and thrusts. You both moan and groan quietly. He pulls out quickly and releases on your stomach.

He gets up and walks into the bathroom, he comes back out with a towel.

He wipes it off of your stomach and puts the towel on the floor.

He puts on his clothes and gives you a peck on the lips. You pull up your underwear and pants.

"I'll go make dinner," he says as he buttons his shirt up.

He walks out of the bedroom and closes the door. You get up and make the bed, take the towel and put it in the laundry basket.

You go into Matthew's bedroom and pick out an outfit for Matthew to wear to bed.

You go into Kate's room and do the same thing.

You walk downstairs and go into the kitchen. You sit down and space out for a moment, flashing back to what your life use to be. You're 10 years older with a husband and two children. You've been working the BAU for 15 years.

You never thought you'd be here.

Spencer taps on your shoulder and you snap out of it, "are you okay?"


Spencer calls for the kids to come into the kitchen for dinner. He sets down four plates, two at a time at the table.

Matthew and Kate walk in and sit by each other.

You all start dining.

You like having dinner with the kids, you only get to have them on Friday because of work.

"I wish we could have family dinners more often," Kate says.

"I know, baby."

"What if we all go on a date tomorrow and get ice cream?" Spencer says.

"Sure whatever," Matthew shrugs his shoulders.

You and Spencer look at each other, you both know that he's going through whatever weird phase kids go through.

"We could go see a movie."

"Can we watch a scary movie?" Kate asks.

"No, you always want to watch scary movies and then you always have nightmares," you say.

We all continue eating and carry conversations about school and everything. When everyone gets finished, you and Spencer put the dishes in the sink.

Matthew and Kate go up to their rooms.

You and Spencer tuck in the kids together. After you're done cleaning up, you and Spencer go upstairs into Kate's bedroom.

You tuck her and each of you kiss her foehead. You turn off the light and walk into Matthew's room. You repeat what you did and go into your bedroom.

You slump down on the bed and Spencer gets in the bed beside you.

"Did you ever expect this in the future?"

"What? Having kids?"

"Yeah, and moving into a house. And all of this."

"Well, no but I'm happy with you and the kids. Why do you ask?"

"No reason, I'm going to sleep. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, babe"

You turn off the lamp beside your bed and lay down. Spencer comes up behind you and spoons you.

"I love you," he whispers in your ear.

You two drift off to sleep.
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