Mr and Mrs Clean Freaks


A slow burn fanfic in which a germaphobe setter and a germaphobe ace meet each other in the All-Japan Youth Training Camp despite being in the same school. (Y/N), an aspiring setter that has been known for her setting skills all around Japan and has been ranked #4. Sakusa Kiyoomi, an introvert who prefers to stay at home is one of the best male aces in Japan. However, what will happen once the two of them are forced to talk with each other by their friends? Will their skills and similarities be able to matchmake these two germaphobes?

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"Hurry up (Y/N)" I heard the coach call out to me as I was three metres away from the rest of the team since who knows, they might have germs with diseases.

"Fine, but I'll be two metres away" I said as I reduced the gap between me and the team to two metres.

We got to our club's bus as me and a few people from my team got chosen for the female All-Japan Youth Training Camp that was being held today, in around three hours.

Everyone went to sit in their seats while I took out a cleaning spray from my backpack and started disinfecting the seat that I am going to sit in. Once I finished spraying it, I took out wipes and started deep cleaning the armrests and then threw the wipe in a bin.

I sat down, and I felt that something was not right.

I didn't disinfect the window.

I quickly took out a different wipe and deep cleaned the window and sat back down again. I took out my earphones and decided to look outside of the window.

An hour later after listening to one of my playlists, the coach decided that it was time for us to take a break.

I went to a nearby store since it had turned out that I left my bleach at home meaning that I couldn't efficiently clean the room that I was staying in.

I asked one of the workers where aisle for the cleaning products was and they were kind enough to tell me which direction as they questioned why I had a mask on.

I followed the directions and I found myself at a big aisle of cleaning products. I scanned the aisle carefully, I needed to make sure that no one was there so I wouldn't catch any of their disgusting germs.

I walked towards the section of bleach products and I found what I was looking for, Clorox. I reached my hand out to grab it until it met with someone else's hand. Making me quickly take back my hand and take out my hand sanitiser and making sure every inch of my hand had been sanitised.

I quickly shot a death glare to the person and it turned out that he was already looking at me with a really disgusted expression on his face.

"You gave me your disease" he said as he was sanitising his hands.

"You were the one that touched me first" I replied.

"You disgusting germ" we both said in unison.

"Tch" we said at the same time again.

"I'll be taking this" I said while grabbing the bleach.

"Not if I take it first" he said as he also grabbed the bleach.

We both looked at each other and gave the dirtiest look that we had ever gave anyone. We stood there, in the lonely and quiet aisle of cleaning products. That was until someone started approaching us.

"(Y/N)" I heard a familiar voice call out for me making me drop the bleach.

"Tobio..." I said as I looked at Kageyama Tobio.

"Tch" I heard the guy with the yellow and green gradient jacket kissed before walking away with my Clorox.

"Hey um..." Tobio tried to reach out to me but I stopped him.

"There's no point now Tobio, we both moved on" I said while picking up a different bottle of Clorox and walking away.

After I checked out from the cashier, the coach was ready for us to continue our trip to the inn where the chosen girls from my team will be staying in.

I sighed as I looked out of the window. "Who would've thought I'd see him here, eh?" I thought to myself as a light rain started pouring from the sky.

I got a whole room to myself since everyone else was paired up with each other and I didn't want to have any of their infectious diseases.

Lucky me.

I took out my cleaning products and began to clean the room from top to bottom. Room service who? I don't know who they are but they're not cleaning my room since you don't know what they might put in your room.

The next day...

"Kageyama Tobio" the coach as he stepped forwards into the court.

"Kageyama (Y/N)" he called out and I stepped forward, ignoring the fact that I was being looked at by the other players. "You'll be playing with the guys today since they're shorthanded on members" he added and I lightly nodded.

A few names later...

"Sakusa Kiyoomi" he said and I saw the disease from earlier step forward and I gave him a really bad dirty look as I remembered him walking away with my Clorox.

He noticed my stare and he gave me an even more disgusted look. The tension building up as we were fighting quietly with our expressions.

I decided to look away as the coaches were already allocating people for a few practice games.

"Sakusa Kiyoomi and lastly, Kageyama (Y/N)" he named as they decided to put me in the same team as the clean freak and a few other germs.

We did a few stretches before allocating ourselves to the assigned court. I was up against Tobio's team but I made sure to not let any emotions get in the way because, who needs emotions? You think about your emotions during a match and you already become distracted from the game. They are utterly useless.

The whistle had blown and I was in the front line, perfect chance to show off my setting skills already.

Sakusa had begun the game by being the one to serve, the disgusting bastard had the audacity to do a service ace right at the start of the game.

"Tch" I said as I looked at the disease, his face was serious yet calm as he was preparing to do the next serve. I looked back at the other side of the court and put my hands behind head, causing the guy behind me to shrug his shoulders.

He served once again, the ball had been received by the guy in the opposite team but I paid no mind to it; getting ready to block the spike by the team on the other side of the court.

I looked at the way that Tobio's hands were facing. Knowing him, he'd either make it really obvious or really difficult to tell where he'll be setting to.

But knowing that he's playing with a new team, he'll try to get to know them by setting to them on purpose.

I looked at the two players that were on his left hand side, then I looked at his hands and saw him set to the left, making me move towards the left.

The first guy had faked the spike as I moved to block him. I crouched down to allow the person behind me receive the ball that was spiked by the second person.

The ball up in the air and it was soon passed to me by the second guy in my team. I visualised the situation in my head, looking out for the best options to score a point to my side of the court.


I hate to admit it, but he was one of the best options and he seemed to acknowledge it as he started running towards the net with a few others.

I adjusted everything, the momentum, the height of the toss and even the strength of it for a guy who is as clean as me I guess.

I looked up at the ball that I had set to him and all I could see from a nearly upside down view was him spiking it. Scoring another point for our team.

Sakusa's POV

"That toss, it was one of the best ones that I've ever had in my life" I thought to myself as I looked at the smaller girl, half a smile on her face while her eyes were saying that she was hungry for more.

Something that I nearly loss, the hunger for volleyball despite loving it with all of my soul.

Your POV

He kept his expression cool. After he was walking to his next spot, I walked up to him to have a confirmation about the set.

"How was the set?" I asked as he looked at me for a split second before looking away.

"It was good" he replied.

"Do you need any adjustments for the set or was everything okay?" I asked another question.

"It was fine, thanks" he said as he started walking away again.

The game ended with my side of the court winning two of the three sets.

I started packing up as I took out my hand sanitiser and made sure to disinfect every single cell that my hands have. I put on my mask on and walked to the benches.

I picked up my jacket and I put it around my shoulders as I put my hands in my pockets. Walking away from the boys and going back to the girls' courts to find my team members.

Kageyama's POV

"Wasn't that your sister just now?" I heard a guy with blonde highlights ask me.

"Yeah, and?" I replied.

"What year is she in?"

"Second" I replied.

"What's your name?"

"Kageyama Tobio" I said as I did my stretches.

"I'm Miya Atsumu" he said as he gave me a smirk.

"Tell me about your sister's personality, if you'd like" Miya had asked me.

"She's a germaphobe" I replied with a calm tone as I remembered why she had started becoming a germaphobe ever since she was three.

"She's a what?" the guy next to Miya asked.

"A germaphobe" I said as I finished my stretches.

"She's just like Sakusa then" Miya said.
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