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We are all broken here


Two lives, One moment that changes everything. After Y/N saves Draco's life at the Astronomy tower she shows him that sometimes it only takes one person to come into your life to change it forever. Draco Malfoy Love story TW: This story will talk about some sensitive topics so read at your own risk.

Fantasy / Other
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Part 1 {The moment}


Draco’s POV

It is crazy how after 6 years somethings never change. But the truth was everything was changing. The war was coming the place I had once called home will be gone. Draco sat at the top of the Astronomy tower looking at the view below. He could see groups of firsts year heading to the dinning hall for dinner. There were so much things going through his head. He looked down at his arm where his dark mark could be seen. Looking at it reminded him of the life he was forced into and the task that would start the war. He wanted to jump to end it all so he wouldn’t have to deal with the pain of being a death eater until he heard a sound. He covered his mark with his sleeve and turned around to revel a girl. She wore a Hufflepuff robe he had seen her before in the halls. They were in the same year.

“Sorry I didn’t know someone else was here,” The girl said while turning around.

“It is okay, you can stay if you want,” He said.

She turned back around and sat on the ground.

“Hi my name is Y/n,” She said looking my way.

“Hi I am Malfoy, Draco Malfoy,” He said looking out at the night sky.

“Pretty night isn’t it.”

“Yeah I guess.”

“So what brings you to the tower tonight, I have never seen you up here before.”

“I just came here to think,” Draco said

He didn’t want to tell her the real reason. If she knew she would treat me different like he was some fragile object. I hate it when people pretend to care it just made me feel worse.

“I hope it doesn’t bother you that I am here, I can leave if you want,” Y/n said trying to break the awkward silence.

As much as he didn’t really want to talk he enjoyed the company.

“No, you can stay”

“So is it true that you were the one that broke Harry’s noes?” Y/n asked looking at Draco.

“Yeah, But he deserved it”

“Probably, He is always thinks he is better just because he is the Chosen One"

Draco looked at Y/n. She was the first person he had met that didn’t idolize Harry. She was a lot different from the other people at Hogwarts.

“We should probably go back to our common rooms dinner should be ending soon,” Y/n said while slowly walking to the door.

“Hey Y/n do you think we could meet up again tomorrow?”

“Of course, But for now let’s go so we don’t get house points taken away.”



Draco walked me back to the Hufflepuff common room. During all my years at Hogwarts I have never met him. Of Couse I had heard about how he was always rude to the Golden trio but I never choose to listen to rumors. There is always two sides to every story. As dumb as it sounded Y/n believed there was more to Draco then what was on the surface.

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