Is This Toxic? (Spencer Reid X Reader)


Y/N has been working at the BAU for years. She loves her job even though some of the things she sees aren't the best. She also loves her coworkers.... well most of them. Dr. Spencer Reid, he is the biggest asshole you can ever imagine. Ever since Y/N joined the team the two just can't seem to get along, no matter how hard they tried. Then one night everything changes...... or does it

Erotica / Drama
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Hi to whoever reading this...

I originally wrote this story on Wattpad but, as most people know it is starting to remove inappropriate or NSFW stories so that it can be more kid friendly and if my story does end up getting removed I wanted it to be on other platforms because I genuinely enjoy writing it.
If it doesn't get removed from there I will still update here.
This story and the one posted on Wattpad are exactly the same nothing will be altered. If anyone is curious my Wattpad account is user59164830360 just like on here.
I didn't want to change my username just because it would confuse me.
Anyway I hope that you enjoy my story. I am new to this app so it will probably take me some time to get used to how to do this. So please be patient with me.
Enough of my blabbering I present to you all.......
Is This Toxic
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