Hunters and Vampires


Lya Winchester never really fit into the hunter's life styles but it wasn't until she meet Klaus Mikaelson that she understood why.

Thriller / Mystery
Korrynn Nadine
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

All her life, Lya Winchester had been rebellious. She hated the family business and went as far as befriending supernatural creatures to prove it. After both her mother and father died, her older brothers had trouble dealing with her rebellious nature so they sent her to live with their Aunt Liz Forbes and her daughter, Caroline, in Mystic Falls.

It was in Mystic Falls that the Wayward girl got herself in more trouble. At first, she was just making friends with the vampires and werewolves. Then the Originals came to town and being who she is, she decided to make friends with the thousand-year-old vampires.

All of this led to her one night stand with Klaus Mikaelson before she left with her werewolf best friend, Hayley Marshall. That night was the reason she was now being held captive by the French Quarter Witches for being pregnant with Klaus' child. Elijah and Klaus stood across from her while Hayley stood beside ready to take a step in front of her if need be.

"You honestly expect me to believe she is pregnant with my child" Klaus growled at one of the witches, Sophie Deveraux.

"You do realize I'm an eighteen-year-old girl" Lya shouted at him "and last I checked my brother, Dean, is the one who sleeps around in my family."

“Lya please," Elijah said, holding up a hand for her to be quiet as he turned to Klaus. "Listen, brother"

Klaus did as his brother asked and stared at Lya's stomach as he listened to the second heartbeat coming from there. After a minute he finally spoke, "Kill her and the child for all I care." With that, the Original Hybrid stormed out of the crypt leaving the witches, the werewolf, the hunter, and his brother behind.
“I must apologize for my brother's manners," Elijah said once the witches left him alone with Hayley and Lya.

"It's not like I actually expect him to care," Lya said sitting down.

"He does care," Elijah said and Lya gave him an unbelieving look. "Niklaus is a complicated man with a complicated past which you must understand in order to understand why he doesn't seem to care about your child. If you'll open your mind to me, I can show you."

Lya nodded and the original placed a hand on her temple. Instantly, Lya saw a flash of the lives of the original. The death of their younger brother. Their mother turning them into the first vampires. She even saw the first time Klaus killed and became a werewolf. Then the flash flipped to her own memories.
The first to appear was her mother's death. Then there was the day Lya and Dean got Sam from Stanford and her dad's death.

From their the flash got more instance as the times Dean and Sam went to hell and Cas being killed by the Leviathans flashed into her mind before Elijah removed his hand.

"How'd you do that?" Elijah asked, looking at her in shock.

"I thought you did that," Lya said and Elijah shook his head.

"What happened?" Hayley asked, placing a hand on Lya's shoulder.

"Her memories pushed their way to the surface," Elijah told her, turning back to Lya.

"I have to ask, who was the man in that last memory?"

"He's not a man," Lya told Elijah. "He's the angel, Castiel. He used to protect me from anything that wished to harm me but he's gone now."

"Well you have me and Hayley to protect you now," Elijah said, looking to Hayley for reassurance.

"He's right," Hayley said. "We're going to protect you and your miracle hybrid baby."

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