Lovergood [Luna Lovegood x Reader] Harry Potter


Lovergood [Luna Lovegood x Reader Fanfic] Femslash, Luna Lovegoode Fem! Story Harry Potter Hermione Granger Ron Weasley Draco Malfoy Neville Longbottom Warning: Sexual themes, violence, strong language, adult themes [I have added a warning if you're unhappy with it then I suggest you leave it be] Takes place in the book/movie: Order Of The Phoenix Y/n, a 4th year, notices this beautiful blonde girl. As they introduced themselves on the carriage, Luna gives her a adorable look that hooks y/n immediately. As their friendship grows, the tension does too~ The setting starts at the one and only Hogwarts, on the carriage where it all started. About the author: My name is Abrie, I'm 15. My pronouns are she/her Yes, I am old enough to be writing this, I've been watching inappropriate movies since the age of 7 and It no longer surprises me/affects me (I'm 15 now) I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER, THIS IS SIMPLY A FANFIC COPYRIGHT TO J.K. ROWLING ew, J.K. Rowling, a transphobic bitch

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Heyy, this is my first fan fiction so I really hope you enjoy it. I love Luna so much, she just an amazing (and very attractive) character. So I'm really exited to make this story.

Some little info about y/n
Y/n is a Gryffindor
Y/n lost her sister at a young age, but both her parents are alive, with a full blood mother and a muggle father. This means Y/n is a halfblood

y/n: your name
p/n: your pet's name
y/p: your pet species

My TikTok is @adhdarling :)
Alright, onto the story. Enjoy my lovelies.


"Oh I know you! You're a Gryffindor. We've seen you before but we've never really talked." Hermione said holding out a hand.

Shaking her hand, you ask "You're Hermione Granger, right? And that's Ron Weasley?" Ron smiled politely, "and of course that's Harry Potter himself." You smile, Harry giving you a quiet hello and a wave. "Is it alright if I sit in here?" You say looking at the seat next to Harry. They all nodded and you sit down, kicking your bags under the seat.

"May I ask your name?" Hermione says, watching you arrange your bags under the seat. "Oh, I'm y/n. And this little one is p/n, my y/p." They all smile and it gets quiet.

"I've heard a lot about you, Potter. I want you to know, I believe you. All of those liars that say Lord Voldemort isn't back, they're ignorant, therefore anyone who doubts you is simply stupid." He nods in a way that makes you think he agrees, but he doubts his own thoughts. You smile and awkward silence breaks out.

Hermione saves the conversation with a question. "y/n, it's weird we've never really met. You've always been in the Gryffindor common rooms we never talked.. why is that?"

"I guess I didn't feel like talking. No one ever wanted to talk to me so I honestly didn't talk to them. But now is different, it's why I'm here right now, talking to you after all of those years." You smile and Hermione lifts the corner of her mouth into a slight smile.

"So you've really been here all these years and I neva' noticed?" Ron asked. "Shut it Ron, that's rude."

Hermione hit his with a book. "Ouch, what was that foh? I jus' asked a question Mione!" She whispered loudly "You don't ask people that you dimbo!"

You laugh, Ron blushes at the sight of Hermione's teasing. Harry still silent alone with his thoughts.

The laughter died down, causing small talk for the rest of the ride to Hogwarts.

You and your new friends walk out the exit of the train, running into Draco Malfoy. 'That's the scrawny boy, I remember him always being such a try hard. He thinks he's funny but he's just such an coward. With his annoying remarks.' You thought to yourself.

Draco bugged Harry about his false crimes, when he defended Dudley from the dementors. And for some reason got in trouble for it. Harry freaked out, Ron holding him back from a fight.

"Oh and hey, look! My favorite mudblood! Granger!" He said, Hermione in an angry state. "Aye, you stay away from her, fucking wanker'!"

You caught Draco's attention. "Who ar' you? I've never seen you around." He said, disgusted.

"Fuck off, mate." You said. "Oh wait! You're that quiet one! The lonely one who lost her sista' eh? Not surprised you were quiet afta'at one." His words bit at her like poisonous snakes.

"Fuckin half blood." He spat at her. You got really angry, really quick.

"Tarantallegra!" You shouted, pointing your wand at Draco.

Everyone simmered down as Draco started dancing. You started to laugh, Draco forcibly dancing and whimpering. "The hell'd you do?!? Stop it! It's not funny!"

Harry was smiling, letting out a small laugh. Ron and Hermione were balling at his point.

Draco screamed and yelled, still dancing around. You stopped his forced dancing, him almost to the brink of crying.

He ran away, screaming bloody murder. After the laughter simmered down, you and the other three walked over to the self driving wagons. The last one left, for the next one to arrive.

"Hey guys." The group all responded with "Hi Neville." You knew him, he had been your friend for a year or 2.

The wagon was lead by a dark creature, one to look like death. Harry walked up to it once the wagon came to a stop.

"What is it?" Harry asked, looking at the creature. You asked yourself the same thing. "What's what?" Neville asked. "The thing pulling the carriage." You replied.

Walking up the creature with Harry, you pet the horse looking thing, with the rest of the group confused.

"There's nothing pulling the carriage, you two." Hermione said, confused. "It's pulling itself like always.."

You looked at the thing, realizing it looks more like a dinosaur than a horse, you didn't know what to think.

"You're not going mad." Said the light voice in the carriage. You turned to see a beautiful girl. Her hair curly, and her facial features mesmerizing as she pulled the book she was reading down from her face.

You sat there in awe.

"I can see them too." She said, light and unfazed. "You're just as sane as I am."

You got into the carriage, still mesmerized by the girl. She looked at you, catching eye contact. She smiled, causing your stomach to erupt with the tingly feeling of butterflies, like nothing you'd felt before.

You smiled back, awkwardly. You eventually looked away so it didn't get weird.

"Everyone this is Loony Love-" Hermione stopped realizing she had basically just proved herself guilty for calling her by the name she was teased by all the girls with, the only reason why she'd known her name. Hermione got bad looks from her friends.

"Luna Lovegood.." Hermione finished, after the silence caused by the wrong words slipping out.

Luna looked around, not seeing the problem, as Luna herself had gotten it many times before.

You looked at Hermione, frowning. You felt bad for poor Luna.

The silence went on as Hermione tried to end the silence herself. "Thats an Interesting necklace." Hermione said, for Luna to respond with "It's a charm actually." Silence struck again.

"It keeps away the Nargles." She said leaning to Neville, to look out of the corner of her eye, catching you staring at her. You looked at the floor and played with your fingers.

"I'm hungry. I hope there's pudding." Luna said, as the carriage headed to Hogwarts.

"Oh uh, Luna. My name's y/n." She looked at you, smirking "I know." She had remembered.. You felt exited just knowing she had talked to you.

The carriage headed on, continuing its way to Hogwarts.

I really hope you enjoyed the first chapter, follow for more chapters, I'll keep adding them. Thanks so much for reading, thanks lovelies 💙💙💙
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