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Ring...ring....ring...ring... A few people glance towards the table. Beam looks down at his phone. However, he doesn't answer it. Pha glances at Beam and hisses, "Beam, if you aren't going to answer your phone, turn it off. We are trying to study here. It is very distracting to have your phone keep ringing." Kit raises his head from his textbooks and notes, and glares at Beam. "Did you accidentally give your number out to one of your one-night stands? Why won't you answer your phone?" Bean frowns and shakes his head as he turns his phone off and puts it in his pocket. "No. Professor Auntie had given my number to a girl that is needing some tutoring. However, after initially talking to her on the phone, she isn't wanting tutor for our academics, but of something else." What happens when Pha insists that Beam needs to get a new phone?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

The medical canteen is quiet for once with only a few people are scattered around the various tables studying.


A few people glance towards our table.

I glance down at my phone. However, I don’t answer it. Ugh… When are they going to stop calling me?

Pha glances at me and hisses, “Beam, if you aren’t going to answer your phone, turn it off. We are trying to study here. It is very distracting to have your phone keep ringing.”

Kit raises his head from his textbook and notes, and glares at me. “Did you accidentally give your number out to one of your one-night stands? Why won’t you answer your phone?”

I frown and shake my head as I turn my phone off and put it in my pocket. “No. Professor Auntie had given my number to a girl that is needing some tutoring. However, after initially talking to her on the phone, she isn’t wanting tutor of our academics, but of something else.”

Both Pha and Kit look at each other before bursting out in laughter. As Kit tries to control himself, he teases, “So.. hehe.. she was… hehe.. wanting… hehe.. some hands… hehehe.. on sessions.” As soon as he finishes, he once again bursts out laughing.

Really is that all they can do is laugh at me. I raise an eyebrow and stare at them from across the table. This isn’t that funny.

After a few moments of watching my crazy friends, I can’t take it any longer, and I frown. As my frustrations continue to grow, I huff, “You know that I don’t give my number out for this very reason. How dare Professor Auntie do it. That girl even gave my number to others too. Now, look what has happened. My phone is ringing non-stop all the time now.”

Pha slowly stops laughing and looks at me. “I think you need to get a new number. It is disturbing our study sessions.”

I sigh and look down at my textbooks again as I mumble, “Yeah, I know. I’ll stop by the store this afternoon and get a new number. I can’t take much more of this.”

In a serious tone, Pha replies, “Neither can we. Now let’s continue studying. We have a test this afternoon.”

I slowly nod my head and sigh before I turn my attention back to my books. I’m definitely going to have to go get another phone today.


The afternoon was stressful, but I managed to get through the tests. Pha and Kit offered to come along with me, but I didn’t think that I needed them to tag along just to get a new phone. However, now that I’m looking at all the phones, I kind of wish that they were here and let me know what one would be the best.

I can ask the salesperson, but they will only tell what the most expensive is. Ugh…

With my eyes scanning the various phones, I softly sigh. Which one am I going to pick? I can’t take all day. I still have other things to do.

As I slowly work my way down the counter, I’m not paying attention to my surrounding. I’m trying to absorb all the information in on the phones that I don’t notice the person also standing in front of the counter.


I slowly turn around, and I’m instantly met with a pair of dark piercing eyes that almost seem to appear to be able to look deep into my soul. However, I take a step back and instantly begin to apologize. The piercings and the tattoos tell me that he isn’t someone to mess with.

I chime, “Sorry. I didn’t see you there. I was too focused on the phones.” I point my finger to the display of phones behind me. “I’ll just go back to where I was originally looking.”

Before I can move, the tan tattooed man replies, “You can look at the phones over here too.” He pauses for a moment and steps back to let me pass.

A small smile spreads across my face as I step forward and towards more selections of phones. As I step closer to the tan man, he calmly says, “I’m Forth. Are you looking for something in particular?”

I turn towards the phones and shake my head. “I just need a new phone, but I want something that will handle gaming and things for my classes.”

“If that is what you are looking for, this one over here would probably be your best option. It is the one that I plan on getting and it handles games and everything else pretty well.”

With my face still buried in the display case, I chime, “Thanks. I usually bring my friends, but I thought I wouldn’t have any problems. Clearly, I had underestimated my abilities to pick out a phone.”

A clerk walks up to us behind the counter. “Do you need any help, or have you found the phone that you want?”

Without looking back, I look up at the clerk and smile. “Yes, we have. We would like two of these.” I point to the phone in the display case that Forth had recommended.

The clerk takes a moment and looks at me and then back to Forth, who is standing right behind me, before he nods and walks off.

“Who said that I wanted that phone?”

What? I turn around and huff, “When you were telling me which phone to buy, you said that you were going to buy this phone. Don’t tell me that you changed your mind.”

As Forth goes to open his mouth, the clerk returns and asks, “Oh, I forgot to ask which color would you like.”

I turn back around to face the clerk, but before I can respond, Forth answers, “Black.”

No. I don’t want black.

I try to protest, but the clerk dashes off before I can say anything. So, instead, I turn to Forth and whine, “I don’t want black. I want white.”

For the first time since I met him, Forth’s stern and cold face slowly cracks as a small smile spreads across his face. He puts his hands in his pockets and replies, “Black is better.”

I can’t control myself as I pout. I wanted white.

I turn and step away from Forth as I pull my old phone out of my pocket and turn it back on.






Ugh…. Why won’t it stop dinging? That witch must have given my number out to every girl in the school.

After a few more minutes, the dinging finally stops. However, I’m completely ignoring the on slot of messages and I pull up my group chat with Pha and Kit. I send a quick message to let them know what phone that I bought and that I’ll have my new number soon.

As I go to turn back around, I freeze. Forth’s face is only inches away from mine. “What are you doing? Are you looking at my phone?”

He doesn’t move away from me as he shrugs his shoulders and looks at me. “Were all those messages from girls?”

I don’t know why he needs to know that.

I wave my phone back and forth in the air and chime, “One of my professors thought that a girl really needed a tutor, so she gave my number to the girl. However, she didn’t want that kind of tutor and before I know it, she gave my number out to everyone.”

A smirk slowly slides across Forth’s face. “So, you decide to get a new phone.”

I roll my eyes and huffs, “I couldn’t even study. My phone was going off all the time. I was planning on getting a new phone, but my friends demanded that I do and fast.”

Still with the smirk on his face, Forth leans a little closer. His hot breath suddenly cascading across my face and neck.


In a deep and husky voice, Forth teases, “You must be popular.”


My mind instantly goes blank. I always have some sort of smart remark, but not this time. No matter how hard I try, nothing is coming to mind.


Cough. Cough.

I whip my head back towards the counter where the clerk is standing with two boxes. However, Forth still hasn’t moved away from me and now his hot breath is gently blowing across my ear.

This is not good.

I quickly step towards the counter and away from Forth. “Oh, you have my phone. Is it setup? What is my new number?”

The clerk smiles and takes both of the phones out of their cases and before I know what he is doing, he uses the other phone and calls my phone. He cuts the call and looks up at Forth and asks, “What is your name?”

Forth steps forward right behind me.


He smiles and replies, “Forth.”

My heart slams hard against my chest as one of Forth’s hands rests on my hip while he rests the other one on the counter.


The clerk types Forth’s name into my phone before he turns and looks at me. “What is your name?”

Before I can stop myself, I softly say, “Beam.”

I watch as the clerk types my name into Forth’s phone. The whole time I wish that I could stop this, but how.

The clerk finishes setting up a few things on our phones before handing them to us. “Here, everything should be setup. Do you need me to transfer your contacts into your new phone?”

I quickly shake my head no. However, I can’t seem to say anything.

Forth softly squeezes my hip and hums, “No. I think we can handle that.”

The clerk nods. “Will you be paying separately or is it on one bill?”

I try to say something, but nothing comes out. Forth softly chuckles in my ear and replies, “One bill, please. I’ll be paying for it. I was the one who insisted on couple phones.”

A gasp escapes my mouth as the clerk turns and goes to generate the bill.

Couple phones. How could I have couple phones when I’m single.

Forth leans into my ear and softly whispers, “We are a couple now. We have the phones to prove it.”

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