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my hero academia lemons/smuts


this is basically just a bunch of one shot lemons between y/n and mha characters. um THIS HAS ADULT CONTENT SO PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK i don’t own any of these characters. i wrote this on wattpad but i didn’t want to lose it forever so here we are.

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bakugo x fem reader

warnings: choking, oral (receiving), daddy
kink, chain kink, slight slapping and i think that’s it

credit to the artist for the picture!!

y/n’s pov

i’ve had a crush on bakugo for the longest time. since about we were five years old, to be exact. everyone says hes always so rude, but i guess i find it... kinky? i’m not sure, but any time i see him, i just want to run up to him and tackle him with kisses and love and all of that gross stuff.

“uh... ms. l/n? what did i just say?” mr.aizawa says, suddenly standing right in front of me. i panic, not knowing what he was even asking.

“um... uh what?” i ask, trying to not get too red. right as i say that, bakugo says, “you were just talking about the sports festival,” he says with an angry voice, glaring at me. but not his usual one, more of a forced one. huh, that’s weird.

“thank you, bakugo. miss l/n, please stop daydreaming or i will send you to the office,” he says, turning back to the lesson.

time skip from yours truly<3

after school, our class heads to the dorms. (ik. this isnt following the storyline from the anime, just bare with me please)

“y/n! i need to talk to you!” someone tells to me, but i had my earbuds in, so you didnt hear anything (when i say this i mean like the good noise canceling ones cause that just makes more sense ig)

i keep walking, oblivious to whatever was going on outside of my phone. someone runs next to me, grabbing my shoulder. they rip out my earbud, earning a slap from me.

“asshole, what the hell as that for??” i scream at them, not even looking at them before yelling. as soon as i look up, i see a pair of pissed off red eyes looking into mine.

“i’m the asshole?? i just ran a block and a half to get to you, pissface!” he yells at you, not breaking eye contact. i feel my face heat up, and i look away.

“look at me when i’m talking to you,” he says, grabbing my neck, forcing me to look at him. “y/n.... god. um, i uh... i like you.” he mumbles, looking at my lips. i stare at him, shocked.

“you what?” i say, wanting to hear him say it again.

“uh you know what, never mind, i’m just gonna go,” he says, letting go of my neck. it suddenly felt cold, and i want him to keep holding onto it. i grab his face in my hands and pull his face down to kiss me. he’s shocked, but melted into the kiss after a bit. i pulled away for breath.

“idiot, i’ve liked you since we were five,” i tell him, closing the space in between us again. he pulls away, looking upset.

“you don’t get to start every kiss, okay?” he says more as a statement than a question.

“o-okay bakugo,” i say, but he looked upset.

“that’s not my name, say it right, or i’ll punish you.” he says, a lustful look in his eyes.

“i’m sorry kach-” he cuts me off by grabbing my ass, earning a small moan.

“you’re lucky we’re right by the dorms, because i’m not sure if i’m going to be able to hold back for much longer.”

time skip to when you’rein his dorm, bakugos pov

i tie her to the bed, her fully naked besides her underwear and her bra. god, i could get used to a view like this. she looks at me with pleading eyes, knowing i’m not going to go easy on her.

“before i start, do i have your consent?” i ask her, hoping she actually says yes. we never really got to the asking part when we were on our way up.

she nods her head, but earns a small slap from me.

“words, teddy bear. words are everything,” i tell her, and her eyes widen at the nickname.

“yes daddy,” she says. ah, finally. she found my weak spot.

“good girl, you said the right name,” i say, and the pleased look on her face makes me go crazy.

i walk over to her, crawling onto the bed near her legs. i give her little kisses on her thighs, making her softly moan. god, this girl makes me go crazy

y/n’s pov

he gives me little kisses around my lower region, making me go crazy. he makes his way towards my underwear, slightly pulling on it.

“damn clothes are in the way” he mumbles, burning the sides so he can just rip them off.

“hey, what was that for??” i ask him, getting a little upset. “those were my favorite pair!”

“oh, shut up. i’ll buy you new ones,” he tells me before lowering his head. he lickes my clit, making me arch my back. he grabs my hips, pulling them down more towards his face, he starts licking faster, making me moan uncontrollably. he let’s go of one side, and puts a long finger in my hole. i let out a loud moan, feeling a knot in my stomach form. i wrap my legs around his head, bringing him closer towards me while he shoves another finger into me, making the knot snap. he licks up my juices up, making me legs shake.

“that was very naughty of you, teddy bear. come on, see how good you taste,” he says, slipping his two fingers in my mouth, making me lick them clean.

“daddy... please-- i need you in me,” i tell him with pleading eyes, knowing he wouldn’t be able to say no to that. he never could when we were kids, either.

he walks over to his desk, grabbing what i assume is a condom. he rips it open with his teeth, and groans a bit when he slides it on.

“teddy bear, i’m not going to go easy on you, you were very naughty today,” he tells me, unwrapping my wrists from the restraints. he lines himself up with my entrance, making me shutter at the slight feeling of him down there.

“g-god. just p-put it in already,” i stutter, not breaking eye contact with him. he smirks a little before shoving himself in all the way, bottoming out. i let out a shriek of pain, and tears slip out of my eyes. he wipes them off my face, cradling my face in his hands.

“shhhhh it’s okay, it’ll feel b-better in a moment,” he tells me, not moving.

“o-okay, you can start moving,” i tell him, getting ready for the pain about to come. he starts thrusting out and back in again, slowly. after a couple of thrusts, i dont feel as much pain, but more pleasure. i let out a shaky moan, letting him know he’s doing something right. he took it as a chance to start going faster, wrapping a hand around my neck. he grabs one of my legs and throws it on one of his shoulders, and he hit that spot.

“fuck fuck fuck right there daddy oh fuck right there!” i scream, my eyes rolling to the back of my head. i swear, i saw stars as he started thrusting faster each time.

“o-oh god, teddy bear i’m gonna come,” he whispers, letting out a few grunts. his thrusts become a bit more sloppy, and I clench around him, finishing as he did.

he thrusted in a couple more times slowly, letting us both ride out our highs. he pulls out, and i give a long moan as he does.

“uh... baby?” i ask him, turning to face him. “did... did the condom break? i can feel something coming out of there,” i say, staring to panic a little.

he looks down, and gets as white as a ghost. “teddy bear, it broke. i’m so sorry, i swear i didn’t feel it break, i’ll pick up a plan b tomorrow. shit, i’m so sorry,” he says, nuzzling into my neck.

“hey, it’s okay. i trust you,” i tell him, wrapping my arms around him. i look at the time. “holy shit! it’s already seven. god, we went at that for a while, shit. its almost dinner time.”

i try to stand up, but my legs give out. bakugo grabs me before i fall, and helps me get to the shower. (pretend theres like bathrooms in the dorms)

“come on, you’re not going to be able to walk for a while. sorry, i didnt mean to go that hard on you. i didnt even think i could,“he says, wrapping an arm around my waist.


“oh cool,” i say, trying to pull it off. “mine too.”

time skip to after the shower and eating dinner with everybody

as i walk out of the elevator, i feel about a million eyes on me and bakugo. he has his arm around my waist, and a have a hoodie with the hood up so people couldnt see the marks on my neck.

everyone suddenly looks away all at the same time, not looking at either of us. we grab some food and sit in between mina and kiri.

“un... y/n?” mina asks. i hum in response, letting her know i heard her. “we uh... we could hear you guys. like.... all of it...” she says wide eyed. i choke on my food, and drink some water.
“mina, i’m so sorry,” i say, tears in my eyes.

“oh no, you’re good. i just wanted to let you know before mineta said something to you two...” she says, glaring at a staring mineta. “i’m glad you two are finally together.” she says with a wink.

“SO WHEN IS THE NEXT ROUND WITH ME??” mineta says, and kirishima, who was next him, tackles him to the floor.

word count- 1686

holy shit that was long... uhhhh anyways here you are you freaky peoples. uh yeah idk what else to say. hope you enjoyed it? lmk who you want next, i think i’m going to do denki next, but idk who after. so yeah. peace out hornee peoples

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